2018 Volkswagen up New GTi Review Official Details


2018 Volkswagen up New GTi,  town automobile finally gets the VW up GTI treatment, with 113bhp, 200Nm of force and a reveal at the Worthersee GTI fan competition

2018 Volkswagen up New GTi Review Official Details Front view

The 2018 Volkswagen up New GTI has been formally disclosed and can create its world debut within the metal at the Worthersee GTI competition next week in European nation, packing one3bhp from a turbocharged 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine.

We’ve already driven a epitome, that VW up GTi delineated as a ‘near-production construct car’, however the new up! has currently been totally disclosed and you’ll be able to die within the GB early in 2018.

The 113bhp served up by the turbocharged three-cylinder is combined with 200Nm of force, on the market from two,000rpm. The engine is one amongst Volkswagen’s new generation one.0-litre TSI stop/start units, creep into new cars across the VW Group’s numerous brands. Now though, it’s the beating heart of the quickest up! nonetheless. It ought to deliver a classic three-cylinder thrum, however a sound mechanism implies that those within the cabin can get an artificial exhaust note piped through the speakers.

2018 Volkswagen up New GTi Review Official Details interior dashboard

Power is shipped to the front wheels via a six-speed gear case, and also the newest, smallest member of VW up GTi family will sprint from 0-62mph in eight.8 seconds and can prolong to a claimed high speed of 122mph.

2018 Volkswagen up leaves little question on however it sees the Volkswagen up new GTI – it’s a religious successor to the first Mk1 Golf GTI. the 2 cars ar separated by forty one years, however on paper, some performance parallels ar to be found. the first 1976 Golf GTI boasted 108bhp, enabling 0-62mph in 9 seconds flat and a high speed of 113mph. each cars have a sub-one-tonne curb weight too, however the vw up GTI is slightly portlier, deliberation 997kg to the Golf’s 810kg.

Some visual crossovers between the 2 models exist too – classic GTI paint colors like ‘tornado red’ and ‘pure white’ are going to be on the market, aboard aluminous silver and black, and a brand new ‘costa azul’ blue tint. the most important giveaway, though, is within the cabin – the Vw up GTI can escort trademark GTI fabric seat upholstery. A animal skin sports wheel and a GTI gear knob are found, whereas associate degree documentary system, air-conditioning and close lighting are going to be commonplace.

2018 Vw up  GTi Review Official Details side view

GTI badging at the front and rear is combined with the classic red grate stripe, whereas the grille itself is honeycomb pattern and finished in gloss black. Black stripes run down very cheap aspect sills, and new 17-inch alloy wheels ar impacted beneath the wheel arches.

Elsewhere, the mirror caps ar finished in gloss black, whereas round the back, the 2018 Volkswagen up gains a bigger roof edge spoiler and a red stripe across the hatch lid. The new spoiler isn’t only for show – VW says it extremely is there to produce additional downforce over the rear shaft. New, ‘sports’ running gear means that the full automobile sits 15mm less than the quality version of the town automobile, and also the flashy front and rear bumpers can create the cut once it goes on sale. each 3 and five-door versions are going to be on the market.

2018 Volkswagen up New GTi Review Official Details back view

VW has nonetheless to place a firm date on once the Volkswagen up new GTI can hit the market, solely suggesting we’ll see it in showrooms early in 2018. No costs are disclosed either, tho' VW told US throughout our epitome drive that it’ll be priced at but €20,000 – thus expect a GB tag of around £17,000 once it goes on sale.

What does one think about the new up! GTI? Tell US your thoughts within the comments!

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