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2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive

2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive  side view2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive  dashboard future2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive  front view
2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive, The Mercedes-Benz B-class electrical Drive has been a protracted time returning. Its specifications have modified many times since its unveiling eventually year's the big apple motorcar show, however Mercedes-Benz says its B-class electrical Drive is finalized and (almost) able to head into showrooms.

U.S. dealers can get the new Mercedes work unit in June. The car's construction is not as advanced as that of the carbon-fiber BMW i3, however the Benz we tend to drove has arguably higher finishing, with tauter panel work and higher-quality detailing—and this was a example. The B-class seats 5 adults, and its baggage capability could be a generous seventeen.1 solid feet.

This is the second Mercedes work unit, following the sensible Fortwo electrical Drive. the electrical B-class is constructed on identical line as hydrocarbon, diesel and natural-gas B-classes at M-B's Rastatt mill in FRG.

A Tesla-built, front-mounted motor powers the automobile, whereas Benz builds the electronic-management system. The motor produces 174 horsepower—8 hp over the i3. The 251 lb-ft of force makes driving quite bit additional fun—there's enough poke to simply spin the front wheels off from traffic lights. Mercedes claims a seven.9-second 0-62 mph time, therefore this can be the quickest B-class you'll get your hands on, even at 3,858 pounds. high speed is proscribed to a hundred mph, and vary is ninety miles.

Mercedes B-class Electric, Power delivery is linear, and also the automobile feels over energetic enough for typical town driving. Steering wheel-mounted paddles alter brake-energy convalescence in 3 modes from aggressive to delicate to coast; the latter disconnects the drivetrain for a free-wheeling result.
Tesla's 28.0-kWh lithium-ion battery provides juice to the electrical motor. it's mounted low within the floor between the front and rear seats. A step within the cabin floor accommodates the battery however barely impedes on area. Charging time is 3 hours, and {also the} automobile also features a alleged “up charge” function; it provides the battery fifteen p.c additional energy for larger vary. mistreatment it's a straightforward process: Punch the middle console-mounted button, infix the automobile and you are done. Benz acknowledges the operate is not best for long battery life and hopes customers use it meagerly.
Handling is tidy and inevitable, because of the low-mounted motor and battery. It's no sports automobile, though—added weight and stiff, run-flat tires need firmer springs and dampers, therefore the ride could be a bit harsh.
2014 first look Mercedes B-class Electric Drive  back view at grafity
Overall, the electrical B-class is easy to control. It's sensible, and it's sensible quality. initial impressions area unit positive. Benz hasn't proclaimed evaluation nonetheless, however it's expected to vie squarely with the i3, therefore figure around $42,000.

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