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2014 BMW 2 SPIED Convertible Edition

2014 BMW 2 SPIED Convertible Edition Front view
Sourch img: worldcarfans.com
2014 BMW 2 SPIED Convertible Edition, We are all acquainted with BMW's 2 Arrangement, the car variation of the 1 Arrangement extent, and it appears that in the nick of time for the last piece of the SA summer we will have the BMW 2 Arrangement Convertible. These pics were gotten via Worldcarfans and show the all-new model out in broad daylight. 
BMW 2 SPIED Convertible, As should be obvious it has the same face as the car show (and appreciatively not the 1 Arrangement) and comparable taillamps, however we aren't exactly certain what is happening under that high contrast tape. The move over loops are constantly makeshift things, no doubt on the grounds that the test donkey (or "werktestwagen" as the sticker on the back guard says) has a great part of the hardware detached. 
BMW 2 SPIED , Dissimilar to the bigger 4 Arrangement convertible, don't expect a collapsing hard-beat. In an exertion to keep added mass and many-sided quality to a base, the 2 Arrangement Convertible will have a fabric collapsing top. 
2014 BMW 2 SPIED Convertible Edition back view
BMW 2 SPIED Edition, We expect the motor line-up to reflect that of the settled top reach, excepting the diesel-nourished engine: a 220i and 235i will likely be the starting line-up with a 218i and 225i (as found in the 2 Arrangement dynamic Tourer) reinforcing the extent later

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