2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance


2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance front view2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance interior
2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance front view

2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power performance, The wraps area unit finally off the LaFerrari. The Prancing Horse's eagerly-anticipated limited-series special, of that simply 499 are going to be designed, created its world debut at the 2013 Geneva International Motor Show.
"We selected to decision this model LaFerrari," declared Ferrari's President, Luca di Montezemolo, "because it's the most expression of what defines our company - excellence. Excellence in terms of technological innovation, performance, visionary styling and therefore the sheer thrill of driving. geared toward our collectors, this can be a really extraordinary automobile that encompasses advanced solutions that, within the future, can realize their manner onto the remainder of the vary, and it represents the benchmark for the whole automotive business. LaFerrari is that the finest expression of our company's distinctive, unique engineering and style ability, as well as that noninheritable  in Formula one."
For Ferrari the event of a limited-series special just like the LaFerrari represents a chance to experiment with all the technological solutions that may later filter down onto the assembly cars. Of specific significance during this context is that the introduction of the hybrid system that, creating full use of the Scuderia Ferrari's F1 KERS ability, has resulted in a very answer that exalts Ferrari's elementary values - performance and driving thrills. The hybrid technology used, referred to as HY-KERS, represents the proper combination of most performance and lower emissions. LaFerrari actually emits simply 330 g/km of greenhouse emission however while not resorting to electric-only drive which might not work the mission of this model. The HY-KERS system is, however, designed so in future applications a automobile is driven mistreatment solely power for many kilometres and, throughout development testing, a full-electric version of LaFerrari achieved simply 220 g/km of C02 emissions on the combined cycle.
The LaFerrari is provided with dynamic controls that area unit integrated for the primary time ever on a Ferrari road automobile with active aeromechanics and therefore the HY-KERS system. because of Ferrari's proprietary logic that govern all the systems, the automobile are able to do absolute levels of performance, mechanics potency and handling with none variety of compromise in any space. a really advanced ANd hardline approach was additionally smitten the inside style that options an HMI impressed by F1 single-seaters.
The LaFerrari's design expose the primary challenge for the Prancing Horse team at the design stage of the look. The aim was to attain ideal weight distribution (59% at the rear) and a compact distance despite the additional bulk of the hybrid system. The result's that each one of the plenty area unit located between the car's 2 axles and as shut as potential to the ground to lower its centre of gravity (by thirty five millimetres) and thereby guarantee dynamic handling and compact dimensions.
The layout of the cabin created a big contribution during this regard. The seat is fastened and tailored to the motive force whereas each the pedal box and wheel area unit adjustable. The driving position is analogous to it of a single-seater and was designed once consultation with the Scuderia Ferrari drivers, Fernando dancer and Felipe Massa, UN agency vie an energetic role throughout the whole development method.
The LaFerrari's chassis options no but four differing kinds of carbon-fibre, all hand-laminated and autoclave-cured within the athletics department mistreatment identical style and production strategies because the Formula one automobile. This helped optimise the design: numerous functions were integrated (e.g. seats and battery compartment) into the chassis to enhance torsional rigidity (+27%) and beam stiffness (+22%) while cutting weight.
The LaFerrari is that the initial automobile in Ferrari history to be steam-powered by the HY-KERS system. The ICE represents the head of engine development and analysis, with a 6262 cc V12 that punches out 800 CV and revs to a most of nine,250 rpm, a record for AN engine of this displacement. It additionally options a really high thirteen.5:1 compression magnitude relation and a high specific output adequate to 128 CV per metric capacity unit. The engine is let alone a a hundred and twenty kW (163 CV) motor, giving it a combined power output of 963 CV.
The high torsion levels on the market at low revs from the electrical motor allowed the engineers to optimise the interior combustion engine's performance at higher revs, so providing a continuing provide of outstanding power throughout the rev vary. Total torsion generated is in far more than 900 Nm. The hybrid system consists of 2 electrical motors developed unitedly with Magneti Marelli - one powering the driven wheels and therefore the second the ancillaries - and electric battery pack connected to the ground of the chassis consisting of cells that area unit assembled within the Scuderia Ferrari department wherever the KERS for the F138 is additionally created. The Scuderia's experience allowed sizable savings in weight and size of the individual parts and therefore the batteries weigh simply sixty weight unit whereas providing the best energy density potential for this sort of application.
The batteries area unit charged in several ways: beneath braking (even laborious braking with the ABS active) and each time the V12 produces additional torsion than needed, like in cornering. within the latter instance, instead of the being sent to the wheels, the surplus torsion is born-again to energy and keep within the batteries.
The electric motor is let alone the F1 dual-clutch casing to the advantage of best weight distribution, however additionally to boosting energy potency as torsion is instantly on the market to the wheels and, vice versa, from the wheels to the electrical motor in recharging.
Active aeromechanics play an important role, as they permit an entire adjustability of the car's configuration to achieve LaFerrari's exceptional performance.
The engineers' aim was to deliver the best degree of mechanics potency ever achieved with any road automobile, with a constant of nearly three, because of technical solutions honed with CFD analysis and fine-tuned within the F1 construction.
To boost potency, the LaFerrari sports active mechanics devices front (diffusers and guide vane on the underbody) and rear (diffusers and rear spoiler) that generate downforce once required while not compromising the car's overall coefficient. These devices deploy mechanically on the premise of variety of various performance parameters that area unit monitored in real time by the car's dynamic vehicle controls, so guaranteeing the best configuration on the premise of the driving conditions.
2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance back view
Control systems
One more innovative side of the LaFerrari is that the integration of its active aeromechanics and hybrid system with the opposite dynamic management systems aboard. this implies the automobile responds showing intelligence to driver inputs, creating for a seamless mix of unexampled performance and unique driving emotions.
Proprietary Ferrari algorithms deliver best integration of the electrical motor and V12 for instant response. In cornering, as an example, the HY-KERS keeps the V12's revs high to ensure higher acceleration on exit.
The LaFerrari's Brembo braking system is additionally integrated with the hybrid system, and incorporates many new options, as well as new light-weight callipers designed to ensure correct cooling and carbon-ceramic material (CCM) discs that includes a replacement composition.
The car's extreme performance potential demanded a distinct tyre set-up, with 265/30 R nineteen Pirelli P-Zeros on the front and 345/30 R 20s on the rear.
All in all the automobile guarantees most driving thrills in each scenario and performance levels area unit prime level: 0-100 km/h in but three seconds and 0-200 km/h in beneath seven seconds, a lap time at Fiorano of beneath 1'20" - five seconds quicker than the Enzo and over three seconds quicker than the F12berlinetta. LaFerrari is so the quickest road automobile in Maranello's long history.
Styling The Ferrari style team junction rectifier by Flavio writer developed the LaFerrari's styling operating in shut synergism with the engineers to stress the exacting link between type and performance. The result's AN extreme, innovative style that retains shut links to the marque's tradition. this can be most evident in its aspect profile: the automobile includes a sharp, descending nose and a really low bonnet that emphasises its muscular wheelarches, a transparent nod to the gloriously exuberant varieties of late-1960s Ferrari sports prototypes.
2014 The New Ferrari LaFerrari Power Performance back view
The LaFerrari's body has been given a sculptural treatment heavily influenced by its clearly F1-inspired aeromechanics and a tail section that exudes hardline sportiness.
Inside there is a newly-designed wheel sporting all the foremost commands, and therefore the gear-shift paddles area unit currently longer and additional technology. The signature bridge on that the F1 casing functions area unit clustered has taken on a sleek, suspended wing-like form. the entire interior, in fact, includes a ferociously track-inspired, pared-back attract.

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