2015 Next MERCEDES-BENZ S-class edition PULLMAN

Mercedes S-Class Pullman drawings leaked front view
2015 Next MERCEDES-BENZ S-class, Patent pictures of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman have discovered their route to the web and quickly they disperse the gossip of an extended S-Class solely wearing the prestigious Maybach marker. 
Clearly, these drawings go over to February 2013, when licenses were documented at the US Patent and Trademark office. 
The S-Class Pullman clearly draws much of its outline impact from Mercedes' momentum reach topping car, however the Ingolstadt-based producer is apparently utilizing the administrations of top of the line tuning firm Brabus to assemble and add the completing touches to the Pullman, for example, its 2+2+2 seating plan (the four back seats confront one another). 
Vehicles accepted to be S-Class Pullman models were spotted outside Brabus' Bottrop central station and measured 6,4 meters in length. Obviously, a protected form is likewise in the pipeline, and will weigh in at roughly 5 300 kg and cost in abundance of R10 million. 
It's accepted that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman will make its global presentation late in 2015

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