2017 All-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec and details


2017 All-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec and details front view

2017 all-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross SUV will rival sales of SEAT Ateca and Peugeot 3008 however can it fare?

3 star review
The new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is handsome, incorporates a neat interior and delivers a comparatively composed drive. There’s legion area within, however the weak link is that the powertrain. The 1.5-litre engine is punchy and swish, however the CVT gear case means that it’s screaky and no fun to drive quickly. The diesel model ought to show the Eclipse Cross in an exceedingly higher lightweight, because the Mitsubishi very will have potential.
Mitsubishi says that its new Eclipse Cross, a mid-size SUV absorbing the Toyota C-HR, SEAT Ateca and Peugeot 3008, is that the begin of one thing completely new. It’s a rethink on however the complete approaches its new cars - and also the aim with the new model is to steal customers from the opposite massive names within the market.

Whether they bring home the bacon that basically depends on what it’s like - associate degreed we’ve had an early drive within the new automobile to search out out. The Eclipse Cross fits into the vary higher than the ASX and below the alien, and options a greenhorn one.5-litre fuel engine, with a 2.2-litre diesel coming later down the line.

The first thing you’ll notice about the Eclipse Cross is that it’s a very smart-looking car, at least from the front. The front view, the sloping roofline and the rising side line give the impression of sportiness, more look like a Toyota C-HR than a Nissan Qashqai.

2017 All-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec and details interior dashboard view

The split rear windscreen allows a steep angle on the top part of the glass without hindering visibility too much, but it looks awkward when you look at the car from the back. On the whole we really like the way the car looks, though.

It’s smart on the inside as well, and feels like a genuine step forward over the ASX and Outlander models in terms of styling. The centre console feels top quality and incorporates a faintly Lexus feel to that, and albeit the big items of black plastic on the dash look a bit boring they're soft to the bit.

A seven-inch show is fitted to any or all cars on high of the dash, and it’s a rather smart system. The touchscreen is responsive, the graphics look trendy and it’s straightforward to use - it’s definitely higher than the system in an exceedingly Nisan Qashqai, tho' European rivals like the 3008 and Ateca still have higher systems.

There’s conjointly no sat-nav, that could be a shame, however you'll join up your phone through the quality Apple CarPlay and golem automobile, each of that work well. It’s still a pain to pay cash on knowledge after you would like the mapping, though, and not all patrons have compatible phones.

2017 All-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec and details back seat view

You sit fairly high within the automobile, however the seats area unit comfortable and accessory and also the driving position is pretty smart. There’s enough headroom even with our car’s sunshine-roof fitted, though within the back taller adults can notice that sloping roofline. There’s legion legroom back there, because the seats will be softened back to make extra space.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross feels settled on the motorway, and on the smooth Spanish roads where we drove the car, but at low speed the ride is on the firm side, though it’s not as stiff as the SEAT Ateca. Potholes and larger bumps in the road do crash into the cabin, however.

Around a series of bends, though, the Mitsubishi impresses. The steering is a little light and numb, but it’s quick and direct. It doesn’t roll into the corners nearly as much as the Outlander it shares a platform with, and simple machine drive means there’s plenty of grip.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, A system called Super-All Wheel Control can control the driving and braking forces on all four wheels, sending power where it’s needed automatically. It can even send up to 60 per cent of the power to the rear wheels when set to snow mode.

It’s no match for the sharp SEAT Ateca, but the Eclipse Cross feels well sorted on the road. Unfortunately our test car’s powertrain put a dampener on the fun, mostly thanks to the CVT gearbox.

If you only ever drive in the city, the efficient CVT will potentially work well, but as with most other CVTs once you put your foot down the revs soar. This one feels like it’s been designed to mimic a normal auto gearbox, but that makes it into the worst of both worlds: it slurs its ‘shifts’ while still holding revs unpleasantly high for too long.

Beautiful fixed metal paddles behind the steering wheel give access to a manual mode, but the box is horribly unresponsive to your inputs so it’s best to stay in auto mode. Luckily there is a manual gearbox option from launch, though, we’ve not been able to try it yet.

Certainly the 1.5-litre engine feels like it will work best with proper control of the gears. It’s quiet and smooth at low revs, and feels punchy thanks to its 250Nm of torque. At higher revs it’s noisy, though.

2017 All-new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec and details back view

Economy of forty.4mpg isn’t nice either, and there aren't any alternative engines accessible at launch. A 2.2-litre diesel can be part of the vary later, and can go along with associate degree eight-speed automatic instead of the CVT. Mitsubishi is additionally performing on associate degree electrified version, however it won’t be a plug-in hybrid just like the alien as that was thought to be prohibitively pricey - it’s a lot of probably to be a typical hybrid.

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Spec
Model: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross five one.5 4WD CVT
Price: £29,000 (est)
Engine: 1.5-litre 4cyl fuel
Power: 161bhp/250Nm
Transmission: CVT automatic, four-wheel drive
0-62mph: 9.8 seconds
Top speed: 125mph
Fuel economy/CO2: forty.4mpg, 159g/km
On sale: December 2017

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