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2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X lifestyle

2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X lifestyle side view2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X lifestyle interior view2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X lifestyle front view

2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X, The 2014 Nissan Titan PRO-X isn't, despite its drawn-out list of choices as well as one thing referred to as a luxury package, a life-style truck. there is a distinct absence of chrome outside and no tooled animal skin (or tooled leather-effect vinyl) on the within. It does not even have step-bars; you have to move up into the driver's seat. that is fine. it is a truck, a decent truck, and, for over per week, it let Pine Tree State do all the cool truck things that I therefore foresee to doing (hitting the filling station not being one among them). I say this even once being soft by the 2014 GMC Sierra Denali for AN extended testing amount.

2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X

Base Price: $40,685

As-Tested Price: $45,555

Drivetrain: five.7-liter V8; 4 wheel drive, five-speed automatic

Output: 317 horsepower @ five,200 rpm, three86 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm

Curb Weight: five,467 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 12/17/14 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: twelve.4 mpg

Though empty of grain, the Nissan's interior was dead adequate. Not luxurious by any means that, however well-assembled with many area for low cups, passengers and anything you may wish to require together with you. Nissan is not as frightened of knobs or buttons as alternative automakers; the result's sometimes a radio/infotainment/climate system that is simple to use and intuitive, even with gauntleted hands. The Titan's setup is not any completely different, with the exception of a five.8-inch touchscreen that appeared tiny and exhausting to succeed in from the driver's seat.

The 5.7-liter V8 is kind of capable of obtaining the truck moving, even once it's laden with a half-ton of stuff. The PRO-4X is meant to be the cross-country orientated Titan, and although I did not take the truck cross-country as such, it did get Pine Tree State from purpose A to purpose B in some really nasty weather. It plowed  through snowbanks and crossed icy, unplowed  streets with ease -- and that i did search out huge snowbanks and exceptionally icy streets only for the euphemism of it. As a bonus (if you are a fan of meaty, easy, ancient 4 wheel drive setups), the factor may be a beast to steer in tight quarters with the system engaged. therefore you recognize it's operating, I guess.

But there ar many areas wherever the truck's relative lack of refinement extremely shows, particularly once defrayal a substantial quantity of your time behind the wheels of the competition. notice many potholes or a jolting road and you may travel back in time a ways that to once huge pickups rumbled and swayed and bounced over obstacles. this is not a deal-killer for a life-sized, and it ne'er gets uncomfortable, however i do not see Nissan grabbing several former provoke customers here.

Plus, you will be certain  a shock the primary few times you fill up its tank -- its 28-gallon tank. gazing the provoke Silverado, though, I see that the tank size ranges from twenty six to thirty four gallons. Big-money fuel-ups ar one among the continued prices of driving these utilitarian vehicles. there'll be a diesel coming back within the next year just about, therefore that is one thing to stay in mind.

With that aforesaid, the 13.2 mpg i noticed was astonishingly near the EPA combined estimate of fourteen mpg. I had the four-wheel-drive system engaged for a healthy chunk of my time within the truck -- all wheels were battery-powered for brim over [*fr1] my stint -- that makes my economy figure even additional shocking.

I'm assumptive that patrons ar, on the balance, additional involved with truckage performance than fuel economy. As way as proving a bed to toss stuff in goes, the Titan's up there with the simplest. The flip-down tailgate extender cage factor does not open up quite constant vary of potentialities as a full-length bed can, however it's an appropriate compromise. and also the utili-track channel was well-built and really useful once it minified to securing a large vary of oddly formed things within the bed (then once more, i am a sucker for any price standard or configurable). plant bedliner ought to be customary, however Nissan is not alone in providing it as a part of AN choices package.

All in all, the Titan may be a well-thought-out truck that i would not hesitate to decision extremely competitive -- if this were simply many short years agone. The pickup market is vicious. If Nissan needs to noticeably trot out the domestic automakers, it's about to got to knock down this truck's value or modernize its chassis. in all probability do each of these things, actually. And the maximum amount as I hate to mention it, jazzing up the inside would not hurt its possibilities.

This may appear to be AN not possible or unfair challenge for Nissan, however Motown is aware of its pickups pay the bills and it keeps on rising its offerings. i am genuinely hoping foreign competitors, Nissan enclosed, can intensify their game.

this 2014 Nissan TitanPRO-4X through the primary Polar Vortex of 2014, once sub-zero temps and a foot of snow colluded to create driving anyplace hell for your customary sedan fare--but pure joy for a vehicle with nearly a foot of ground clearance. I threw my head back and laughed maniacally because the truck fragment and clawed its means through the snow, looking at because it cumulous high on all the roadways, impervious  because it was to road salt. As cars and trucks alike spun their tires down unplowed  facet streets, their puny ineffective tires sucked left and right into ditches and mountain-high shoulders, the PRO-4X relished the prospect to frolic in its component, sort of a suburban-born Samoyed or Akita visiting the champaign for the primary time. Nothing makes a post-Christmas mega-snowstorm pleasurable sort of a mini-monster truck.

Of course, while not step rails, simply entering into the PRO-4X created for a giant job for somebody of my restricted stature. Thankfully, Nissan is not of the breed of manufacturer that disses the driver's-side grab handle. Once within, i actually appreciated the back-to-basics approach to the radio's and climate control's switchgear, i.e., real buttons and knobs! I actually have to echo Graham with relevancy the touchscreen, however; whereas i favor the fundamental setup of Nissan Connect and also the central touch-based interface, it is not useful that the icons dominant things like map zoom ar therefore small.

Perhaps once the weather is best, I will check a number of the truck's alternative capabilities, except for currently, i am happy to possess been ready to stretch the Titan PRO-4X's four-wheel-driving legs a trifle. it absolutely was really a hoot to lark in one thing therefore in its component, particularly once the component is therefore rotten.

he Nissan Titan PRO-4X was like entering into a machine. there is constant blockish dashboard and big center rest with ribbed rubber insert within the middle that is been during this truck since the 2004 model year. it is a straightforward interior that's so dated, however still extremely practical, with straightforward controls on the middle stack and enormous compartments on the middle console to store stuff.

Still, the Titan has been around additional or less unchanged for a decade currently, that may be a long term. i do know Nissan is tough at work developing subsequent Titan in house currently once the wear down Chrysler to induce a Ram effect was referred to as off. I in person have continuously enjoyed my time behind the wheel of varied Titans throughout the years. Nissan's 5.7-liter V8 combined with the five-speed transmission system remains a robust pairing, and it's a straightforward truck to maneuver around.

This PRO-4X model adds some cross-country goodies like Rancho shocks, a lower 3.357 final drive, electronic lockup rear differential, extra skid plates to hide the oil pan and transfer case, and BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. that is not as serious because the Ford F-150 SVT raptorial bird, however there is enough stuff to create it additional cross-country worthy.

Visually, the PRO-4X distinguishes itself from regular Titans with a textile chrome grille, rear fender decals and distinctive wheels. On the within, you get white gauge faces and seat backs decorated with the PRO-4X brand.

2014 perform review Nissan Titan PRO-4X lifestyle side view
Like the others, I did not take the PRO-4X cross-country, however there was a snowy mess everyplace to rumble through. The all-terrain tires provided sensible grip, and also the ground clearance was welcome as I motorised on on our roads that weren't brushed well if the least bit. Steering is direct for a truck, ride quality is old-school trucky, and also the brakes ar sturdy with firm pedal feel.

The Titan remains a capable truck in its maturity, and can seemingly do everything ninety p.c of the population would want a truck to try to to. It's simply insulant behind within the refinement department once it involves the thirsty drivetrain, ride quality and options as a result of it has been neglected for thus a few years. attributable to that, i would not be appalled if you were ready to walk into a Nissan dealer and obtain a euphemism of a deal on a Titan.

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