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2013 Vw Review – New Volkswagen CC Sport

2013 Vw Review - New Volkswagen CC Sport side view

2013 Vw Review New Volkswagen CC Sport, This Volkswagen CC Sport may be a terribly pretty automotive, within and out. i prefer the form as do onlookers I saw gawking at it.The interior appearance sensible, feels snug, and is well engineered with sensible materials.
I’ve continuously been a giant fan of this VW cluster two.0-liter turbo four. It’s sleek and also the power is sweet and mated to the six-speed manual because it is here this factor will rise up and shoot.
VW’s Mainechanism} feels overboosted to me at the lower speeds however i prefer it higher than, say twenty five or thirty mph. The ride/handling is slanted slightly toward the gaudy, with sensible suspension response and tiny body roll however not a harsh ride. It’s quiet and stable in the least the pike speeds I encountered. tho' I’d keep company with the DSG transmission i like such a lot. However, the manual within the automotive works nice, sleek and a pleasant clutch.
If you’re into vogue and like these sedan/coupes this automotive ought to be a thought.
2013 Vw Review - New Volkswagen CC Sport interior view
Volkswagen,  The CC is one in all the foremost fashionable choices on the road, and a solid, premium price for the value. the outside style is great. I sometimes play armchair quarterback with appearances, however I’ve got nothing for this VW. It’s spot-on. The body is sleek with curves all told of the correct places, the head- and taillights area unit placing and also the wheels have a sublime look. The roofline dashes down dramatically in back, and also the hood has applicable perspective. Inside, this tester is fairly quiet, snug and handsome.
I drove AN Acura fifty-nine the night before, and it had been higher equipped (sunroof and navigation) for slightly less cash. Still, I liked  the drive character of the VW higher because of the superb turbo and manual. Power is robust from launch and also the manual is fun, sleek and simple, with the throws that area unit slightly on the long facet.
The steering may be a bit imprecise, and also the chassis and body dynamics area unit OK -- snug tho' not very gaudy. i prefer the CC. It’s a cultured execution that helps the VW whole.
Volkswagen CC Sport the maximum amount as i prefer the CC (and Mercedes-Benz CLS-class) for its styling and panache, I can’t quite figure why somebody would elect this version of a VW sedan over the quality VW Passat -- particularly the diesel version. tho' this automotive tries exhausting to be social class with its special interior and lighting touches, and delightful exterior styling, the automotive doesn’t match up to the best of luxury in drive quality and options. I still marvel at the decontenting occurring at VW within the variety of keeping the large expensive  navigation screen, however not keeping the navigation system that goes with it. will the navi portion very add that abundant in cost?

2013 Vw Review - New Volkswagen CC Sport back view
2013 Volkswagen CC Sport with Lighting Package

Base Price: $31,430

As-Tested Price: $31,430

Drivetrain: two.0-liter turbocharged I4; FWD, six-speed manual

Output: two hundred HP @ five,100-6,000 rpm, 207 lb-ft @ one,700-5,000 rpm

Curb Weight: three,329 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 21/32/25 mpg

AW determined Fuel Economy: twenty five.8 mpg

Options: None

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