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2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport

2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport Front view yellow car

Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport, A CLASSROOM is loaded with numerous sorts of kids and numerous distinctive identities. There are the shrewd ones, particular characters, devious scoundrels, devilish sorts and bunch in-betweeners. 
In terms of the hatchback class of 2014, the pair here is best portrayed as wicked. They show off with their better-than-normal execution without disturbing the devious children (like the shrewd Portage Party ST or Peugeot 208 Gti). They don't fit in any preconceived box, which instills them with cans of appeal. 
Initial introductions 
Appearance-wise, not the Quick or the Sonic seem as though they're making a decent attempt. That said, both showcase clues of their donning potential. On account of the Quick Game (which is likewise a part of our long haul armada), the Champion Yellow paint occupation ups the visual bid, while a model-particular dark cross section grille, chrome-tipped double fumes outlets, an ash diffuser and a tailgate-mounted wing recognize it from a regular Quick. The last as of late got a midlife facelift, yet the Game, being different in its own particular right, remained to a great extent untouched. 
With the RS marker on its bum, the Sonic raises desires. This leader of the Sonic extent has a forceful front-end on account of a bespoke grille and vast foglamps. At the over, there's a top mounted spoiler and a huge fumes outlet. 
Inside, the Sonic has agreeable basin situates that are wrapped in cowhide and an Alcantara-aping material, and are embellished with red sewing, while the pedals peculiarity metal trims. Other than these things, notwithstanding, there isn't much else to separate it from its Sonic kin. The new Mylink infotainment framework with a touchscreen interface does add a present day feel to the inner part. Generally speaking, there's an agreeable concentrate on quality and productive ergonomics. 
The Quick's inside peculiarities games seats (which don't drop low enough and aren't all that agreeable) and red sewing on the guiding wheel and apparatus lever spread. At the point when contrasted and the Sonic RS's lodge, the Sport's inside does feel marginally dated. That said, its effortlessness makes for a more natural client experience.
2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport back view
FUN Element 
Extravagant strings get you just so far on the play area. Do these portals walk the discussion, or would they say they are all embellishment and little substance? 
Their report cards positively demonstrate comparative potential. The Quick's 1,6-liter commonly suctioned unit creates 100 kw and 160 N.m of torque. The Sonic has a 1,4-liter constrained impelling motor that bests the yields of its colleague with 103 kw and 200 N.m. Both are fitted with a six-velocity manual gearbox. 
The Quick's powertrain and transmission combo makes for a lively drive. The motor has a free-revving nature and the transmission is smooth. It's not difficult to snap shift and, with the assistance of decently weighted controlling and dug in suspension, it gives element driving and created cornering. The result is a fun little auto that offers a taste of the driving fun dished up by genuine hot trapdoors while being average to use as a regular runabout. 
The Sonic, then again, isn't also invested in the driving division. That said, its absolutely no bafflement (unless you were tricked by the RS insignia into supposing its a hot trapdoor). While it does display a touch an excessive amount of body move, it rides better than the Quick. 
The Sonic's motor additionally awed us with its solid force conveyance. Then again, the grasp is hard to adjust easily and the apparatus progressions feel messy when contrasted and those of the Quick.
In testing, the trapdoors shone in diverse divisions. We accomplished a zero-to-100 km/h sprint time of 9,23 seconds in the Quick, while the RS neglected to break the 10-second check, finishing the undertaking in 10,35 seconds (the 200 kg mass distinction has urgent influence). The RS, on the other hand, exceeded expectations when it came to overwhelming speeding up, beating the Quick in all the velocity areas. 
Halting force for both vehicles is helped by ABS and EBD, which helped the yellow auto to normal a 100-to-zero km/h time of 2,78 seconds. The blazed orange Sonic arrived at the midpoint of 2,97 seconds. 
2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport back view suzuki swift
STANDARD Peculiarities 
Very little divides their costs and both are liberally furnished with amusement, solace, comfort and security characteristics. Things, for example, air-con (atmosphere control in the Quick), journey control, multifunction controlling, ESC (with footing control and slope hold in the Sonic), Isofix safe haven focuses and airbags are standard on both vehicles. The Quick, then again, has six 'packs, while the Sonic has just four. 
The amusement frameworks in the two vary a lot. There's a basic, simple to-utilize setup as a part of the Suzuki that is equipped for playing Cds and music put away on USB sticks and helper gadgets. It additionally offers Bluetooth integration. The Chevrolet, then again, seems more upmarket with its Mylink touchscreen framework. It's a smoothly outlined framework that is easy to utilize. It plays music and features by means of USB, aux-in or Bluetooth. On the other hand, there's no Album player.
TEST Rundown 
Presently for the critical issue. We didn't expect the Quick and Sonic to be so nearly matched, expecting that the previous would agreeably take the trophy at the last prize-giving function. At the same time, when they are seen as leader vehicles in their separate extends and not essentially as lesser warm brings forth, the opposition runs close. There must be one champ toward the end-of-term report cards, however. 
The Sonic RS is a decent worker that offers great standard detail, however is a normal entertainer when its recess. Which characteristically makes you wonder why Chevrolet slapped those holy letters on its back end. 
The Quick Game discovers an all the more engaging parity. It's an extraordinary entertainer on the play area and a strong commonplace prospect notwithstanding the somewhat pitiless ride. In Auto's books, it scores an A. 
2014 Chevrolet Sonic RS and Suzuki Swift Sport Front view

Make CHEV Sonic SUZUKI Swift
Model Sonic 1.4T RS 5-dr Swift 1.6i Sport 5-dr MY14
Retail Price R225 300,00 R223 900,00
kw - 100
Torque - 160
0-100km - 8.7
Top Speed - 195
Fuel Type Petrol Petrol
Fuel Consumption - Not Available
Tyre Size Front - 195/50 R16
Tyre Size Rear - 195/50 R16
Rear Tyre Size Width - 195
Rear Tyre Size Profile - 50
Rear Tyre Rim Size - 16
Spare Tyre Size - N/A-Tyre Repair System
Tyre Pressure Monitor - No
Wheelbase - 2430

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