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2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show front side view2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show interior dashboard2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show front view
2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show, The 2014 Audi R8 marks the primary substantial revision for the supercar since it had been launched in 2007. There square measure styling updates, the addition of a range-topping V10 and model and addition of a seven-speed dual-clutch serial manual transmission. There will not be a 2013 R8. Instead, Audi can stretch the twenty12 model till the 2014 goes on sale within the u.  s. on March 20, 2013.
On the surface, the retooled R8 distinguishes itself from previous cars with new bumpers and diode lighting, with the rear flip signals victimisation thirty LEDs for a sweeping impact. within the cabin, the animal skin seats will currently be had with a diamond-stitch pattern.
Sitting atop the R8 vary could be a new V10 and model that weighs roughly one hundred ten pounds but the regular V10, thanks principally to additional carbon fiber, cast metallic element wheels, carbon brakes, metallic element suspension wishbones and a standard suspension in situ of the magnetic damping system. Topping things off is an extra twenty five HP from the five.2-liter V10, for a complete of 550 HP.
European models get sport bucket seats that square measure snug and real corroborative for smaller passengers however alittle tight for larger of us. they will not return to the United States-which is disappointing-because they lack facet airbags.
Keeping with the pure performance mission of the V10 and, it's obtainable solely as a machine. Sorry, spyder fans.
The biggest news is that the arrival of the S-tronic seven-speed dual-clutch serial manual transmission that replaces the receptive single-clutch R-tronic unit. The in-house developed gear case is all-new and might skip gears, in contrast to the R-tronic that had to consecutive interact every gear for faster shifts. Driving purists are going to be happy to understand that the gated six-speed manual transmission remains obtainable on all 3 R8 models-the V8, V10 and V10 and.
Our 1st dance with the 2014 R8 was at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli in European country. The bike track is affected by tight turns however will have a handful of straights wherever we have a tendency to stretched the legs on the S-tronic-equipped V10 and. The roar of the V10 bouncing off the metal guard rails as we have a tendency to shot out of Hell lane was pure music, and also the fast and seamless gear up-shifts we have a tendency tore appreciated as we headed toward the primary corner. the quality carbon ceramic brakes simply inactive the speed before the turns with firm pedal feedback. Steering is weighty, communicative and alert to inputs.
The tight turns exposed the R8's understeering tendencies, with the front 19-inch Pirelli Pzero Corsa tires troubled to show the automobile. Our alternative tiny criticism was that the R8's rear did get alittle squirrelly beneath laborious braking.
For some real-world seat time, we have a tendency to spent 2 days sampling a range of 2014 R8 iterations, all outfitted with the dual-clutch gear case. In each automobile, with Sport mode activated the gear case clipped off unflawed and fast upshifts. Downshifts were conjointly crisp, even throughout aggressive driving. within the hierarchy of dual-clutch gearboxes we'd rate Ferrari's and probably the Nissan GT-R unit higher than the Audi's however create no mistake, the S-tronic is stellar.
Where the R-tronic was direful throughout traditional driving with its herky-jerky operation, the S-tronic is sleek and behaves virtually like full-fledged automatic gear case once in automatic mode. the matter we have a tendency to had with the S-tronic was throughout manual downshifts at slower speeds. once coasting to a stop or fastness whereas approaching traffic, we have a tendency to fully fledged variety of laborious downshifts that jolted the automobile.
Just as we have a tendency to learned with our semipermanent R8 check automobile from many years back, the R8 is that the good everyday supercar. It's snug with the magnetic suspension softened, and also the cabin is well isolated from road and wind noises once simply puttering around.
We found the traditional suspension within the V10 and lots compliant for traditional driving however the roads we have a tendency to lined were of the well-conditioned European selection. We'll ought to wait and see however it deals with broken pavement after we get time with one within the u.  s..
On roads through range, however, the R8 very came alive and was additional fun to drive than it had been on the track. perhaps it had been all the passing of weekend caravaners or the on the face of it endless gradual bends that allowed the R8 to shine its brightest with equanimity, all-wheel-drive stability for the wet parts and satisfying steering performance. once it came time to tackle the German state highway, the R8 zipped on simply and with confidence at high speeds.
Another highlight of our drive was the tunnels, wherever each the V8 and V10 might bellow their wondrous sounds.
If you do not need to mix in with the hordes of Porsche 911 house owners and set up on driving your supercar daily, then the R8 is true up your alley. Audi says 2 sets of golf clubs work behind the seats within the machine and there's respectable merchandise area within the front trunk space for utility. there's no denying that the R8 delivers numerous performance with the V10 and respectable kick with the V8.
With the arrival of the S-tronic dual-clutch transmission, it becomes really appealing to people who detest operating clutch pedals. The R-tronic was a turn-off for several as a result of its crude operation. The S-tronic goes a protracted means toward fixing past mistakes.
The R8's styling speaks to individuals if you wish attention, be it youngsters at gas stops World Health Organization purpose and smile joyously or mature men snapping a photograph or 2 on their cell phones whereas rolling down the motorway. The R8 stands out sort of a supercar ought to.
Yes, there square measure choices out there that may feel slicker from behind the wheel. however there's no alternative supercar that delivers thus powerfully on such a big amount of fronts because the Audi R8.

2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show engine view
2014 Audi R8

On Sale: March twenty, 2013

Base Price: $128,000/$163,000/$175,000 (est)

Drivetrain: four.4-liter, 430-hp, 316-lb-ft, V8/5.2-liter, 525-hp, 391-lb-ft, V10/5.2-liter, 550-hp, 398-lb-ft, V10; AWD, seven-speed dual-clutch serial manual

Curb Weight: three,494/3,626/3,516 avoirdupois unit (mfr)

0-62 MPH: four.3/3.6/3.5 sec (mfr)

Fuel Economy (EPA): 16/15/15 mpg (est)
2014 Audi Review - Audi R8 drive Show back view

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