2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation

2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation engine view2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation wheel drive view2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation front view
2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation, The rumoured F12 Speciale are known as Ferrari F12tdf, in deference to legendary endurance road race of the Fifties
Earlier this year, our keen-sighted spy photographers snapped what appeared like a light-weight Ferrari F12 Speciale, however these days the complete has confirmed it'll be known as F12tdf (Tour DE France), in deference to the endurance road race that Ferrari dominated within the Fifties and 60s.
The Ferrari F12tdf uses the present naturally aspirated half-dozen.3-litre V12 because the normal Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, albeit with power uprated from 731bhp to 769bhp. That shaves 2 tenths of a second off the quality F12’s 0-62mph time (now two.9 seconds), whereas Ferrari claims a high speed ‘in way over 211mph’.
Peak force is up 15Nm to 705Nm, and is offered from half-dozen,750rpm. imposingly tho', eighty per cent of this is often on the market from simply two,500rpm – with the F12tdf redlining at eight,900rpm, Ferrari Not solely will it speed accelerate as fast as a race LaFerrari, it’ll stop as quickly, too. The one-piece brake callipers are upraised from the £1m hypercar, and may stop the tdf from 124mph in precisely 121m.
2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation side view
The case has been tweaked to create the ratios six per cent shorter and thirty per cent quicker on the upshift. Downshifts are faster, with response rates improved by forty per cent n terms of technical innovations, Ferrari engineers have put in a rear-wheel mechanism to compensate the car’s natural tendency to oversteer. referred to as the Virtual Short distance, it's integrated with the opposite vehicle management systems, that improves steering response and high-speed stability.
It’s 110kg lighter than the quality F12 because of a radical design of the body and in depth use of carbon fibre. From the front the F12tdf gets a lower, wider stance and sharp front splitter, furthermore as fins within the bumper and bonnet. There square measure slats within the rear haunches, too, serving to double the automobile’s mechanics potency over the quality car.
The rear spoiler is currently 60mm longer and 30mm higher, whereas the rear screen is a lot of steeply raked. It currently generates 230kg of downforce at 124mph – 107kg over before. At the rear, there’s a full of life diffuser, with a similar centrally-mounted foglight – galvanized by the company’s F1 automobile.
2015 Introduce Ferrari F12tdf Generation back view
Just 799 are designed, however costs haven't nonetheless been proclaimed. That said, we’d expect a premium of a minimum of £30,000 – that means a tag within the region of £275,000 appears possible. As ever, many selection choices might send this spiralling, well past the £300,000 mark.

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