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2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance

2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance side view red car2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance dashboard view2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance front view red car
2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance, the new 2014 Chevrolet SS may be a sensible automobile. will't|i can not|i am unable to} tell precisely how briskly it's, however it handles, or however sensible the brakes ar. Why not? as a result of metropolis got a handful inches of sloppy snow throughout my recent drive home, and my focus was on not slippery  into something.

What I will say, though, is that the new SS is not dangerous in untidy conditions. huge the least bit. take into account the SS's rear drive and wads of power unit, and last night had all the makings of an entire disaster. i {used to be} pleasantly stunned. it had been was} no drawback. The automobile will have Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires thereon most credit to those. they're terrific tires. The automobile cruised through the slop simply fine. The traction management barely flashed.

2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance

Base Price: $45,770

As-Tested Price: $45,770

Drivetrain: vi.2-liter V8; RWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 415 H.P. @ five,900 rpm, four15 lb-ft @ 4,600 rpm

Curb Weight: three,975 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 14/21/17 mpg

AW ascertained Fuel Economy: fifteen.0 mpg

Options: None

Then future morning, ah yes. The roads were simply wet, not snow lined, thus I might foot alittle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle}. stress on alittle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} -- it is not like i {used to be} making {an attempt|attempting} to qualify for the Daytona five hundred, however I did have alittle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} fun.
The engine sounds extraordinary, so the|and additionally the} 415 H.P. feels nice. The automobile jumps off the road and middle vary power is spectacular. The six-speed transmission is swish and flicking the paddles is nice fun. simply cruising around, the seats feel terrific and one notices the nicely done interior. it is a refined driver. Or ought to I say it's additional of} refined than i'd have guessed.

Also i feel the SS appearance very nice in associate degree unostentatious approach. It does not jump up and down yelling “look at me!!” it's an aesthetic look within and out.

The as-tested value of $45K isn't low cost, except for what you get, i feel it's honest. Not a discount precisely, however the SS is fashionable, unostentatious performance. For currently i am going to say it'd be value the|definitely price the} cash. ought to drive it additional of} and in higher conditions.

I love the 2014 Chevrolet SS. It's unostentatious on the surface, nevertheless powerful beneath the hood and faster than a warragal once you launch it. At speed it tracks straight and true. Come on, America, get all of those so gram (and Ford and Dodge) can create more! {you ought ton't|you should not|you mustn't} ought to do with the utility compromises of two-door pony cars to induce the performance of a sports sedan.

Why did we've got to channelize to Australia to induce it? Why cannot we have {a tendency to|we tend to} create one thing like this right here? I mean, sure, we have {a tendency to|we tend to} just like the Aussies, they are our allies and that they create nice drinking buddies, however why did we've got to travel ten,000 miles across the Pacific get out|to search out} a fun and comparatively cheap performance sedan, one that is solely aiming to be around for a restricted time? i'd get one in all of} these before I got a BMW 5-series and perhaps even before I got associate degree AMG E-class. Yes, I said it.

OK, we have {a tendency to|we tend to} ar creating one thing like this here in America: the Dodge Charger SRT8. i {really like|i like} all the SRT product, too. They represent the most effective stuff America is capable of manufacturing. Heck, they even create a performance SUV. Would I decide this provoke SS over a Dodge SRT8? i might ought to rent an outsized motorsports facility and pay a handful days wailing on each before I created my call. The provoke weighs in at three,975 pounds, nearly four hundred pounds but the Charger SRT8. however the Charger has 470 H.P. to the Chevy's 415. Man that might be an honest a glance at}. i feel i'd decide the provoke SS. i prefer lighter-weight things.

2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance back side view carIn impromptu acceleration runs which will or might not be representative of the car's performance, I managed to induce a 0-60 mph time of four.5 seconds. The quickest approach I found was to easily set forth the brake and stomp on the gas. Brake torqueing simply spun the rear tires. revealed times ar slower than that, and Chevysaid the SS would do concerning 5 seconds to sixty. i {used to be} running in 40-degree air on flat concrete near water level, thus optimum conditions.

In the couple days I had the automobile ,I did not get to drive it on an honest, crooked road. however I did drive it around town streets whereas taking note, wherever I got the sense the suspension had ton of|many|numerous|countless|various|different|many} promise. The long-lost Pontiac GTO was equally taut, tight and extremely fast. It, facet|in conjunction with|beside|at the side of|together with} this provoke SS, sounds like a muscle automobile however one that's screwed along plenty tighter. The freelance rear suspension felt keen on it|am keen about it|adore it|find it irresistible} would handle a road course pretty solidly, even a unsmooth road course. The limited-slip diff helped place the facility down, too.

2014 Review Chevrolet SS drive performance front view

All 415 H.P. and 415 lb-ft of force were wanting to get on the road. There was no lag within the six-speed transmission, no sense that the converter was uptake up all the force. it's associate degree economical powertrain with no leaks.

The provoke SS stickers at $45,770 begin|to start out|to begin}, whereas the Dodge Charger SRT8 begins at $47,445. Considering that the BMW 5-series V8 starts at $64, 825 so the|and additionally the} Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG starts at $90,705 and you see that the bang-for-the-buck issue makes this a fair easier call. plenty of individuals will justify $45K for one thing, right?

Now if you may excuse ME, really have} to travel drive some additional of}.
The SS additionally has one issue over the ATS: it is even stronger an envoy to the yankee automobile trade. this can be the automobile foreigners assume most of once they assume, “American automobile.” that additionally helps that it comes from Australia, a rustic additional like America than each folks care to admit.

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