2014 New buick review – Buick LaCrosse

2014 New buick review - Buick LaCrosse front view
2014 New buick review - Buick LaCrosse, "This is perhaps the nicest automotive you have ever driven," secure Jeff Yanssens, Buick's chief engineer, throughout the introduction of the automotive he worked on: the 2014 Buick field game. "I feel comfy spoken communication that."

Whoa, Yanssens -- we have a tendency to here at Autoweek have driven some pretty terrific cars in our illustrious history, simply sayin'. however Yanssens is basing this on the LaCrosse's utter serenity and luxury -- and judgment by that benefit, the field game becomes a automotive with priorities that square measure set in stone.
For 2014 everything behind the firewall is innovative, claims GM. (Even the hood-mounted portholes, that currently correspond teardrops or falling leaves -- however poetic.) This refresh's theme is tech: adaptational controller makes its debut on the field game, and also the vibratory seat alert system from the Cadillac ATS worms its method in additionally. In the $2,125 "Driver Confidence I" package, forward collision alert, aspect blind zone warning, lane modification alert, lane departure warning, and rear cross traffic alert make sure that the automotive can beep and honk noisily at you in spite of from what direction obstacles come back at you.
Lastly, the inside is restyled, and rather handsomely: the button abundance has been eschewed for clean bit panels for the dual-zone climate management. Rear headroom is great, the seats softer and higher contoured than before. and the way will associate immoderate Luxury package sound with Tamo Ash wood -- real wood, in fact; what a completely unique plan -- and redness Semi-Aniline animal skin seats in "sangria"?
The engines square measure the least-new a part of this new field game. Carryover units from last year, one will choose his field game with a two.4-liter inline-four with eAssist delicate electrification. It's currently customary on four-cylinder models. Or, one will procure the three.6-liter V6 engine, with a stout 304 power unit and direct injection. each get 6-speed manual transmissions and also the choice of FWD or AWD.
Yanssens boasted of the 2014 LaCrosse: "This rides higher than any Cadillac i do know." Yes, even the XTS. He would recognize. He conjointly worked on the XTS. Which, of course, shares the letter II platform with the field game and antelope, however not the onanism-referencing Canadian slang in its plate. If you are curious, Buick has long ago stopped caring that.
2014 New buick review - Buick LaCrosse interior dashboard
We drove each front-drive and all-wheel-equipped LaCrosses, each with the three.6-liter V6 -- a check of the 4-cylinder model are returning shortly. the primary automotive was equipped with HiPerStrut, the trick new front suspension setup from Europe that guarantees to alleviate force steer and add crisper steering.
Turns out, it solely do you of these. The steering in our front-drive model was dead on arrival: flimsy, slow turn-in, no semblance of associate actual reference to the front wheels. Acceleration from 304 HP was lusty, with no cramp up the steering column -- however the 6-speed automatic drive was discomposed even in traffic, and particularly on the craggy roads north of Malibu, venturing into Thousand Oaks. The sloppy transmission programming threatens to undermine the smoothness that Buick needs to realize with the field game. This engine likes to hold onto its revs once the throttle is raised, reluctant to downshift and slow to react. The AWD system was a stronger handler around twistier roads, and its steering was tighter -- however it absolutely was conjointly sharply heavier, presumptively to impart a semblance of showy weight. The Buick conjointly rode well in each front and back seats.
New for 2014, the adaptational controller works well however continues to be confused by cars within the parallel lane. it'll lower and increase speeds till below twenty five mph, whereat it elicit additional warnings and Klaxons than the 173rd mobile scrambling for a crack shot attack.
It is quiet, though. At seventy mph the loudest noise in comes from the ticking of my extravagant manual-wind wrist watch and maybe the uncomfortable grunts of the Buick public-relations officer within the back seat. Like Mazda's SkyActiv, Buick's QuietTune -- that imparts double-pane windows and extra firewall insulation -- is not most associate recognisable choice on a window sticker because it may be a company-wide philosophy…which makes it more durable to integrate into shopper minds on the far side a shibboleth. however it works.
2014 New buick review - Buick LaCrosse back view
Problem is, there is a heap additional to a automotive than supreme quietness. which downside resides showing neatness within the Toyota business across town: the Avalon offers up a couple of points on quietness however adds far better steering, additional capable brakes, and a semblance of acceleration like a shot discernible by human senses. A Toyota Avalon, being given the sporting nod? it is a brave new world we have a tendency to board.
Buick has bragged concerning its recent sales successes: however its median age has lowered  by seven years from sixty four to fifty seven, however sales in stylish coastal regions have raised the maximum amount as forty two %, and the way most of those sales square measure conquests from different firms -- as well as, we'd wager, Toyota.
And these square measure all fine and dandy. however the field game is nothing if not Buick's core product, virtually and philosophically: a quiet, milksop, smooth-riding, cautiously titled (even if that grille is larger than before, a nod to the psychological theorem that correlates refulgence with implications of wealth. Another example: Las Vegas), with core competencies that reside to date faraway from its lackluster drivetrain that it serves to pick its own customers. therein sense, it's merely Buick being Buick. If the Avalon may be a very little too rorty for your tastes, might we recommend the 2014 LaCrosse?
2014 Buick field game

On Sale: Fall

Base Price: $34,060

Drivetrain: two.4-liter I4 with eAssist or three.6-liter V6; FWD or AWD, six-speed automatic drive

Curb weight: three,765 pound (I4); three,906 pound (V6)

0-60 mph: six.4 sec (mfr)

Fuel economy (EPA City/Hwy): 25/36 (I4); 18/28 (V6 FWD), 17/26 (V6 AWD)
2014 New buick review - Buick LaCrosse side view

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