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All new Lamborghini Gallardor

All new Lamborghini Gallardor

All new Lamborghini Gallardor, Traditional consumer is a "love-hate" with a Lamborghini. You either love or you hate. This is a rare common ground. The new 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo is no exception. The car debuted at the 2008 Fair and braces is big news at the Geneva Motor Show here. For lovers of brands, a numerical designation will attract attention. LP560-4 is the number of cars bearing his name, and has a purpose that far exceeds most other manufacturers, the numerical designation.

Details of the number: the LP refers to the position of the engine, placed lengthwise in the middle of the vehicle. The figures refer to the center (§ 560) to meter power output, although figures relating to all four-time all wheel drive car has.

The new Gallardo replaces the previous version, of course. However, consumers want to know about the changes that trying to find out what they can be found on the inside of the car and engine. Because this is different with the new Gallardo? Here is some important information.
Customers will be pleased to know that the same transmission choices with the previous model. You can use a 6-speed manual or progress further, "e-gear" automated manual transmission. Automatic transmission has been updated on the new Gallardo, used with the rotation option, not the method in the previous incarnation of the car. Lamborghini promises transfer time is much better, thanks to new technology, but the real test is if the consumer has taken the approach road.However, the actual update of the Gallardo engine 2009 provides all-aluminum 560-horsepower V10, a significant upgrade from previous versions. Because the exercise with a large diameter, to 5.2 liters. Allows a new engine provides more torque at low speeds combined with a better peak RPM.Update does not stop there, however. Lamborghini is outside the train from the environment, the new Gallardo generate cycles of less than 18% more emissions. It also offers better fuel and achieve 17 mpg big. Although this may not seem like a lot to offer to consumers to training for Honda and Geo Metro, it improves the super sports car manufacturer.

All new Lamborghini Gallardo.reviewIn the year 2009, the Lamborghini Gallardo super sports car that can correct 200 kph on the highway, to reach the power of beauty, this car is a work of modern technology and a true Lamborghini.

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