2017 New Audi RS5 on review


2017 New Audi RS5 on review front view

2017 New Audi RS5 on review, The new RS5 is refined, snug and straightforward to measure with, however the switch to a downsized V6 dents the fun

What we tend to didn’t expect, however, was the move to a turbocharged V6 from the previous RS5 model’s gorgeous V8. That’s why we tend to were intrigued to seek out out if the new compact govt flagship will very war the Mercedes-AMG C63 machine and BMW M4 with its new downsized powertrain.

It’s not simply the engine that’s shrinking, because the new model is additionally 60kg lighter than before. That bodes well however, sadly, our 1st drive indicates that the Audi RS5 is destined to stay a similar position as before relative to its rivals - it can’t match them for driving thrills.

2017 New Audi RS5 on review interior dashboard

The New Audi RS5 engine could be a huge a part of that, because it feels - and sounds - flat. It’s obscurity close to as exciting because the recent V8, nor the V8 within the Mercedes. Even the turbo straight-six within the BMW M4 has additional character.

Similar to the unit within the S5, the V6 seems to own been designed to deliver performance on a specification sheet instead of excitement on the road. It’ll do 0-62mph in three.9 seconds, and will feel extraordinarily fast after you hit the throttle, however the uninteresting engine note and torquey power delivery mean it’s additional sort of a huge diesel than a frantic, exciting gasolene in character.

The torsion figure of 600Nm is obvious on the specification sheet and you'll be able to definitely feel it on the road. From 1,900rpm to five,000rpm it surges, although the top-end is sacraficed thusmewhat so short-shifting is that the thanks to go here.

The eight-speed tipronic automatic case is pretty sensible, dynamical gear quickly and swimmingly. A parp from the exhaust on every upshift can please some (and bother others), however the gearbox’s solely real issue is that the set of plastic, click paddles on the rear of the wheel that feel low-cost.

2017 New Audi RS5 on review engine view

The New  RS5 is mighty in a very line, particularly as that four-wheeled drive system suggests that the wheels keep on with the road beneath power - and it’s a similar story within the corners. It’s straightforward to throw into bends and launch out of them, looking forward to the clever torsion system to send power wherever it will facilitate pivot the automobile round the apex.

There’s various grip, however the New RS5 continues to be behind the M4 and C63 in terms of fun within the corners. It tends towards understeer unless you push it very laborious - one thing that needs good road conditions (or a track). The others feel additional prankish and rewarding at standard speeds. The RS5 is nice if you just wish to travel very quick down a good road, however we’d adore it to create the complete method feel additional special.

The Audi RS5’s fast steering and grippy chassis area unit complimented by a stiff suspension set-up after you choose Dynamic mode. This reduces roll and makes the automobile feel sharpie - and therefore the steering is weighted well and encompasses a tight quantity of feel. It’s still slightly manner behind Associate in Nursing M4 thereon front, though.

2017 New Audi RS5 on review side view

Flip the adaptative dampers into comfort mode and therefore the New Audi RS5 settles down all right. It’s rather more refined than a BMW M4 once you’re driving unremarkably, and felt pretty snug on our French take a look at route. whereas the RS5 encompasses a twin character with its driving modes, it’s clearly centered on comfort over final sharpness. The Dynamic mode doesn’t create it desire a unique automobile, simply a rather stiffer one.

That cosseting character is obvious once more on the thruway wherever the RS5 is quiet, composed and, yes, comfy. The seats, driving position and high-quality interior all contribute to the RS5’s ‘fast cruiser’ feel. after all the torquey engine suggests that passing could be a cinch, and it’s additional economical than before additionally - although thirty two.5mpg isn’t specifically economical.

The exterior matches that, too - it’s aggressive while not being overblown, and therefore the colorful exterior add-ons very suit the RS5. The LED headlights with vents at the perimeters hint at previous RS models, and therefore the wider grille offers the Audi a really sensible look.

2017 New Audi RS5 on review back view

New Audi RS5  Key specs
Model: Audi RS5
Price: £62,900
Engine: 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 gasolene
Transmission: 8-speed car, four-wheeled drive
0-62mph: 3.9 seconds
Top speed: 155mph
Economy/CO2: thirty two.5mpg/197g/km
On sale: currently

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