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BMW X1 sDrive18i Concept

BMW X1 sDrive18i Concept front viewFrom the figure there is no difference between BMW X1 gasoline and diesel engines, only a few exterior touches aluminum accents found on the diesel variant X1 X1 that is not in gasoline. For example, at the front and rear bumper. Inside the cabin, the difference is only in the design of the steering wheel. Unfortunately, the use of hard plastic material at the bottom of the dashboard and his finishing was disappointing for a BMW-branded cars.
Under the hood and sDrive18i X1, there is a mechanical heart gasoline 4-cylinder 1995 cc inline-powered 150 hp at 6400 rpm. Only 200 Nm of peak torque that can be obtained at 3600 rpm. As a result, the response of the power generated is not as aggressive as X1 petrol diesel brother. Look at the numbers generated acceleration 0-100. X1 gasoline paths in 10.4 seconds, while the X1 diesel in 8.3 seconds.

X1 sDrive18i appear quieter to drive. Driver combined with a comfortable, this car presents a complete ability to drive more relaxed in the middle of city traffic density. Another advantage is a roomy cabin and present the practicality in the rear cabin. The ability of the rear seats can be folded and divided by 40:20:20 configuration will greatly facilitate the owners to increase luggage capacity as needed.

With a price tag of Rp 559 million (off the road), in the country do not have the X1 sDrive18i nearest rivals who threaten him. Her presence would threaten his own brother-3 Series BMW. With the price cheaper, X1 sDrive18i has the advantage about driving comfort than the 320i Executive berbanderol USD 589 million (off the road). Advantages compared to Series X1-3 is also owned in terms of practicality. Both of these are believed to be a key success factor to attract potential customers X1 woman from the BMW 3-Series.

One other thing about the advantages of this sDrive18i X1 is the ease to find the necessary fuel, when compared with diesel-engined X1. Needs a good quality diesel fuel that is still limited in the country clearly gained a limitation for the X1 diesel. This can be alleviated by a landslide by X1 this gasoline.

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