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2014 All New NISSAN Qashqai DCI ACENTA

2014 All New NISSAN Qashqai DCI ACENTA Front view

2014 All New NISSAN Qashqai DCI ACENTA, Once upon a time, there was a automotive with associate unpronounceable name. Eventually, individuals learnt the {way to|a means to} let the name spiel off the tongue. however they still couldn’t spell the name. Still, it didn’t matter, as a result of the automotive was smart. Very good. The ride and suspension was smart, the casing was smart. The steering was solid thus the|and additionally the} engines were smart. All of them, gasolene and diesel. The appearance weren't {as smart|nearly as smart|pretty very much like good} because the rest however the general package was good. In fact, a bent to|we tend to} may say it had been was} wonderful.

2014 All New NISSAN Qashqai DCI ACENTA Interior
21 000 Qashqais were sold-out in South Africa and {a couple of|and a try of} million globally. the opposite hand|then again} the time came for a design. The new Qashqai is longer, wider, lower and, significantly, far better trying than its antecedent. It’s ton of} muscular, with cleaner front and rear styling, albeit ton of} like range of} the competition’s offerings. Signature LEDs ar currently supplementary and lighting has larger lenses. however is it still good?
We sampled the center of the vary one,5 executive 4×2 Acenta and that we found that the ride was still smart, even with the elective 19-inch wheels with low profile tyres, not the quality 17-inch with higher profile tyres that will little question create the ride even ton of} compliant. The 1,5-litre tubodiesel engine has been tuned to supply eighty one power unit and 260 N.m of torsion (between one 750 and {a couple of|and a try of} five hundred r/min), as compared with the previous one,5’s seventy eight power unit and 240 N.m. it's additionally rated because the lowest carbon dioxide emitting engine of the vary at solely 109 g/km.
The steering felt a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} lighter than the outgoing model’s wonderful feel, however was still smart for associate electrically motor-assisted setup. The shifter action felt as if it had a extended throw, however still had an honest positive action. The engine exhibited barely of turbo-lag however otherwise performed well, being each swish and quiet, not a straightforward deed with diesels, even fashionable ones. It’s value noting that each the one,5- and 1,6-litre diesel units need 50ppm fuel. The claimed overall fuel consumption for the one,5 is simply four,2 L/100 kilometer whereas a bent to|we tend to} were obtaining slightly below six on the launch route in Gauteng. Front foglamps, and motor vehicle lights and wipers ar among this model’s commonplace options, whereas the security instrumentation list includes six airbags, ABS, EBD, BAS, VDC, hill begin assist and an electrical park brake is currently fitted.
2014 All New NISSAN Qashqai DCI ACENTA side view
The interior appearance upscale with elegant instrumentation, larger bottle holders, matching white on black displays and soft-touch materials. the material upholstery is extremely comfortable however animal skin seating continues to be offered on the one,6-litre models. area is plentiful, each ahead and within the rear, thus the|and additionally the} boot is compromised solely by terribly fact|the actual fact} that a awfully wise life-sized steel spare wheel desires lots of under-board area to reside.
The centre rest hides an oversized storage bin that additionally homes the USB and aux ports. associate elective Techno pack offers you heated front seats and mirrors and a touchscreen moving picture system that includes sat-nav, parking aid with four exterior cameras, Facebook and Google access. This prices R16 700 higher than of} the bottom worth of R330 five hundred. additionally offered could be a style pack as well as silver roof rails, privacy glass and 19-inch wheels for R12 800.
At the time of launch, the 1,2 turbopetrol wasn't offered, nor was the 4×4 version.
So, the Qashqai is currently big up. Some might notice it a trifle degree|somewhat|slightly|alittle} too massive for his or her feeling however Nisan has that base lined by the additionally accomplished Juke, whereas the new X-Trail is out later this year. The valuation has become a little vessel however there's an honest vary from that to settle on. Overall, it's as if the Qashqai may well stay the leader of the crossover pack.
Model: Nisan Qashqai one,5 executive Acenta
Engine: 1,5-litre cross four-cylinder turbo diesel
Transmission: six-speed manual
Power: eighty one power unit at four 000 r/min
Torque: 260 N.m at one 750 – a pair of five hundred r/min
0 to a hundred km/h: eleven,9 seconds
Fuel consumption: four,2 L/100 km
CO2: 109 g/km
Towing capacity: 692 kilo
Service plan: 5-years/90 000 kilometer
Price : R330 five hundred

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