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2014 New Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan Edition

2014 New Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan Edition back view2014 New Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan Edition side view2014 New Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan Edition front view
 2014 New Lamborghini LP 610-4 Huracan Edition, The Huracán is made at the Automobili Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese on a wholly newly-equipped assembly line. Delivery to the primary customers is planned for spring 2014.

The new Huracán revolutionizes style|the planning|the look} language of the Gallardo associated is pure in its lines: precise technology and high level accomplishment meet an audacious design with sharp edges, monolithic and sculptured volumes and precise surfaces. The start line is that the silhouette of the Huracán, born out of the will of making associate automobile, whose profile is outlined by just one line that merges the front with the cockpit and therefore the rear of the automotive. The lateral windows close kind} a polygonal shape form inserted sort of a glass jewel within the car’s profile.

The new 5.2 cubic decimeter V10 engine delivers a most power of 448 kW / 610 H.P. at eight,250 revolutions per minute and a most force of 560 Nm at half dozen.500 rpm. within the new “Iniezione Diretta Stratificata” (IDS), direct and indirect gas injections square measure neatly combined. This leads to additional power and force with lower fuel consumption and emissions compared with the Gallardo V10 engine. the highest speed of over three25 km/h and therefore the acceleration from zero to a hundred km/h in 3.2 seconds and to a pair of00 km/h in nine.9 seconds solely partly describe the dynamic expertise at the wheel of the Huracán. additionally due to the Stop & begin technology, the combined EU consumption figure has been additional reduced to twelve.5 liters per a hundred kilometer (290 g/km carbonic acid gas emissions). The engine complies with EU6 emissions regulation.

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