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2015 Audi Model Of S6 overview

2015 Audi Model Of S6 overview front view

Audi Model Of S6, When you upgrade from AN Audi A6 three.0T to the Audi S6, AN action that vacuums nearly $20,000 a lot of from your wallet, it,s that you’re paying for, apart began one amongst the simplest luxury performance sedans on the planet?
2015 Audi Model Of S6 overview engine voew
Be first, the Audi S6 features a 2-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 engine, one generating 420 H.P. and 406 avoirdupois unit.-ft. of torque, will increase of a hundred and ten H.P. and eighty one avoirdupois unit.-ft. over the A6 three.0T.  a 7-speed dual-clutch trans with paddle shifters, a sport-tuned air suspension, larger brakes, and bigger 19-inch aluminium wheels with summer performance tires, and you’ll have an inspiration of what the additional outlay of money is paying for. to boot, the S6 gets styling tweaks and different minor changes designed to separate it from the A6 upon that it's based mostly.
2015 Audi Model Of S6 overview gear
Hardware upgrades end in faster acceleration to sixty mph, at 4.5 seconds compared five|to five}.3 seconds, further as the next high speed of one hundred fifty five mph. whereas these numbers may not create the S6 the quickest automobile in its category, there's a lot of to sports sedan greatness than pure numbers, and this Audi’s overall driving character is best represented as insidious and intoxicating. quite an thrill, this S6.
2015 Audi Model Of S6 overview back voew
Aside from a usually premium system, the audi S6 Premium and model is provided rather like the three.0T Premium and. A status level of trim is additionally obtainable, and after you add each possibility the Audi S6 closes in on $98,000.

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