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2017 New Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury Review


2017 New Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury Review Front view

2017 New Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury Review, Punchy six-cylinder diesel Land Rover Discovery SUV arrives on British roads, however however will the TD6 compare to the four-cylinder SD4?

Whether or not you plunk for the SD4 or the TD6 within the new Land Rover Discovery  is all the way down to personal preference. We’d argue that outright pace is a smaller amount necessary as a result of the relaxed driving expertise, and therefore the cheaper-to-run SD4 is capable enough for many wants. Even so, if you’re towing or frequently movement with seven on board, the TD6 are going to be well worth the additional.
We’ve solely been ready to take a look at the new Land Rover Discovery on British soil with its downsized four-cylinder SD4 diesel to date – and we’ve been affected. currently we’ve tried the TD6 version to visualize if it makes a good stronger case for itself.

If you merely passed the Disco’s on-paper specifications, you’d be stunned by however tiny the performance deficit is between the SD4 and TD6. With 254bhp, the six-cylinder unit is just 18bhp additional powerful than the four-pot, and there’s solely two-tenths of a second between the combine from 0-62mph.

Land Rover Discovery Considering that (Legally, at least) the TD6 is Competent of around 4 miles to the gallon fewer than the SD4, which may appear as if a rather unneeded upgrade. And it’s a good more durable demand business users, as a result of the TD6’s greenhouse gas emissions of 189g/km place it in an exceedingly slightly higher profit in a similar way tax rating (36 per cent vs thirty seven per cent).

But there's one important figure on the verbal description sheet that plays within the TD6’s favour: it's 100Nm additional torsion. whereas it barely feels faster than the SD4 off the road, it counters with easy in-gear acceleration and unruffled highway cruising. It ne'er gets genuinely fast, however wherever the four-pot will feel slightly strained once absolutely loaded or passing, the graceful TD6 simply gets on with the work, operating utterly with the eight-speed motor vehicle box.

The engine note could be a bit less intrusive and additional melodious, too, adding to the new Land Rover Discovery upscale feel. The TD6 may well be less economical on paper, however it’s still way less thirsty than the recent dance hall – principally due to a weight reduction of up to 480kg. That’s a good chunk even on a giant SUV, though the SD4 is 125kg lighter once more.

In reality you’ll struggle to note associate degreey distinction in handling between the two; each versions feel less cumbersome than the recent dance hall however neither is as agile or as sharp as an Audi Q7.

The trade-off of the soft suspension and lazy steering is that the dance hall could be a seriously accomplished cruiser, with a lot of less wind, road and engine noise than within the previous model and a pleasingly supple ride.

2017 New Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury Review back view

The only different issue in reality in mind is that the worth. At £64,495, our HSE Luxury take a look at automotive commands a £1,300 premium over the equivalent SD4. That’s not an enormous distinction, however we tend to’d still be tempted to stay with the SD4 and pay the money we saved on one thing from the extended choices list.

Key specs
Model: Land Rover Discovery TD6 HSE Luxury
Price: £64,495
Engine: 3.0-litre 6cyl diesel
Power/torque: 254bhp/600Nm
Transmission: Eight-speed motor vehicle, 4WD
0-60mph: 8.3 seconds
Top speed: 130mph
Economy/CO2: thirty-nine.2mpg/189g/km
On sale: currently

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