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2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive

2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive side view2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive interior dashboard view2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive front view outdoor

2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive, The 2014 Infiniti Q60S is latest machine from the whole, sporting the company's new “Q” naming structure. This Q60S was once the G37 machine.
As such, the Q60S still sports Nissan's three.7-liter V6 engine creating 330 H.P. and 270 lb-ft of force. That power goes through a seven-speed automatic, and is thrown rearward during this explicit model. All-wheel drive and hopped-up IPL versions also are obtainable. IPL, for the uninitiate, is Infiniti's answer to Mercedes' AMG or Audi's S line.

The Q60S get a high-strength steel unibody ANd an metallic element hood, resulting in a curb weight of three,633 pounds. That mass is sprung with a double furcula suspension ahead, with a bar, ANd an freelance multi-link rear. we have a tendency to presently have a collection of 19-inch winter Blizzak tires on the automobile.

2014 Infiniti Q60S more power Inside, the Q60S coddles its guests with heated animal skin seats, a tasteful quantity of red wood grain and a soft-touch vanilla-colored dash. The company's 7-inch touchscreen show continues within the new model, that controls the radio, navigation and alternative in-car functions. alternative customary instrumentality includes dual-zone climate management, Bluetooth, a USB port for iPod management and a couple of alternative bits and bites.
This Q60S has some choices checked to the tune of regarding $9,000 on the far side the bottom worth. The premium package adds the moonroof, rear parking assist and every one of the memory functions. The school package comes with measuring device control, rain-sensing windscreen wipers, pre-crash seatbelts and brake assist, that primes the brakes before a tough stop. we have a tendency to additionally nominal the game package, that adds the 19-inch wheels, sport-tuned suspension, limited-slip differential, higher brakes, paddle shifters, sport seats and metallic element pedals. we have a tendency to even have the navigation package and interior accents package, each obvious.

The BMW 435i, its nearest contender, comes in a very $46,000. It offers a sportier chassis, tho' a bit less power. The C-class offers less power additionally, however additional luxury. It comes in at $43,850. each can most likely get close to the value of this Q60 with a couple of choices. there is additionally the Acura thallium. albeit it's four doors, it's an identical feeling of comfort and sport.
We think the Q60S is that the best-looking possibility, tho' its back seat feels the tiniest out of the four.
If your next jazzy automobile is supposed to be a compromise, and therefore the back seat may see some youngsters or family, we'd escort one in every of the opposite selections. however if you are looking for a luxury machine with enough house for a DINK family (double-income, no kids), the Q60S is one in every of the simplest selections out there.

2014 Infiniti Q60 machine
Base Price: $41,305
As Tested Price: $50,405
Drivetrain: three.7-liter, 330-hp, 270 lb-ft DOHC V6; RWD seven-speed automatic
Curb Weight: three,663 lbs.

Fuel Economy Combined (EPA/observed): 22/19

2014 Infiniti Q60S more power drive back view elegant car

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