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2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive

2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive side view2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive engine view2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive Front view
2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive, it seems like what a baby would draw if you told them pen a kickass, slab-sided car. The hood and trunk have just-right proportions and overhangs. I’m not sold-out on this Cadillac red/wine color, however the wheels look nice and also the wheel wells area unit tiny.
Inside, it’s a trifle hit and miss. i feel it's nice -- an honest mixture of showy and luxury cues. the texture is wherever the matter comes in, particularly on the armrests, that area unit pretty laborious. My elbows were banging even on my short commute home. The higher dash appearance nice, and is well cut and stitched, however it’s laborious to the bit all the approach around. the middle console is cruciform, though, that my OCD mind has to feel snug. the rear seat, like in any car, may be a very little tight -- too tight for a 6’1” lunch colleague.
Power from the three.6-liter V6 is nice, lots to bullyrag this semi-lightweight. Thrust is powerful right from the beginning and shifts from the eight-speed area unit very sleek. The paddles aren’t lightning fast, however they hold gears to separate, and area unit of some use older the motorway. The engine/trans dance orchestra is quiet, though, that diode ME to go away the automobile in fifth for the bulk of my commute while not even knowing. there's to a small degree of road and wind noise, quite I expected.
The pedal setup wasn’t quite right on behalf of me. It felt like i used to be sitting at associate angle to the automobile. At one purpose I used my hand to support my knee whereas braking. perhaps it’s too so much left? The brake conjointly incorporates a few inches of travel before any sensible bite -- that annoys ME, in person -- however it in all probability helps with the smoothness of driving.
The 3-Series feels and sounds a lot of showy, despite the fact that it’s down on power. The C-Class is way a lot of luxurious, but slower. Sure, there may solely be ten folks that take any of those cars to the track, however I’d wish to suppose the ATS might outfox each of them at a true circuit.
Speaking of these competitors, the ATS is regarding $1,500 but the C-Class and regarding $3,800 but the bottom 3-Series, that the worth is unquestionably there. it would be the best-looking out of these 3, too.
Personally, I like the two.0-liter turbo four, however the outstanding ATS chassis is here -- stiff, the proper suspension damping, which light-on-its-feet feeling I bear in mind from the sedan. It’s fun to throw around, and reacts quickly to steering and throttle inputs. I’d argue the ATS remains one in every of the a lot of dialed-in feeling cars on the market.
I don’t understand what Cadillac did to the 2016 Cadilac ATS’ V6 compared to the '15, however this one feels abundant sander, and also the power is there evidently.
The interior appearance sensible, as will the standard in that -- i feel this can be regarding as nice an inside out there, other than perhaps the Mercedes C-Class. i believed the CUE system worked well here. may well be my imagination, however I found myself having the ability to manage the radio and heat/vent etc. simply now around. perhaps it’s been improved? no matter, felt higher than I bear in mind.
I don’t very perceive why the ATS doesn’t sell higher. Ditto the CTS. up to now in '15, ATS sales area unit off by regarding three,800 cars. The 3-Series simply blows this issue away. confine mind tho', BMW is throwing some $$ on the 3-Series’ hood whereas Cadillac, for higher or worse, is attempting to carry the road on incentives. Meanwhile, the CTS is down a humongous seven,700. each fine cars -- I don’t dig, tho' I actually have some theories: one.) Crossovers rule at the instant, not traveller cars; and a pair of.) Cadillac is new(ish) to the small-car game, BMW isn’t.
The driving expertise was wherever this automobile very thrives. the facility comes on early and moves the automobile on as quickly as you’d ever want it (outside of a track, at least) (this very little Cadillac car comes in at around 330 hp), is why the automobile is most fun to drive. it's only enough power to form the automobile feel powerful, however not enough to spin itself around or blow the tires off.
The things I didn’t like regarding the automobile could also be a trifle banal, except for one thing hovering around fifty grand, i feel they’re bonded. the inside was a trifle thin. I liked it, however it didn’t very appear up the extent of what the common Cadillac emptor would wish. The materials didn’t feel as soft as i feel a Cadillac’s surfaces ought to. The dash appeared a trifle laborious and plasticky, a minimum of to ME, and also the seats were neither snug nor racy enough on behalf of me to overlook it.
The picture show system was a pleasure to use, and featured Apple CarPlay -- that for no matter reason gave ME a lot of bother during this automobile than the combat ship we have a tendency to tested the system out with. I couldn’t notice the button within the picture show system to launch CarPlay, thus I had to deem it automotive vehicle booting. Well, typically it doesn't automotive vehicle boot, that effectively makes it not have CarPlay. Of course, that isn’t a large drawback, as a result of the traditional Cadillac picture show code was quite adequate.
2016 New Cadillac ATS Coupe Test Drive back view
The issue that I liked  the smallest amount was the automotive vehicle stop/start. there's a button to kill this feature, that is nice, as a result of I can’t wrap my mind around motion a automobile off at each stoplight.
Overall, this automobile was a blast to drive, the inside was showy however not very what i feel “Cadillac” ought to be, and also the Apple CarPlay worked once it needed. Still an oversized step before wherever the corporate was simply a couple of years agone.

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