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2014 Notes Acura Review – Acura RLX

2014 NOtes Acura Review - Acura RLX side view2014 NOtes Acura Review - Acura RLX front view

2014 Acura RLX with Advance Package

Base Price: $61,345

As-Tested Price: $61,345

Drivetrain: three.5-liter V6; FWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 310 power unit @ vi,500 rpm, 272 lb-ft @ four,500 rpm

Curb Weight: three,997 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 20/31/24 mpg

Options: None 

2014 NOtes Acura Review - Acura RLX, the Acura RLX could be a national pursuit among the automotive press. Lawd is aware of it's a simple target: it still incorporates a V6 once everything else incorporates a V8; it's front-wheel drive rather than rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive just like the competition; it's a shared half or 2 with the (gasp!) Honda Accord … that's all true. and perhaps Acura ought to be shellacked a bit bit for keeping the RLX within the '80s for therefore long. however this new model will finally get a number of the options that are on competitors forever: direct injection, adjustive control, crystal rectifier head- and taillights, lane-keeping assist, forward collision warning, electrical emergency brake and even capless provision. It's quite embarrassing that Acura has solely adscititious these options in 2013 once competitors have had them for several a model year.
Some of the options Acura is hoping can set itself apart won't even be noticed  by owners: exactitude all-wheel steer that will increase stability, grip and speed through corners, additional power for the V6 -- up to 310 currently, “amplitude reactive dampers” Associate in Nursingd even an metallic element hood, doors and fenders. are you able to extremely feel that from behind the wheel, unless you have simply driven Associate in Nursing RL while not them? These square measure all sensible, logical points that consumers would possibly think about.
However, once you get within the factor and drive it around you notice that it's absolutely fine as a transportation device for four or 5 folks. Most house owners of enormous luxury sedans don't autocross them. wanting a BMW M5 or a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan, most house owners simply drive them around at additional or less traditional speeds. Plus, since they sell solely a comparatively tiny few these items, having Associate in Nursing RLX provides consumers even additional of that exclusivity luxury house owners crave. you're not aiming to see RLXs returning and going. I for one typically crave obscurity.
In regular traffic doing regular residential district driving stuff you can just like the RLX. therefore can your passengers. everybody United Nations agency rode within the back seat commented absolutely, all unsought comments by the method. Indeed, it's a pair of inches additional area back there, that could be a heap compared to the previous automotive.
Most of the property stuff worked, except that i could not get my iPhone four to ever connect. it would are the phone's fault. I unbroken attempting however no dice.
And if all the enhancements are not enough then simply hold off on your purchase until later this year once the game Hybrid Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive version comes out with 370 power unit and a dual-clutch transmission.
For now, delivery the automotive into the twenty first century helps, as will value. As we have a tendency to noted once the automotive came out March fifteen, MSRP starts at $49,345 together with destination. A loaded Advance model is $61,345. undergo the choices lists of of these cars and see if it extremely will prevent cash. The Cadillac CTS -- rear-drive and a V6 -- starts at $43,340; the Lexus GS 350 -- conjointly rear-drive and a V6 -- starts at $47,250. In between you'll be able to juggle plenty of choices.
But, as I said, if you only get within the factor and drive it around sort of a traditional automotive, you are doubtless to be pleasantly stunned at however nicely it functions as a spacious luxury sedan.

Acura RLX: Some folks have harped on the RLX for not being as showy and involving as alternative luxury limousines, as if they are going to win SSC saleroom Stock with it. however if Lexus has the japanese Mercedes-Benz and Infiniti has the japanese Mid-'80s Audi near-luxury that has terrible residual worth and no-one is taking seriously, then what we've here is that the Japanese Buick. it's going to be at odds with the Integras and svelte Legends that created the complete known, however it is a fine automotive and a fine isolation chamber from the untidy business of driving, one that is soundproof from the surface world, however incorporates a fine surround-sound system to match.
This RLX is regarding ninety % of the thanks to driving itself. it's adjustive control and lane keeping assist therefore it'll steer itself to stay between lanes, physically adjusting the handwheel sort of a twitchy “Christine.” Its seatbelts tug gently like nervous oldsters. The 14-speaker audio system is intended by Krell, an organization that lacks the brand-recognition (read: salivated at by audio nerds) of one thing as tawdry as Satyendra Nath Bose however quietly styles a number of the highest-end and most costly audio instrumentation on Earth. Infinity? Mark Levinson? JBL? Get that midlevel junk out of here. this can be real luxury, people!
The lane-keeping assist system, resplendent with cryptic piece of writing between the gauges -- is activated at the press of a button on, naturally, the handwheel. Push it and carry your hands off, however not too far! each ten seconds a bright orange “STEERING REQUIRED” message lights abreast of the dash, to cue you that steering is, alas, still a significant element to the present driving activity. The system could be a novelty around city. however wherever it might work best would be the I-5 passageway between state capital and la, that I underwent the day before in regarding six hours, complete with a stop at kitschy retired person tourist-trap Pea Soup Andersen's. Given a straight, inerrant main road with minimum traffic and a few sensible music on the Krell audio system, this lane-departure system can be a boon to lazy and ambitionless youth like Maine.
The sport button turns the RLX into the automotive it ought to have been: slightly firmer, slightly slicker, and fewer lethargic  and with additional usable town acceleration. I say “slightly” as a result of it takes very little off from comfort: the suspension is simply as comfortable, the engine even as quiet. The electronic steering gains slightly additional feel, and it still has additional feel than Hyundai's equally firming systems. Also, the gear indicator glows red in sport mode. So, there is that.
The interior is gorgeous, big, lightweight and ethereal, helped by the cream-colored animal skin that drapes everything beneath the black and spongy dashboard cowl. If full animal skin is that the true word form of recent luxury, then Acura's luxury trappings have improved with zest. The split-screen system is analogous to Honda's, with the smaller lower screen slightly variant. It's responsive and fairly high-resolution. And surprise! Its perception feedback buzzes and vibrates under-finger, very like Cadillac's CUE, with the noticeable distinction of not being a slow, defective, vexing pile of electronic detritus.
But what a beautiful audio system the Krell is: fantastically nuanced, with true surround-sound effects. Crank up Florence + the Machine and it turns into a near-religious expertise.
The real boon is that the spectacular turning radius: simply 3 and a [*fr1] lanes is all it takes to complete a pissed off reverse just like the ones my father performed in anger throughout my childhood, a proud gift that has carried forth to the present generation.
There are gripes regarding the styling. it's like such a big amount of feet of automotive, purchased joined would reams of cloth from Jo-Ann materials. Sure. however when Acura's fateful “beak” upon that it hoisted its own styling explosive device, it stands to reason that the company's designers would possibly play it safe for a moment. All the great stuff is there, they are saying; it's simply that the bulk cannot see it. Like those wonderful hideaway bungalows dotting the Malibu cliffs, all of the posh is hidden from read.
Within a span of twenty years, BMW came from a provider of in good order designed compact and midsized sedans to setting the guide for what the complete luxury-car trade is regarding. each automotive must be sporty; each automotive must lap the Nürburgring and be capable of driving 10/10ths down Sunset Blvd and have a base audio system ensconced at intervals a jet-black interior with plastic trim as a result of that signifies “sportiness.” Acura is as guilty of this as everyone else. except for once, it's commercialism a luxury automotive that does not got to double as Associate in Nursing H Production machine on the weekends as a result of a leaflet employee thought it might be exciting enough. that is rare for a Japanese company that has invariably tried -- like Infiniti, and currently Lexus with its F-Sport line -- to over-inject sportiness into each side of its lineup.

Don't decision it a sports sedan. Frankie says RLX.

2014 NOtes Acura Review - Acura RLX back view

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