2013Toyota Review – Toyota Venza XLE

2013Toyota Review - Toyota Venza XLE front view

2013Toyota Review - Toyota Venza XLE, This 2013 Toyota Venza XLE is one in all those oddly unnoticed vehicles, perhaps as a result of it is not quite wagon and virtually a crossover thus individuals do not know what to create of it. that is regrettable, as a result of it's basically a extremely smart Camry wagon, however not restrained by the bounds of the midsize car's ride height, front-wheel drive or roofline.
2013Toyota Review - Toyota Venza XLE interior dashboard view
Overall, it simply sounds like a sensible package for anyone searching for utility while not having to truly obtain a vehicle with “utility” in its classification or name. tho' some would possibly notice the front-end treatment a trifle distraught, overall the vehicle appearance handsome and tasteful to my eye, with some jewellery to embellish it up however not such a lot to distract. Inside, everything is arranged  call at a practical array, with giant knobs and controls for many necessary wants.
Drive quality is wherever the Venza lets ME down somewhat. The powertrain is ample, however i would sort of a vehicle with a trifle a lot of chassis support and not simply within the type of a significant steering feel. it is not one thing that will trouble most consumers, however in my commute alone i used to be tired by the excessively taut and doubly numb steering feel.

2013Toyota Review - Toyota Venza XLE front side view
2013 Toyota Venza XLE spedification

Base Price: $35,440

As-Tested Price: $35,887

Drivetrain: three.5-liter V6; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 268 HP @ half-dozen,200 rpm, 246 lb-ft @ four,700 rpm

Curb Weight: four,045 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 18/25/21 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: twenty.1 mpg

Options: most well-liked accent package together with carpet floor mats and product mat, cargo net, attention kit, rear bumper guardian ($447)
2013Toyota Review - Toyota Venza XLE back side view

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