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Audi R8 Razor PPI GTR-10 Garapan Show More malignant


Audi R8 Razor PPI GTR-10 Garapan Show More malignant back viewAudi R8 Razor PPI GTR-10 Garapan Show More malignant sporty

Audi R8 Razor PPI GTR-10 Garapan Show More malignant, Last time I saw Razor GTI produced by PPI is 2009 and, at the time the power generated 580hp Audi R8 redeem figures. This time the tuner exclusively for Audi vehicles derived from the German PPI Automotive Design re-dispensing machine for more gahar GTR. PPI will make a limited edition version of the GTR-10. For this limited edition, GTR will diasup more power, look more stylish and passionate.

Razor GTR-10 will be present with new front bumper design, a larger air holes drilled in the main light LED lamp. This sport sedan models also have side skirts and new roof and door pillars diasup carbon fiber material. On the aft side of GTR using carbon rear wing Gurney-flap model which can be set. Carbon materials are also used in some other parts such as GTR engine cover, side blades, rear fenders and rear bumper. Interior package with more ciamik intake MAG11 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels alerts PPI.

By the PPI, this limited edition sports car will be strengthened more power. V10 engine can be formulated to give off more power than 601hp at 7400 rpm rotation with a maximum torque of 565Nm at 6400 rpm rotation. Not only is the antecedent engine up grade but the weight of GTR has been reduced to 250 kg. With specs like this Razor GTR-10 can do a sprint from 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds with a record of course after the R-tronic gearbox which has been modified. This car can drive with a maximum speed of 335 km / h (208 mph)

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