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2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance

2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance front view2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance interior dashboard view2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance front view
2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance, The new Meriva options Opel’s new generation diesel powertrain, the 1.6 CDTI that's simply having its debut within the Zafira Tourer. This ultra-refined whisper-diesel, the quietest in its category, is at first obtainable within the power variant a hundred kW/136 H.P. and delivers 320 Newtonmeters of most torsion. It consumes simply four.4 liters per a hundred kms and emits 116 grams of greenhouse emission per kilometer, ten per cent but its ninety six kW/130 H.P., 1.7 forerunner, whereas it conjointly boasts far better acceleration and performance. within the course of the year 2014, other 1.6 diesel engines can follow, which can be even a lot of economical and have even lower greenhouse emission emissions.

In addition to the one.6 diesel, all hydrocarbon engines and therefore the LPG variant within the new Meriva already fits the longer term, strict monetary unit half dozen emissions limits. The 1.4 cubic decimeter hydrocarbon engines (88 kW/120 H.P. and 103 kW/140 hp) square measure currently conjointly offered together with a reworked low-friction six-speed transmission system. As for the 5 and six-speed manual gearboxes, these are considerably upgraded and supply a lot of precise shifting, with swish operation and borderline effort.

The new Meriva boasts the new generation industrialist one.6 CDTI medium-displacement turbo-diesel engine. Developed from scratch, this engine is simply creating its debut within the Zafira Tourer. within the Meriva, its many variants can increasingly replace the one.3 and 1.7 CDTI power units. The new 1.6 CDTI convinces with sturdy performance, nice fuel economy, and spectacular refinement. However, it doesn't simply cater to its passengers however conjointly to the surroundings. Already these days, it complies with the longer term emissions regulation monetary unit half dozen, that may inherit force in Sep 2015.

Initially, {opel|Opel|Wilhelm von industrialist|industrialist} can supply the new Opel Meriva with the 100kW/136hp version of this new generation engine. The all-aluminum emu with Common-Rail direct injection and Variable rotary engine pure mathematics Turbocharger offers 320 Newtonmeters of most torsion at a pair of,000 rpm. this can be half dozen further H.P. and twenty Nm quite the one.7 CDTI it succeeds, leaving a considerable improvement in acceleration: The new Meriva fleetly reaches a hundred km/h from standstill in exactly nine.1 seconds, vs. 9.9 seconds antecedently. However, it conjointly impresses with its values in fuel consumption and greenhouse emission emissions because of very cheap frictions of its engine category between1,500 and 2,500 rpm. Consumption and emissions square measure expected to be of solely four.4 liters per a hundred km and 116 grams per km severally. this can be {a one0th|a tenth} improvement compared to the previous ninety six kW/130 H.P. 1.7 CDTI (which needed four.9 cubic decimeter and made 129 grams). further versions of the new generation one.6 CDTI with even lower fuel consumption and greenhouse emission levels are introduced within the half of 2014.

Furthermore, the new generation one.6 CDTI is prime of its category in terms of refinement, because of economical combustion with multiple injection, optimized style of its parts and therefore the use of acoustic covers. regardless of the engine speed and cargo, it stuns with its silence.

The new Meriva is additionally obtainable with a selection of 3 one.4 cubic decimeter hydrocarbon engines. The naturally-aspirated entry-level version produces seventy four kW/100 H.P.. the 2 turbo-charged variants supply eighty eight kW/120 H.P. and 103 kW/140 H.P., and might each be equipped with a newly-evolved, low-friction six-speed transmission system with associate degree ActiveSelect operate permitting ordered gear choice via the shift lever. this mix of ICE + transmission system could be a improve from the industrialist Meriva’s commercialism and is predicted to draw in fifteen to twenty of all customers. As for the one.6 CDTI, all hydrocarbon engines within the new Meriva square measure already compliant with the strict monetary unit half dozen emissions regulation.

The LPG version of the new Meriva is additionally already monetary unit half dozen compliant. The eighty eight kW/120 H.P., 1.4 cubic decimeter Turbo LPG not solely reduces greenhouse emission emissions to around 121 grams per km, however conjointly cuts fuel prices by nearly [*fr1]. And LPG isn't in need of provision opportunities: it's obtainable at nearly thirty.000 stations across Europe.

2014 All New Opel Meriva power performance back view

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