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2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance

2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance front view
2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance, 2017 Bentayga “more fastest,  powerful, and most luxurious and most exclusive SUV within the world.” The Bentayga comes with 600 HP, 664 lb-ft of force and a high speed approaching two hundred mph. It will tow seven,700 pounds, has four ride heights and nearly ten inches of ground clearance. it's Tesla-style autonomous driving physics, the world’s 1st 48-volt automotive system and ninety separate ECUs process a hundred million lines of code.
Inside square measure the hides of 4 cows, fifteen separate items of veneer, mineral glass gauge covers, polished aluminium accents and tolerances measured in tenths of a mm. All this is often before options; they'll embody a automatic Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon watch in situ of the quality measuring system, solid of solid gold with a diamond-studded mother of pearl face, still to be priced however definitely within the many thousands of bucks. only for the watch.
This inventory of superlatives provides solely a part of the rationale Bentayga is as surefire because the automobile line of work will deliver. the remainder is that the sky isn't any longer falling. the nice Recession is usually a memory and therefore the one % is shopping for once more. the luxurious smart sales have up steady most everyplace over the last eighteen months. The Bentayga debuts right time and before a brace of higher-than-Range Rover, ultra-lux SUVS (confirmed from Lamborghini and Maserati, wide assumed from Rolls-Royce).
Traditionalists may scoff at the concept of a Bentley SUV, as they did at a BMW or Porsche or Panthera onca SUV, however the truth remains: For abundant of the car-buying world, big, honking SUVs currently symbolize success, action, standing -- not some sedate automobile or sedan, notwithstanding what number cows the upholstery needs. automobile firms designed on the concept of demonstrating success, action and standing will now not ignore SUVs.
The Bentayga is expounded to alternative giant SUVs from firms inside the VW cluster, together with the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7. however at nearly seventeen feet long, the Bentley is longer, wider and heavier than them. Its exterior metal is aluminium, with Bentley’s Superform method (pressed with aggressive air heated to 950 degrees) manufacturing the sharp creases. Some structural parts square measure steel for deformation and crash-protection properties. Bentley engineers say the Bentayga’s aspect panel is that the largest single-piece aluminium stamping within the world, and its aluminium intensive build saves 520 pounds compared to all-steel construction.
2017 New Bentley Bentayga, The roof panel is sixty % glass. Bentayga’s crystal rectifier headlights square measure flush to the surface of the seamless face, flanking Bentley’s massive, daring matrix grille. There’s a well-recognized cable on every flank, familiar, severe creases in Bentayga’s rear haunches and a B graphic in every split tail lamp. Wheels live twenty to twenty two inches associated an elective Styling Pack adds carbon-fiber body parts. Either means the Bentayga appears like a Bentley -- a tall Bentley with elective carrier.
2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance back view
Under Bentayga’s hood sits a brand new six.0-liter W12 -- not one half carryover, in line with Bentley -- higher delineate as 2 V6s joined at the crank. it's plasma-spray cylinder linings, each port and aggressive direct injection, 3 separate water pumps (block, heads, turbos) and 4 oil pumps. Twin-scroll turbochargers square measure spun by alternating exhaust pulses from staggered cylinders. The new W12 weighs seventy pounds but Bentley’s previous six.0, in line with engineers, and it’s designed at the Bentley works in Crewe, England.
The 600 brake HP peaks flat between five,000 and 6,000 rpm. the total 660 lb-ft begin at one,350 revolutions per minute and hold through four,500. The thrust takes the five,400-pound Bentayga from zero to sixty mph in four seconds flat, in line with Bentley -- .1 second faster than Porsche’s figure for the new-gen 911 Carrera with manual transmission, and 0.5 a second faster than new Lexus GS F ultra-performance midsize sedan. Bentayga’s revealed 187 mph high speed surpasses each the Porsche and Lexus.
In a nod to potency, the new W12 is supplied with a stop/start feature and variable-displacement technology. Six of the twelve cylinders pack up throughout steady-throttle operation if force demand is below 220 lb-ft.
All Bentaygas get associate eight-speed ZF automatic and permanent, variable all-wheel drive with a Torsen center differential. The elective All-Terrain Pack adds four cross-country specific drive modes, hill-descent management and a spread of skid plates.
The 2017 New Bentley Bentayga is suspended with self-leveling air springs and adaptative shocks. nonetheless the massive news within the chassis is Bentley Dynamic Ride, similar in objective to active roll management systems from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and key to the Bentayga’s balanced suspension performance on- or cross-country. On road, BDR manipulates the anti-roll bars to counteract lateral roll force and keep Bentayga’s mass level as speed builds. It works severally front and rear and at every wheel. Off-road, BDR effectively de-couples the sway bars to permit full wheel travel prodigious 9 inches.
The new development? instead of victimisation mechanics to force the sway bars, as in previous active roll management systems, Bentley uses electrical motors. Engineers say the motors react 3 times quicker, in additional finite increments. They’re power-driven by forty eight volts of voltage, up-converted from the 12-volt charging system and keep in an exceedingly super electrical device with enough reserve to complete full-bore laps round the 13-mile Nürburgring. Rolf Frech, Bentley’s member for engineering, expects introducing forty eight volts in Bentayga can spark a lot of applications across the automobile trade, together with electrically operated turbos.
2017 Bentley Bentayga patrons will opt for either four or 5 seats. 5 suggests that a folding rear bench, whereas four puts 2 buckets in back -- a dead ringer for the quality 18-adjustment front seats and separated by a console, with a diamond-stitched animal skin partition before of the cargo hold. each configurations associate with barely pad for rear climate and moving picture changes. It will be aloof from the rear of the front console and persevered the lap therefore there’s no got to lean forward to regulate temperature or fan speed. 
Generally the Bentayga has higher accommodations than a Continental GT or Flying Spur for things like muddy Hunter wellies, and a lot of SUV stuff. This includes standard storage systems, pet cages and a tailgate Event Seat. The queen may well be the Mulliner Hamper -- a picnic kit with 3 leather-upholstered cubes, removable from the load area and used as seats. One is full of Linley china, cutlery and crystal. Another is for dry product and therefore the third is cold, for Dom and beluga.
There’s a large amount of stuff, of course, from state of the art physics to jewellery just like the Tourbillon. associate invisible golden layer, conjointly acting as a ultraviolet filter, heats the double-pane windshield. There square measure twelve exterior supersonic sensors, 5 cameras with a composite high read, long-and short-distance radiolocation, traffic sign recognition, scotopic vision, head-up show and park assist -- that works with a trailer hooked up. The automaton tablets delivering rear-seat video will be aloof from behind the front headrests for full pc practicality. There’s a 60-gig aboard hard-drive and 3 audio systems, from the quality 700 watts to the one,800-watt Naim.
The 2017  Bentley Bentayga has undergone the foremost rigorous testing in Bentley history, in line with the company: over 1,000,000 road miles on 5 continents in temperatures from -22 to one hundred twenty five F; over four hundred calibration laps round the Nürburgring. It’s the primary Bentley subjected to towing tests. All electronic and mechanical systems square measure valid for full operate once the vehicle is inclined thirty five degrees in any direction. high speed is valid at one zero five F. close with no degradation in cooling capability.
It takes one hundred thirty hours to create -- compared to concerning ten for a thought midsize sedan -- before custom-made  personalization. The paint is hand applied and polished. Hides square measure cut and sewed at Crewe and a fervent workers of fifty eight hand-fashion and end the wood veneers. The industrial plant has undergone a $1.2 billion upgrade anticipating production.
The first client Bentaygas begin the method Nov. 27, and you'll order yours currently at $229,100 before delivery or choices. patrons World Health Organization signed a sale contract before the Bentayga was free get a special edition Breitling sport watch with GPS pursuit.
2017 Bentley Bentayga purchasers ought to be equally first-time Bentley patrons and other people World Health Organization already own Bentleys, in line with the corporate (the typical U.S. Bentley owner has 9 cars). the worth of being 1st into the above-Range Rover SUV market mustn't be underestimated. To some extent, Bentayga defines expectations. By the time Lambo or Maserati or whoever else jumps in, Bentley are going to be prepared with a diesel and probably another, any old Bentayga variant chief operating officer Wolfgang Durheimer says is already afoot.
Love it or hate it, the Bentayga won’t fail. Don’t take our word for it: Durheimer says the business set up is constructed on three,500 sales annually, however pre-orders and queries counsel Bentley will sell five,500 the primary full year if it will build them.
The company can sell a minimum of ten,000 cars for the third straight year in 2015 and revel in its most profitable year ever, in line with Durheimer -- even with China in recession (now Bentley’s third largest market, behind the us and Western Europe). the purpose within the Bentayga context is apparent.
If the remainder of the road holds steady for 2016, Bentayga ought to account for over a 3rd of all Bentley sales by the top of its 1st year.

2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance top view2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance back red edition2017 New Bentley Bentayga Test performance side view
Like the Bentley of SUVs, all bases lined. Bentley boasts with Bentayga, “Ultra-luxury now not ends wherever the road will.” vary Rover may take offense, however the assertion definitely applies to Bentley’s new SUV.
What’s to mention concerning the W12 that output figures don’t already imply? perhaps that it’s conjointly exceptionally sleek, with something sort of a roar reserved just for full-throttle operation. There’s enough thrust to induce associate aeroplane to rotation speed. Nothing in an exceedingly trial run suggests Bentley’s 0-60 mph time is off the mark, which says lots. What it doesn’t say is, there’s no sweat, no fury, within the method -- no difficult  noises or rough edges. simply plant the accelerator pedal and therefore the Bentayga flies toward the horizon -- any gear, any road speed -- in sleek, composed serenity, no issue with stability or mass.
There’s somewhat a lot of firmness within the ride compared to a Spur, maybe, and positively a lot of wind noise than in an exceedingly Mulsanne. nonetheless Bentayga is that the 1st Bentley that virtually drives itself. interact lane keeping and therefore the adaptative controller on the thruway or a quick B-road, and therefore the Bentayga tracks curves, adjusts speed to keep up applicable spacing and slows now if whatever’s ahead dictates such -- all while not driver participation. Autonomous operation is meant to figure only if the motive force is attentive, and safely disengages once a warning if he or she isn’t. nonetheless the failsafe senses somewhat of weight (a hand) on the handwheel. It will be defeated by hanging one thing -- however concerning associate open wallet? -- over the wheel rim.
The Bentayga simply performs the obligatory cross-country stunts. perhaps many dozen house owners outside of the center East can truly strive them. Rutted, 35-degree grades are not any downside, and that they demand very little technique because of the management physics. There’s smart belly protection, and given the large low-rev force, a coffee vary is sort of silly. The a lot of outstanding factor may well be that a Bentley will artiodactyl mammal its excess of rocks and whoopee-dos. even though associate owner’s cross-country excursions square measure restricted to the dirt path back to the polo grounds, not one thing one would think about enterprise in an exceedingly Mulsanne.
The most outstanding factor may well be driving the crap out of five,400 two-box pounds of Bentayga on twisting mountain roads in Andalucía, Spain.
The New Bentley  Bentayga’s four on-road drive modes square measure labelled comfort, sport, custom -- and Bentley. however nice is that? Shouldn’t a 488GTB’s Mannetino dial say sport, sport-plus and Ferrari? Bentley mode says, “you will set this but you wish, however we all know what’s best.” operating it sets parameters somewhere between sport and luxury and it’s what the engineers World Health Organization developed Bentayga would use because the default. Still, it’s the total sport setting that the majority clearly validates the Bentley Dynamic Ride roll-management system.
We’re unsure it’s precisely fun slamming a 2017 New Bentley Bentayga through slow curves and switchbacks, however its gorgeous to anyone World Health Organization remembers driving a Eighties chevvy residential district -- or maybe a 2015. The active anti-roll bars keep near 3 a lot of tall Bentley bizarrely level and stable as lateral g will increase. Steering feel builds with the load, and therefore the suspension works to isolate the tires because the sole determinant of lateral grip. It’s big, high and significant, of course, however in addition managed as massive, high and significant will be. It’s no downside creating passengers sick if the motive force contains a cruel streak.
Is the 2017 New Bentley Bentayga a Cayenne Turbo S within the twisties? Not precisely, however it will get shut if you wish it to. And you get Bentley, not Porsche, inside. The inspiration of Bentley’s wing brand is apparent within the dash layout. It’s comforting and perhaps even unchanged. acquirement, time and value square measure visible everyplace, with any of the quality fifteen animal skin colours or seven veneer choices.

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