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2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur interior view2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur front view2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur front interior dashboard view

2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur, the 2014 Bentley Flying Spur drops its Continental nickname however remains 3 a lot of cool, quilted-leather land-missile. Consider these numbers, which might are fantasy simply a decade ago: The vi.0-liter W12 engine currently produces 616 HP and 590 lb-ft of torsion, dealt out during a 40/60 front/rear split by the all-wheel-drive system. A 110-pound weight reduction over the outgoing Flying Spur suggests that the power-to-weight magnitude relation improves by fourteen percent; each eight.9 pounds gets its own horse. Sixty miles per hour is currently achieved in four.3 seconds, on the thanks to a speed of two hundred mph. Keep it south of the century mark and a combined fifteen mpg is accessible, rising to twenty mpg on the route.

No twin-turbo V8 are going to be accessible, a minimum of initially. And with numbers like those the Flying Spur already boasts, we're undecided a V8 makes abundant sense. Fuel economy would doubtless solely improve by one or two mpg, and a rather lower cost is of negligible concern among Bentley's people.
Instead, those patrons area unit primarily curious about supreme wealth, within and out. ancient Bentley shoppers can notice themselves reception within the Flying Spur, swaddled in animal skin, wool, wood and brushed metal from performer to floor mat. contrastive piping and sewing area unit found throughout the essential automotive, whereas Mulliner Driving Specification Spurs get thick animal skin accessible in 5 extra colours (upping the entire to seventeen choices) along side 5 distinctive wood veneers. different Mulliner upgrades embody two-piece 21-inch wheels and a special knurled shift lever.
New to the Flying Spur may be a removable multifunction controller for rear-seat passengers. that includes a touch-screen, the controller communicates with the automotive via Bluetooth, permitting the backmost mogul to tweak climate management, stereo functions, sunshades and also the like while not having to seem for permanent switchgear. it's going to sound superfluous in construct, however it's remarkably convenient whereas being chauffeured concerning.
The rest of the rear seating is simply smart, a surprise considering the amount of homeowners preferring being driven to driving themselves. The seats area unit firm to the purpose of minor discomfort when concerning ninety minutes of travel; whereas some might like the extra support, we tend to expected to be absorbed, amoebalike, in plush luxury, however it did not happen.
Seeing “4.3 seconds to 60” on paper is one issue. Feeling 3 a lot of Bentley conjure that variety into reality is another expertise entirely. the maximum amount fun because it is piloting lightweight, powerful cars, the forces concerned in fast giant plenty quickly appear to ring a natural os frequency all their own.
Twin turbochargers and eight gear decisions mean there is an instant of lag on initial throttle tip-in because the W12 and its management computers verify specifically how briskly you wish to travel and the way quickly you want to attain that rate. Once you are off, though, the acceleration is massive; gear changes, even at full throttle, area unit barely perceptible, a testament to the extra standardisation Bentley engineers did on the already-excellent ZF transmission. One issue we tend to would not miss is that the offensively giant and principally useless shifter paddles extending from the steering column; not solely is that the plastic finish of place during this automotive, however the upshift/downshift perform is preposterously slow.
To Bentley's credit, the handling sometimes defies physics very much like the accelerator will. Steering is delightfully direct for such an outsized vehicle, with a firmness tuned somewhere between Audi and BMW; feedback is simply honest, however considering the amount of isolation the suspension is asked to deliver, the Flying Spur reacts to inputs sort of a automotive m pounds lighter. once the time involves rein things in, brake rotors the dimensions of Saturn's rings area unit as well as a reasonably great amount of pedal jaunt allow sleek, however serious, stopping.
Ultra-luxury cars area unit difficult business because of the assorted flavors during which luxury is bestowed. For the fancier -- the bells-and-whistles junkie -- much more instrumentality is found on a Mercedes-Benz S-class or Audi S8 for tens of thousands of bucks but a Flying Spur. Those brands, but vaunted, aren't Bentley, nor area unit those cars endowed the sort of hand acquisition found in vehicles from Crewe. It's at this time wherever price equations and have sets become mostly moot, with the first purchase thought turning into, “Is this the whole with that i need to be associated?”
The enthusiast luxury customer might notice the Bentley offers Associate in Nursing unexpectedly fun driving expertise. The owner WHO likes to be driven can doubtless prefer the house and luxury of either the long-wheelbase German flagship sedans or the a lot of upmarket Mulsanne or Rolls offerings.
As way as decisions go, it's one we'll fain face.
2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur interior back seat view
2014 Bentley Flying Spur

On Sale: Summer 2013

Base Price: $200,500

Drivetrain: vi.0-liter, 616-hp, 590 lb-ft twin-turbocharged W12; AWD, eight-speed automatic drive

Curb Weight: five,451 lb

0-60 mph: four.3 sec

Fuel Economy (EPA City/HWY/Combined): 12/20/15 

2014 Bentley Review - Bentley Flying Spur back view

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