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2014 All New Kia Forte Koup SX perform

2014 All New Kia Forte Koup SX perform front view2014 All New Kia Forte Koup SX perform side view2014 All New Kia Forte Koup SX perform front view
2014 All New Kia Forte Koup SX perform, This 2014 Kia Forte Koup SX is better-looking than the Honda Civic and anything within the category, particularly once it had been all nice and glossy at drop-off. Course, what number coupes area unit during this class? The Civic, get at Sonic and descendent tC -- is that even a class? The rake of the screen and also the manner the cab leans manner forward feels like the Civic motorcar, that i believe additionally appearance cool. within Kia Koup ain't unhealthy, either. plenty of plastic however what does one need during a $20K econothrasher? A suede headliner? And no CD player? i have to be within the antique demographic to even notice that.
2014 Kia Forte Koup SX

Base Price: $21,400

As-Tested Price: $26,285

Drivetrain: one.6-liter turbocharged I4; FWD, six-speed automatic

Output: two hundred horsepower @ six,000 rpm, one95 lb-ft @ 1,750-4,500 rpm

Curb Weight: three,064 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 22/29/25 mpg
AW ascertained Fuel Economy: twenty six.9 mpg

This was the SX trim level of the Koup, which implies it gets the 200-hp one.6-liter GDI turbo. Imagine, obtaining gas direct injection in associate degree economy automobile. A miracle! With a curb weight, or kurb weight as Kia would say, of 3,064 pounds, you'd suppose it might be fast. And you would be right. Taking only 1 launch, I got 0-60 mpg in six.9 seconds, that is pretty fast for such a cheap automobile. However, the engine looked like it had been about to detonate at that level of performance. it had been loud and thrashy. It measured low-cost. I would like I hadn't loaned my sound unit meter to tryout editor Wong thus I may live the noise during this sucker. At high highway speeds it had been terribly loud. I drove right down to metropolis and back and not solely was it loud, however the six-speed automatic unbroken trying to find gears. Peak power comes high on the measuring instrument, at 6,000 rpm, and it perceived to be trying to find that sweet, loud spot. It perceived to build additional noise than forward progress once passing. Then, once feat the route on a chilly morning, the idle speed was manner high then it might come in gear, and a fight for alpha male dominance would turn out between the engine and also the transmission. The brakes had to be known as in to settle things. The brakes continually won.

The front strut, rear torsion beam suspension was sprung too stiffly for the high-speed highway running i used to be doing. The automobile felt virtually bouncy -- virtually however not very. It simply felt too stiff for 80-plus mph, that you mustn't be driving anyway. At lower speeds it felt like, i am not kidding, a Toyota Prius. it had been flat enough round the corners, however it failed to inspire nice driving on sensible roads. I've tough higher electronic steering system units, too.

All in all, i believe i would take the Civic motorcar. perhaps Honda may rent Schreyer off from Kia and we'd be set.The Forte Koup was uncharismatic and unresponsive; a uninteresting knife during a world wherever we have a tendency to expect our knives to a minimum of cut a sandwich.

The Forte Koup is handsome enough, however it should be aforesaid that its identifying lower bumper makes it appear as if a mouth agape. Our Forte came with the 200-hp four-cylinder with all the flowery bits: direct-injection, turbocharging, variable valve temporal arrangement, dual-overhead cams. And yet, something's sapping all the ability from this automobile: perhaps it is the unresponsive eco-minded throttle that wants a firm goad from a standstill (but launches the car forward in spurts, once the ability is on) or the six-speed transmission that “felt love it was designed in 1972,” per Mark Vaughn. or even it's that the two hundred horses ought to shove around three,064 pounds -- one,500 of that area unit ostensibly focused in every door. that is two hundred quite the Soul, by the way, that had forty less horsepower however felt sort of a slender and delicate butterfly compared to the current.

It's the very little things concerning this automobile that get to you. For one, the satellite radio. Its reception is terrible. If you miss the intoxicating longing of CD skipping, this automobile can reenact that each 5 minutes with “ACQUIRING SIGNAL,” the “PC Load Letter” of the automotive world. each UVO system includes a warning message of at hand doom and disaster that you simply should press (the button tucked away on all-time low edge, during a corner) to just accept. (The Soul has this, too, if we're being truthful.) The warnings in most new cars goes away once a moment, or solely inherit play throughout navigation duties, however Kia's impenetrable message upon start-up brings to mind the first days of in-car touchscreens.

When extracting rear passengers of sufficiently short stature, the front seats do not lock in situ once moved: associate degree annoyance if the seat moves backwards on a hill and a good larger annoyance on every occasion the driving force should reset his ideal seating position. Thick C-pillars not solely hamper on rear visibility, however add large visual bulk from the surface. the inside is full of dark textures and dark scalloping.

Competition is nice and well, and a excess of choices -- tho' dizzying -- is healthier than not. That said, the sole different compact coupes that involves mind area unit the Hyundai Elantra and also the Honda Civic, and i would ought to offer the nod to the latter. These compact coupes area unit a dying breed -- no additional two-door Jewish calendar month Sentra, no additional get at atomic number 27, and there haven't been two-door Volkswagen Jettas and Toyota Corollas since the '80s. we won't imagine why. The publicity appears to be: relish [*fr1] the utility and also the same uninteresting driving dynamics because the sedan! Then, there is a big arrow inform to the opposite facet of the Kia salesroom, wherever a Soul sits.

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