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2018 New Dacia Duster SUV First spyshot


2018 New Dacia Duster SUV First spyshot Front view

2018 New Dacia Duster SUV First spyshot, First shots of succeeding generation Dacia Duster hint at a minor makeover for Dacia's budget SUV

A recent 2018 Dacia Duster is within the works and has been caught on camera for the primary time. It’ll be associate all-new model to interchange the recently facelifted Duster, and tho' Great Britain patrons have solely been offered Dacia’s 4x4 since 2012, the present model has really been around slightly longer. associate initial launch in 2010 suggests that the automotive is currently seven years recent, and hence, nearing the top of its period of time.

There will still be quite an await succeeding Duster tho', as we tend to don’t expect the new budget 4x4 – the present version of that is one in all the most affordable new cars on sale in United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – to hit showrooms till late summer 2018.

These initial spy shots show that Renault’s budget sub-brand continues to be keen to stay things covert in terms of style, however the general style of the coming second-generation New Dacia Duster SUV closely follows that of the present model, therefore it ought to begin associate organic process look instead of a very new style language. below the serious masking it's potential to identify a grille terribly kind of like the one on the present model, but new, trickster light clusters seem to cover at a lower place the disguise.

2018 New Dacia Duster SUV First spyshot side view

Don’t expect a lot of within the means of a luxury makeover tho' - the New Dacia Duster SUV can still be a utilitarian device with a very small tag, providing patrons low-frills driving on a budget, Entry-level versions can still be fitted with plastic bumpers, wheel arches and steel wheels as commonplace, however plusher models can like value-added vogue and technical school.

It’s too early to take a position on changes below the skin, however 2018 New Dacia Duster SUV are keen to stay prices to a minimum. As such, it may build use of a developed version of the B0 platform underpinning the present model. In various guises this platform has underpinned cars built by the Renault-Nissan alliance for over a decade, from small cars such as the Renault Clio to stretched, larger vehicles like Dacia’s Duster and Logan estate.

The Renault derived engines could be carried over too. At present, the Duster is available with two four cylinder petrol options – a 108bhp 1.6-litre plus a 124bhp 1.2-litre turbo – plus a solitary diesel in the form of the 109bhp 1.5-litre dCi. Alternatively, Dacia could offer a fresher diesel engine in the form of a larger and more powerful 1.6-litre unit, being a development of the engine utilized by parent company Renault within the Kadjar. Again, four-wheel-drive are reserved for under the foremost pricy models.

2018 New Dacia Duster SUV First spyshot back view

Will the Duster keep faithful its roots, or can New Dacia Duster SUV opt for massive change? allow us to grasp your thoughts within the comments.

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