2014 Looking for Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Adventure

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2014 Looking for Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, 2014 motorcar Cherokee Trailhawk. Yeah, i do know some folks suppose the outside does not look too smart, however i am mixed thereon. lined with road grime as a correct motorcar ought to be, it's fine to American state. the inside is nice trying with terribly cozy seats and there ar plenty of storage nooks and crannies. i am certain I did not realize all.

This 2.4-liter four-cylinder is zippy with smart handling, too. The chassis is dialed-in with a well-damped body, very little or no appear corners, and wonderful brakes. The structure feels solid with no creaks or groans even over urban center potholes. during this weather, that is immense. It's manageable around city, the steering is correct and although i have never driven one on tortuous roads, i am estimate it'll handle itself astonishingly well. It drives smaller than it's, that is often smart.

2014 motorcar Cherokee Trailhawk

Base Price: $30,490

As-Tested Price: $36,820

Drivetrain: two.4-liter I4; 4 wheel drive, nine-speed automatic

Output: 184 horsepower @ six,400 rpm, 171 lb-ft @ four,600 rpm

Curb Weight: four,016 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 21/27/23 mpg

AW ascertained Fuel Economy: fifteen.9 mpg

I know the nine-speed transmission had some early code standardisation problems, however during this explicit check automotive it felt fine. There was no gear looking and it forever perceived to be within the right gear altogether things. this can be really a pleasant engine and transmission combination.
The $36K as-tested value for this four-cylinder hopped-up ute is so lots of scratch, however this tester is loaded to the handgrip. I may shave a handful grand and ditch the 25E client most popular package, however i believe i would need most of the opposite stuff. and that i cue myself we've had four-cylinder Ford Escapes identical to the present sticker, too.It's the price of doing business recently, I suppose.
Overall, though, I likable this Cherokee lots. it might be nice to possess one for a year in our long garage.
The 2014 Cherokee is that the Pontiac Nahuatl reincarnate. Yes, the front isn't elegant, and it is a bit busy, however this new motorcar does not offend my styling sensibilities. With a number of minor revisions, this may not be a bad-looking vehicle in the slightest degree.
Those minor revisions apply to the inside additionally, wherever -- just like the last Cherokee I confirmed -- some suspect animal skin trim work on the seats and wheel rim extremely press down on the perception of quality passengers ar seemingly to register. and there is an excessive amount of occurring with completely different trims within the cabin, that makes for yet one more instance of business.
The ride is sweet, the options straightforward to use. Sport mode may be a should, however, as my biggest frustration during this Cherokee is that this drivetrain and its aversion occasionally to obtaining out of its own method. offer American state the V6, please. I afflict Jake regarding this four-cylinder model's progress on highways; you would like to allow a wallop of right foot to kick in to the suitable gear to accelerate laborious. Too typically i might get only 1 gear lower, so got to stay up for a second kick in into succeeding lower gear to summon the utmost burst of speed. This was the sole factor that in any method spoiled the expertise considerably on behalf of me.

2014 Looking for Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Adventure back view
There's a smart, maybe doubtless nearly nice, little SUV product lurking in here. motorcar simply wants slightly time to steam out the wrinkles

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