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2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition

2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition back show view2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition side view2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition front view

2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition, The Ferrari 458 Speciale joins the Ferrari vary aboard the 458 European country and 458 Spider and, like all special-series Ferraris, is geared toward a selected quite owner, during this case those craving for a good a lot of targeted sports automobile that provides extreme driving emotions.

Whether on the road or on the track, drivers can feel at once at one with the 458 Speciale because of the speed with that it responds to each input and also the consequently natural management that it offers, even in extreme manoeuvres. This finely-tuned handling balance permits the automobile to achieve the very best performance levels of any Ferrari V8.
Ferrari's core engineering philosophy centres around pushing the envelope with every new model while maintaining the innate chassis balance and handling that ensures that even non-professional drivers will extract most performance and driving pleasure. With the new Ferrari 458 Speciale all shoppers are able to drive on the limit on the track still as expertise the joyousness of genuinely colorful driving even at lower speeds on hard to please roads.
The new berlinetta is, in fact, the results of the seek for extreme technology, driving thrills and performance, with the appliance of advanced technical solutions for the powertrain, aeromechanics and vehicle dynamics. Those achievements set it excluding the 458 European country from that it's derived, to AN extent new within the previous Challenge Stradale and 430 Scuderia special series.
The 458 Speciale's performance is outstanding across the board, because of factors like a rare weight-power magnitude relation of two.13 kg/cv, 0-100 km/h longitudinal acceleration in three seconds, lateral acceleration of one.33 g and a Fiorano lap time of 1'23"5. The Ferrari 458 Speciale is a very diverting automobile to drive even in less extreme things, too: its uncomparable legerity, in fact, is mirrored in an exceedingly latent period to commands of simply zero.060 seconds.
The 458 Speciale's mid-rear-mounted 4497 cc GDI engine is that the most powerful naturally aspirated Ferrari 8-cylinder ever developed, punching out 605 cv at 9000 revolutions per minute and most force of 540 Nm at 6000 revolutions per minute, whereas its record one hundred thirty five cv/l specific power output is additionally the very best ever achieved by a naturally-aspirated road-going engine.
F1 technology transfer to the Ferrari 458 Speciale was of basic importance to its development, together with the assembly processes. The engine is made within the factory's in-house factory exploitation constant machinery and processes as used by the F1 team for complicated elements with the intense structural and dimensional characteristics required for a naturally-aspirated engine capable of hit 9000 revolutions per minute.
To achieve these results, Maranello's engineers have maximised the 458's V8 potential, polishing off elaborated refinements to any or all the elements to optimise combustion, volumetrical and mechanical potency.
Maximum combustion potency is bonded by a extremely evolved knock system that senses the ionisation across the plug gap thereby optimising combustion across the whole rev vary.
The other main challenge except for boosting power was to boost force across the whole power curve. This concerned increasing the compression magnitude relation to AN exceptional 14:1, the very best worth ever achieved by a naturally-aspirated V8, that was achieved by modifying piston geometries.
The fluid-dynamics of the combustion chamber were revised to optimise each the intake and exhaust phases. The intakes feature new pure mathematics, each with relevance the manifolds and also the cylinder heads, with shorter water ducts (-10 mm) within the former instance, and within the latter the next valve elevate (+5%). a replacement cam profile not solely will increase valve elevate however conjointly helps scale back average pressure throughout the pumping cycle.
The 458 Speciale's increased  power and force are the results of redesigning numerous engine elements and reducing internal friction. The pistons area unit made up of a replacement material that reduces overall mass. New materials were conjointly used for the con-rod bushings whereas heat energy treatment (DLC: Diamond-Like Carbon) on the piston pins makes for larger fatigue and wear resistance. The rotating shaft was conjointly redesigned to optimise and improve lubrication of the most bearings altogether conditions of use.
Around eight kilo was conjointly slashed off the engine's overall weight by the plan of the intake (carbon-fibre plenums and air cleaner box still as shortened water ducts) and exhaust (in aluminium) systems. yet again Ferrari Drew heavily on its intensive F1 expertise, significantly with relevance the intake system, that currently contains a new carbon-fibre plenum and filter box, new materials for the pistons and con-rod bearings.
One of the automobile's main characteristics is new Ferrari-patented mobile mechanics solutions at the front and also the rear of the car that make sure that completely different mechanics configurations is adopted in cornering, wherever most downforce is important, and on straights wherever, instead, drag should be reduced to a minimum.
The 458 Speciale has a wonderful downforce (Cl) worth of zero.53. because of the aforesaid active aeromechanics, the latter doesn't punish the Cd that is simply zero.35.
Of specific note area unit the innovative solutions adopted at the front of the automobile, with 2 vertical flaps within the centre and also the horizontal flap below them. At comparatively low speeds, the vertical flaps area unit closed, channelling air into the radiators to ensure the mandatory cooling for the engine. However, at speeds in more than one hundred seventy km/h, the flaps open, reducing the quantity of air flowing into the radiators, thereby cutting drag. At speeds of over 220km/h the horizontal flap lowers to balance downforce between the front and rear axles, resulting in a twenty per cent shift in overall downforce towards the rear.
The turning vanes at either facet of the front bumper slow the air flow that will increase downforce, thereby shifting the mechanics balance four per cent over the front. because of their form, the mechanics fins prior the rear wheels increase downforce a great deal within the same manner because the front turning vanes.
The rear spoiler contains a larger area and a lot of pronounced form that has improved the potency of the abdomen, increasing downforce. Moving the position of the tailpipes conjointly allowed a replacement diffuser to be designed that optimises the extraction capability of the abdomen. The rear flaps have 2 completely different configurations: raised for prime downforce and lowered  to minimise drag. subtle sensors and a selected algorithmic program permit the flaps to be lowered  by the maximum amount as a 17° angle, thereby stall the diffuser and reducing Cd by three points.
The Ferrari 458 Speciale's dynamic behaviour guarantees most driving emotions altogether things, permitting drivers to match ANd improve their own limits with ease and delivering an intense driving expertise even at lower speeds.
Nimble and responsive, the automobile is at its best over very crooked routes with hard to please switchbacks and camber changes. New technical options haven't solely improved the 458 Speciale's lap time over single laps, however conjointly the repeatability of that performance on succeeding laps without having to be knowledgeable driver, giving new levels of driving pleasure.

Side Slip Angle management (SSC)
The Ferrari 458 Speciale sees the introduction of facet Slip Angle management (SSC) for a lot of easy automobile management on the limit, thereby greatly enhancing driver enjoyment.
Thanks to subtle new software package, that computes lateral acceleration, yaw angle, wheel angle and speed, SSC carries out instant analysis of the car's facet slip angle, comparison it with reference information, thereby permitting sleek, governable oversteer, and optimising each force management (via F1-Trac traction control) and differential force distribution between the 2 driven wheels (via the E-Diff electronic differential) for optimum vehicle response times.
With the Manettino set at RACE or CT OFF, the 458 Speciale can then create the foremost of accessible grip for improved acceleration out of corners, larger ease and management on the limit, and a lot of consistent performance.
Also out there for the asking is a complicated measuring system that records information from track sessions which might then be accessed directly through the multimedia system menu or via AN external device like AN iPad or laptop computer. The system uses a series of high-precision GPS antennae put in within the automobile to pinpoint its position on a pre-loaded circuit or a recordable route. At the tip of the session, the Virtual Track Engineer helps drivers analyse their performance, light the most crucial errors (e.g. braking too early or too late).
Braking system
To address the strain of the car's increased  performance, all of the elements within the Brembo braking system are evolved from the solutions introduced on the LaFerrari. The 458 Speciale sports Extreme style calipers, new generation HT2 discs with the next proportion of atomic number 14, and smaller front pads made up of HY hybrid material for improved cooling that is additionally boosted by special channels within the bodywork and is crucial in extreme driving things. The result's shorter stopping distances (100 - zero km/h in thirty one m) with none compromises in weight, and a lot of consistent performance below severe use.
2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition side show view
Tyres and wheels
Part ANd parcel of the Speciale's development enclosed Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tyres that were specifically honed for it in an intensive collaboration programme involving extended track tests and machine sessions.
Specially created for the Ferrari 458 Speciale, they feature a compound obtained exploitation specific additives to spice up performance over one lap within the dry still as rising performance consistency over multiple laps. They conjointly deliver half dozen per cent a lot of grip, that conjointly interprets into higher grip even within the wet.
The forged 20" wheels feature a replacement style, leading to a weight reduction of over twelve kilo.
Thanks to being terribly flat through corners, the 458 Speciale is very economical and satisfying in quicker, sharper, more difficult changes of direction. this can be due partially to its Frequency-Shaped SCM-E (Frs SCM-E) dampers that have twin solenoids, new electronic equipment and new software package that modifies the flux each unit of time. The result's a far quicker response and a lot of precise body management.
These technical options guarantee exceptionally quick response to inputs from the road or the steering (0.060 s) and mean the automobile will deliver one.33 g of lateral acceleration, a mixture that ensures a genuinely extraordinary expertise behind the wheel. The car, in fact, responds instantly and is straightforward to drive on the limit altogether styles of things.
Like the remainder of the automobile, the Ferrari 458 Speciale's sound recording is each attractive and uncompromising , because of new intensity within the cabin still as outside. The position of the tailpipes lends the V8 the robust low frequency sound recording typical of Ferrari's sportiest engines whereas the configuration of the silencers is meant to ensure most intensity and exceptional clarity. The huge power and robust nature of the sound within the cabin were achieved by redesigning the water tract.
Gear-shift strategy
The F1 dual-clutch transmission currently options a replacement management logic that delivers a good keener sense of urgency throughout gear shifts. The automobile feels abundant sportier because it shifts up through the gears, with latent period to commands a lot of prompt than ever, thereby guaranteeing forty per cent quicker longitudinal acceleration with engine revs adapting twenty per cent faster. Conversely with the Fast-Down Shift strategy, once down-shifting, the transient time needed for engine revs to match the gear magnitude relation is forty four per cent quicker.
Aerodynamic needs guided  the work of the Ferrari Styling Centre that collaborated on the project with Pininfarina to sculpt forms that area unit a lot of performance-oriented than ever, equalisation mechanics needs whereas staying faithful Ferrari's aesthetic philosophy.
Most of the bodywork panels are redesigned while not modifying either the traveller cell or the signature style options of the 458 European country. The thickness of the glass used has been reduced to chop weight, whereas the rear screen is currently a Lexan© panel.
The composite bumpers are redesigned and also the front bonnet currently options 2 deep air shops to channel away the air exiting the radiator.
The air shops to the facet of the light source assemblies currently conjointly embrace 3 louvers harking back to Ferraris of the past, from the 250 GTO to the F40. The rear options a Kamm tail with a full-width grille and twin exhausts.
The cockpit options a clearly racing-inspired atmosphere, with simplicity the order of the day. light-weight exclusive technical materials, like Alcantara and carbon-fibre, area unit used extensively however meld seamlessly with the very good craft and class typical of all Ferrari interiors, courtesy of exclusive details, different hand-stitching, atomic number 13 triangular-pattern tread plates and sills with a metal gray end, and significantly fluidly graven door panels.
The compartment on the dash has been replaced with convenient odds and ends pockets on the tunnel and doors. This has considerably efficient the volumes below the dash adding sensible artefact at knee level.
Onboard engineering area unit fully useful with all controls clustered round the driver and on the wheel. this idea has been more increased by the employment of the enduring bridge, a carbon-fibre wing that extends over the central tunnel section, putt the F1 shell controls at a perfect angle to the motive force. there's conjointly a cushty leg rest cushion on the driver's facet of the tunnel.
2014 New Ferrari 458 Speciale Edition back view
The Sabelt seats have carbon-fibre shells ANd boast glorious facet bolstering because of an engineering style that conjointly helps contain weight. The shoulder-rests area unit cut in Alcantara for improved grip whereas seated  and also the backrests area unit cushioned with a breathable 3D cloth to ensure glorious air circulation and luxury.
The Ferrari 458 Speciale is being undraped in AN uncommon red livery that includes a blue and white central stripe galvanized by the historic NART (North America sport Team) livery that is out there for the asking. defined by 5 exceptionally slender spokes, its recently designed cast wheels area unit out there in gold, dark gray and black.

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