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Black BMW Concept Gran Coupe 6 Series


Black BMW Concept Gran Coupe  6 Series

BMW’s Architecture Night accident in China in affiliation with Auto China 2010 brings to us article absolutely abrupt – a near-production four aperture auto alleged the BMW Abstraction Gran Auto which is meant to be a assiduity of the allegedly “scrapped” BMW Abstraction CS. Coincidentally they are both China apple premieres.
I don’t apperceive about you but to me, it looks like BMW has assuredly got their new post-Bangle car architecture aloof nice with this, although you could say that they are apparently additionally arena kinda it safe. But back a abstraction car is this ’safe’ it’s absolutely absolutely abutting to production. The F01 7-Series was appealing nice attractive but its adenoids are oversized. The 5 GT is aloof ugly. The new 5 looks acceptable but still feels a little off in agreement of design. This is abreast perfection, maybe if the rear cardinal bowl was on the bood instead of on the bonanza it would attending alike better, but it’s still sex on auto as it is.

Black BMW Concept Gran Coupe  6 Series  back view

The Abstraction Gran Auto is a four aperture sedan, but the B colonnade is hidden. There are traces of antecedent abstraction cars in the architecture as able-bodied – the appendage lamp centralized lense architecture is similiar to the one on the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics although on that car it was a amphibian architecture and on the Abstraction Gran Auto it is amid central a appendage lamp.
The catechism now is back are they putting it into production, and what will it become? It’s absolutely acutely a battling to cars such as the Porsche Panamera and the Audi A7 (the Rapide is aloof too big-ticket to be in the aforementioned league) but will they animate the 8-Series nameplate, or alarm this a four aperture 6-Series (along with a two aperture auto and convertible 6-Series)?

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