All new 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster


All new 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT Roadster review

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Fahrveranstaltung Phoenix 2017Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Press Test Drive Phoenix 2017 front view

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Fahrveranstaltung Phoenix 2017
brillantblau metalic; Leder Exclusiv Nappa STYLE macchiatobeige/schwarz
GT Roadster
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,4 l/100 km
CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 219 g/km
Fuel consumption combined: 9.4 l/100 km
Combined CO2 emissions: 219 g/km
Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Press Test Drive Phoenix 2017
brilliant blue metallic; STYLE Exclusive nappa leather macchiato beige/black
GT Roadster
Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 9,4 l/100 km
CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 219 g/km
Fuel consumption combined: 9.4 l/100 km
Combined CO2 emissions: 219 g/km

It's the slower and cheaper of the 2 AMG GT Roadsters, however these adjectives square measure harsh given this wonderful open-top's broad vary of skills

What is it?

The new GT Roadster returns AN open-top to the higher finish of Mercedes-AMG’s line-up, acting as AN indirect successor to the sooner SLS roadster.New of Mercedes during a long line of recent AMG style models, it will be sold in 2 distinct flavors: it's Mercedes quality GT Roadster, and its Gt quicker, pricier sib, the GT C Roadster, that comes from the GT S Coupé.

The GT Roadster prices from £110,145, and whereas that is £11,950 quite Mercedes-AMG asks for the most affordable of its fastened roof siblings, the GT Coupé, it still undercuts the value of its nearest rival, the cat F-Type SVR Convertible, by £3650. as compared, the GT C Roadster can set you back a cool £139,445.

Mercedes-AMG says the GT Roadster was formed at identical time because the GT Coupe, therefore is not a mere afterthought, despite the actual fact that it's arrived quite 2 years when its fixed-roof sib. this can be mirrored in its styling, that is richly cohesive, each roof up and down. This styling, together with the 'Panamericana' grille, initial introduced on the range-topping GT R Coupe late last year, have resulted during a} very fine-looking automobile.

The only real distinction in styling between the 2 GT Roadsters is at the rear, wherever the GT C Roadster is 57mm wider, as a result of it having identical, sportier bumper of the GT R Coupé. this enables it to run larger 20in rear wheels and thicker tyres than those wrapped round the GT Roadster's 19in rims.

The GT Roadster has AN mechanically folding material roof. it is a three-layer structure, out there in black, red or beige, that's supported by a frame made of aluminum, metallic element and steel. It opens and closes in exactly 11sec whereas you are driving at hastens to 31mph, folding and storage over the rear partition behind the 2 seats.

To offset the reduction in rigidity as a result of the loss of a hard and fast roof structure, the GT Roadster's aluminum body is stiffened with thicker sill parts, an extra dashboard support and a brand new aluminum cross-member integrated into the rear partition that supports for fastened roll-over bars.

Under the bonnet may be a gently Book of the twin-turbocharged four.0-litre V8 gasoline engine initial utilized in the quality GT Coupé, however with 13bhp and 21lb foot quite in this automobile, manufacturing a complete of 469bhp and 464lb foot.

That's 80bhp and 37lb foot back of the additional heavily tuned version of identical engine go past the GT C Roadster, and conjointly a substantial 106bhp and five2lb foot but the larger supercharged 5.0-litre V8 gasoline engine of the F-Type SVR Convertible.

The New GT Roadster has power 7-speed Speed shift dual-luth automatic shell because the GT Coupe, however once more it's slightly altered, with higher initial and lower seventh gears, similarly as a lower final drive. It conjointly gets a Dynamic choose controller with four driving modes as standard: Comfort, Sport, Sport and and Individual. reflective its additional serious performance nature, the GT C Roadster adds a fifth mode: Race.

Optional extras on the GT Roadster embody a £4195 Premium instrumentation pack, which incorporates keyless entry and begin functions, a reversing camera and chrome steel door sills; a £3895 carbonfibre package; and £395 yellow seat belts. Electronic safety aids are out there, with a £595 package that adds lane keeping and blind spot assists, whereas the £1695 Driving help package adds adaptational controller ANd a pre-safe system that prepares the automobile for AN accident if an impending collision is detected.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Fahrveranstaltung Phoenix 2017Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Press Test Drive Phoenix 2017 side open caps view

What's it like?

With a power-to-weight magnitude relation of 294bhp per metric weight unit, the 1595kg GT Roadster will hit 62mph in four.0sec and reach a prime speed of 188mph, that is simply 1mph down on the GT Coupé.

You can forget the headlining performance figures, though, as a result of the GT Roadster’s main attraction is its broad unfold of ability. Its engine, for one, has lots going for it, not least deliciously accessible low-rev flexibility. In Comfort mode, the sturdy torsion and wonderful part-throttle responsiveness of the gently upgraded V8 give marvellous low-rev tractableness and simple driving around city.

But in Sport and mode, its true efficiency is discovered. Throttle response is outstanding, and there’s next to no turbo lag as you unleash its reserves fully, with power growing more and more and during a} very linear fashion from not far more than 2000rpm all the thanks to its 7000rpm cut-out. All this endows the GT Roadster with fascinating in-gear qualities and a intoxicating rush of acceleration.

Backing up the sheer strength the engine is that the rapid-fire shell, the shift speed and inherent smoothness of that are immensely improved, particularly at higher engine speeds in manual mode, over those of earlier incarnations of the Getrag unit within the GT Coupé. This broad scope of driving attributes is incredibly a lot of half and parcel of the GT Roadster’s charm. One minute, it’s a consummate avenue cruiser, and with the mere flip of a dial, it becomes a fanatical mile-eating supercar.

With the non mandatory AMG Performance system, as fitted to our check automobile, it’s not in need of aural drama, either. In Comfort mode, there’s an attractive baritone pulse to the exhaust, that grows progressively more imperative and louder because the revs rise. Switch to Sport and, that opens flaps within the system to extend its volume, and therefore the already serious sounding exhaust note straightaway becomes additional aggressive and noisy, with a prolific and all-enveloping bass-driven blare beneath throttle that's interspersed by fast crackles on the overrun.

Happily, the dearth of a roof structure has done very little to spoil the GT Roadster's handling qualities, or its inherent liveliness. In Sport and mode, it turns in to corners with identical partaking enthusiasm because the GT Coupé. The variable magnitude relation steering lacks the rear-steer perform of the GT C Roadster, however it's still extraordinarily direct, quite weighty and pleasingly communicative.

This, and therefore the exceptional grip from the quality Michelin tyres, makes the GT Roadster corner during a determinedly neutral fashion. Yes, it is 50 kg more heavier than the GT Coupe, the additional weight has done very little to change and flexibility of the side to carry its line once approaching a decent apex.

Push onerous enough and it'll understeer, however the limit at that the munificently profiled front tyres relinquish their purchase is incredibly high. A well-timed raise of the throttle will get you some manageable tail-out once the electronic stability management (ESC) system is switched to at least one of its additional spirited settings, otherwise you will merely regulate the road by trimming the throttle mid-corner before hoping on the terrific traction from the rear and therefore the normal mechanical protection differential for stomping exiting speed.

The GT Roadster sports suspension with fastened rate damping, however it will optionally be mere with the AMG Ride management set-up with adaptational damping that comes as normal on the GT C Roadster.

The standard suspension is outstanding given the quality of performance on provide. Bump absorption is well controlled, with ride quality being gratifyingly compliant in Comfort mode. It will become a bit harsher once you fire the additional body management of the game and Sport and modes, however that is to be expected.

The brakes square measure massively powerful, with a beautiful pedal feel and wonderful resistance to fade.If there's a loss of structural integrity, it's seldom, if ever, felt. you'll drive the GT Roadster all day while not detective work any real scuttle shake, even on poorly surfaced and undulating roads. The GT Roadster does not quite match the GT Coupé for outright cornering artistry or overall ride management, however it isn’t doubtless to cross or shut down anybody United Nations agency already has their heart assault shopping for one.

With the roof down, windows up and therefore the little plastic wind device erected between the roll-over bars, there's good bit of wind bump within. Raise the roof and it's nearly however approximately as cosseting because the GT Coupé. as lesser Mercedes open top models,  GT Roadster can even be ordered with the Air Scarf system, that uses a vent mounted at intervals the headrests to project heat air to the neck of the driving force and traveler in three levels of intensity.

Should I get one?

Other than its tag, it’s onerous to suppose why you wouldn’t wish one sitting in your garage, Those ready to just accept that the structural disadvantages brought on the by the open-top roof mean it's ne'er planning to deliver quite identical driving expertise of the GT Coupé can realize it credibly sensible.

The GT Roadster will become a bit carrying at constant speeds over longer distances as a result of a comparatively high quantity of road noise over coarse road surfaces, and it may be tough to manoeuvre around tight areas as a result of its elongated bonnet and poor rear vision. however these square measure however little compromises in what's an excellent wanting and extremely fascinating open prime.

And though its responses aren't quite as intense or as attractive as its fixed-roof sib, it's nonetheless as involving and fascinating as any rival convertible over any given road. it's conjointly terribly shut on overall ability and charm to the £29,300-dearer GT C Roadster.

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Fahrveranstaltung Phoenix 2017Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster Press Test Drive Phoenix 2017 back view

2017 Mercedes AMG GT Roadster

Location Phoenix, USA; value £110,145; Engine V8, 3982cc, twin-turbo, petrol; Power four69bhp at 6000rpm; torsion 464lb foot at 1700-5000rpm; shell 7-spd automatic; curbing weight 1625kg; 0-62mph 4.0sec; prime speed 188mph; Economy thirty.1mpg (combined); CO2/tax band 219g/km/37% Rivals cat F-type SVR Convertible, Porsche 911 GTS equipage

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