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2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer

2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer side view2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer interior looking2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer front view
2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer, The 2014 Civic Tourer shares abundant of an equivalent desoxyribonucleic acid because the Civic 5-door model; with a classy, mechanics body that makes a clean, dynamic and stylish look. It conjointly inherits an equivalent colorful and distinctive face because the updated 2014 Civic 5-door, with a brand new front bumper garnish in black. equally it retains the sleek cabin style and also the integrated rear door handle found on the Civic 5-door, likewise because the darker wheel arch garnish and new seventeen in. metallic element wheels finished in silver and black.

Under the bonnet of the Civic Tourer customers can realize either the new one.6-litre i-DTEC diesel or the one.8-litre i-VTEC gasoline engine. The new 1.6 i-DTEC ICE is that the 1st from Honda’s next generation Earth Dreams Technology series to be introduced in Europe. The philosophy behind Earth Dreams Technology is to deliver a powerful balance between fuel economy and driving performance, and this can be definitely the case within the Civic Tourer. Lightest in school it delivers three hundred Nm of force and emissions from simply 99g/kmHonda’s new one.6 cubic decimeter i-DTEC is comprised of associate degree Al plate joined to associate degree open deck Al block, advisement 47kg but the two.2 cubic decimeter i-DTEC engine. All individual elements are redesigned to minimise their weight and size and advanced production techniques have helped scale back weight even more. The thickness of the cylinder walls are reduced to 8mm, down from 9mm on the two.2 cubic decimeter i-DTEC. this can be associate degree exceptional action for a ICE. additionally, lighter pistons and association rods are utilized. The 1.6 i-DTEC engine is additionally offered on the most recent CR-V and Civic 5-door models.
The Civic Tourer also will be offered with Honda’s one.8 i-VTEC engine in manual or transmission system, with CO? emissions ranging from simply 148g per kilometer. The 1.8 cubic decimeter i-VTEC showcases Honda’s VTEC technology and engine management systems. The engine is meant to perform as a part of a top quality, easy-to-handle powertrain. beginning is fast and straightforward, gear shifts square measure seamless and accelerator management is easy and foreseeable. Acceleration and swiftness square measure perpetually swish and comfy whether or not within the town or the suburbs. an equivalent is true of acceleration and high-speed cruising on motorways.
2014 New Generation Honda Civic Tourer back view

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