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2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD

2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD front side view right2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD back logo view2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD front side view
2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD, 2014 Acura metallic element SH-AWD (one of 2 models the approaching TLX is meant to switch, the opposite being the TSX), did not precisely get the center pumping. Off the bat, I knew i used to be attending to be confronted with a untidy, button-laded center console and a reasonably solid chassis/powertrain draped in so-so sheetmetal.

2014 Acura metallic element SH-AWD with Technology Package

Base Price: $44,295

As-Tested Price: $44,295

Drivetrain: three.7-liter V6; AWD, six-speed manual

Output: 305 horsepower @ vi,000 rpm, 273 lb-ft @ five,000 rpm

Curb Weight: three,889 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 17/25/20 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: eighteen.0 mpg

Options: None

Still, i am continuously happy to be established wrong by a automotive, and although the metallic element will still sport that unfortunate parts-bin-sourced motion-picture show cluster, it is easy enough to seem past the middle console once you allow the route.

The metallic element wasn't simply additional fun to drive than i used to be expecting -- Associate in Nursing avowedly low-ish bar -- it had been genuinely fun.

You'll want to faucet the sensitive throttle simply because the V6 appears thus happy to be revved. The engine note is pleasantly mechanical, and it's simply loud enough to listen to within the otherwise quiet cabin. i prefer that; it is a nice, refined reminder of however Honda have to be compelled to be wherever it's these days. The precise shifter caught Pine Tree State off guard during a great way, and i am happy that Acura sees fit  provide the six-speed manual in its higher-level, AWD-equipped trims. Mazda, take note.

Like its engine, the automotive appears to relish being pushed; the AWD system eliminates any force steer that the 273 lb-ft might have created. It's flat and solid through corners and assured within the snow.

2014  Acura TL SH-AWD, All in all, this can be the foremost pleasant, most attention-grabbing and most participating Acura I will recall being in recently. it isn't precisely a stunner, however its angles stand out from beak to quadrilateral exhaust tips. It's got a good engine and a amazingly crisp transmission. and therefore the worth is not even that ridiculous after you take into account that a comparable Buick majestic GS AWD is within the ballpark.

But -- and you knew there was attending to be a “but” -- this can be most likely the sort of automotive Acura has to be presenting as its baseline if it desires to maneuver forward. it is a pretty tight example of the future-techno-luxury (or entry-level luxury, or whatever) that Acura might be conveyance to the market, from its smaller cars on up through its huge crossovers. and therefore the same Buick is not the solely issue inside this worth rage: thus is that the Audi A4 quattro and therefore the slightly smaller 4Matic-equipped Mercedes-Benz C-class.

I know, I know. i do not ought to style, engineer, build or sell cars, thus it is easy enough on behalf of me to speak. however it is also straightforward enough for patrons to drive right past the Acura ton in search of one thing else, that appears to be the case of late.

This V6 delivers fantastic acceleration in nearly each gear, and pushes laborious, even once shifting early. The exhaust note sounds alittle gold, reminding Pine Tree State of the Jewish calendar month V6s. All-wheel drive unbroken Pine Tree State cruising over all kinds of piece of land, from snow to ice to soiled salt. It even squawked many tires after I popped the clutch when fastness for a distracted driver.

The shape is pretty boring, and like mackintosh aforementioned, this can be one amongst the few Acuras that looked higher in previous years.

The multitude of buttons is reasonably a pain, however you are doing get wont to them over the course of many days. I even modified the settings within the radio thus I might skip through all channels, and not simply favorites. The navigation system was nice after I got stuck in traffic on my method home, and began taking random turns simply to urge some speed going. The system additionally quickly connected to my Apple iPhone and contend all my stuff.

The metallic element comes in right at BMW 3-series cash, that may be a powerful sell for those who care regarding brands. Would a client select Associate in Nursing Acura over the Roundel, all different things being equal? I doubt it.

this generation metallic element with SH-AWD wasn't a given and is simply here as a result of engineers at Honda R&D America fought for it. They got the set up approved and developed it, that is that the 1st time a manual case was utilized in conjunction with SH-AWD. to create it work, that they had to develop stronger engine and transmission cradles and half-shafts. What ar the probabilities of a manual obtaining approved again? most likely slim, however you ne'er apprehend. we are able to continuously hope.

This TL's bland overall look has been well documented on top of, however I do like this softer lines compared to the wild and crazy creases everywhere the place that this automotive had once it 1st debuted. I still notice the cabin supremely comfy, with wonderful seats that ar comfortable and collateral. Materials throughout ar of excellent quality with nice finishes, and therefore the button-heavy center stack are some things I've ne'er had a tangle with. It's logically set out and does not take a lot of time to urge wont to. i do know Acura is moving towards additional touchscreen-dependent interiors just like the one found within the MDX, and to be honest I like laborious buttons over sound on a screen which will inevitably smudge up.

But this metallic element remains a solid vehicle even in its maturity. no one builds a sander V6 than Honda/Acura and no-one will additional fluid manual gearboxes. The engine sounds nice at wide-open-throttle and effortlessly revs up high with peak power being created up there. Even down low, there's enough grunt within the V6 to create it a versatile engine. whereas the manual shifter within the TSX is tiptop operational, the metallic element may be a shut second, with crisp shifts and a light-weight clutch that is a snap to work.

2014 New Technology Review Acura TL SH-AWD back eagle view
It's a dynamic-feeling chassis that is alert to steering inputs with well-weighted steering feel. It's well-damped to stay the body nicely tied down with least body roll. Ride quality is firm however comfy, with the bulk of tiny and medium ruts smoothened out.

And for $44K, there is smart worth here, with the Technology trim level packing in navigation with time period traffic and weather data, a rocking ELS audio system, push-button starter, and Bluetooth. the sole issue missing that i'd really need is that the blind spot watching system that is enclosed within the Advance versions, however that is not obtainable with the manual. i'd lief live while not the blind-spot monitor for the stick.

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