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Audi R10 Diesel : L hyper-car Audi ?

Audi R10 Diesel : L hyper-car Audi ? front view

Freshly restyled, the Audi R8 could become the second most sporty Audi, since the manufacturer expects an Audi R10 Diesel, but with hybrid diesel engine ...

It is our English colleagues who have relegated the information concerning this project. This R10 would be equipped with a V8 TDI, a motorization inspired strongly of the victorious R18 e-tron Quattro WEC racing. This Audi could again put a technology of the race in series. For safety reasons there will be no Audi R10 or V12 as seen on the concept of the R8 V12 TDI because the whole would be simply too heavy, would have too much torque and expensive to implement because it would be necessary Review a special transmission.

Anyway this R10 is not scheduled until 2016/2017.

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