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2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review

2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review front side view2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review interior dashboard view2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review front view
2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review, This automobile became the flagship simply many years agone, however succeeding Genesis -- a model one step down from Equus within the lineup -- is clearly superior in barely concerning each means. If succeeding Genesis is that sensible, what's going to succeeding Equus be like? can there even be a next Equus?

As Hyundai ought to bear in mind, building a whole within the u.  s. may be a discouraging prospect. that is basically what the corporate is making an attempt to try and do with Equus. The going has been slow: Hyundai sold  solely three52 Equus sedans in Gregorian calendar month 2013 and a complete of around 3,500 for the whole year.

2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus
Base Price: $61,920

As-Tested Price: $68,920

Drivetrain: five.0-liter V8; RWD, eight-speed automatic

Output: 429 H.P. @ half dozen,400 rpm, 376 lb-ft @ five,000 rpm

Curb Weight: four,616 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 15/23/18 mpg

AW ascertained Fuel Economy: thirteen.8 mpg

From behind the wheel, the automobile has potential: Hyundai features a nice V8 engine. the inside is solid, silent and adorned with all types of animal skin and wood. each techno bangle is gift and accounted for. there is even a badge -- a kind of eagle/phoenix issue that evokes simply slightly of the Spirit of Ecstasy if you squint and appearance at it indirectly. Back seats have fantastic long-wheelbase levels of legroom and a middle console replete with a near-complete set of redundant center-stack controls thus rear passengers will alter the environment to suit their wants. youngsters also can alter their surroundings -- and also the stereo, climate management, navigation system and seats -- mistreatment the controls, thus if you regularly chauffeur passengers below the age of ten, contemplate keeping the rear console hidden.
On the road, the letter V8 delivers a solid kick to the current huge sedan, and it will thus with a pleasant, muted muscle-car exhaust note. It's damped, to be sure, however gift for those that appreciate such soundtracks. The Equus conjointly features a three-mode drive selector allowing traditional, sport and snow driving modes. therefore this rear-drive strapper ought to be fine within the snowbelt too, right?
Whatever deserves the Equus has elsewhere, the automobile falls flat on its face within the snow, a minimum of with stock rubber. It's quite presumably the worst snow driver I've ever knowledgeable, and i am together with pre-ESP cars like my '72 Buick Skylark. once a 3-inch snow, the Genesis insisted on slippy the back-end out at even the tiniest throttle application, that then invoked traction management, that then cut throttle, going you inactive within the middle of the road. going the automobile in snow mode however switch off traction management helped -- a really touching on the throttle was essential, however a minimum of the automobile did not quit, and also the lack of clairvoyance permissible American state to continue applying throttle to counter a spin. Eventually I simply left it in traditional and turned off the electronic aids, however the automobile stayed within the private road much more than traditional attributable to its lack of traction.
Of course, if you do not sleep in the snowbelt, none of this matters. And if you do not care concerning having a elaborate German-car badge, the Hyundai roots do not matter. And if you do not automobilee concerning having a flashy car, the generic “big sedan” blandness does not matter, either.
Makes you marvel what will matter once considering a $70,000 purchase, though. Guess we'll got to notice one in every of those 352 consumers from Gregorian calendar month and raise them.

This 2014 Hyundai Equus final may be a superb automobile. As so much as material decisions and quality assembly, the inside may additionally be from Mercedes-Benz. The controls ar intuitive, simple to use and trendy wanting.
It drives serious enough. I did not leave the traction management on terribly long once driving the covered surface streets that I encounter on my commute. This issue likes to get sideways, and though Andy is correct concerning it needing winter tires, it definitely is fun to oversteer around each corner, although the too-heavy steering created American state feel alittle less assured.
Of the Asian luxury cars, it is the best by a protracted shot. Lincoln would move to emulate what Hyundai has through with this automobile.
2014 Hyundai Equus final is perhaps the nighest you'll get to the large German sedans, while not really shopping for one. Lincoln needs its MKS was this sensible. You are, however, paying concerning seventy % of the worth for a Mercedes-Benz S-class, thus hopefully you get a minimum of seventy % of the automobile.
For this question, I will say affirmative, this can be simply seventy % of AN S-class, perhaps even eighty five %. It offers nearly all of what the Mercedes will, together with soft animal skin, heated and cooled seats, front and rear, one-knob navigation, traffic and radio access, three-zone climate and 429 H.P. from an enormous V8. It's solely twenty six H.P. down from the S550.
The interior is up to snuff. It's quiet, comfy, and not a foul thanks to pay a night out on the city. I took 3 friends to envision a comedy show, and that they were affected with the rear house and screens within the seatbacks, although we tend to could not puzzle out the way to cross-check something however the navigation screen.

2014 Ultimate Edition Hyundai Equus Review back view

I don't notice the sheetmetal bland. In fact, i used to be forever affected by its visual weight as I walked up thereto in parking tons. Sure, the front appearance cribbed from Mercedes and also the face seems like it, too. aside from that it's an ingenious design! Seriously, there isn't any shame in stealing from the simplest -- that is however everybody will it.
As so much as snow driving goes, Andy is correct. The Equus kills power too early and for too long. I turned the traction management off, that unbroken American state going.
2014 Edition, I'm unsure if there ar any comparisons to create, a minimum of at this worth vary. The Americans ar more cost-effective and not as massive, the Germans eclipse this worth at a size lower. i have never in person driven the Kia K900 however, however i am inquisitive about what that may desire.

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