2013 Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver

2013 Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver front view
Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver, The Volvo S60 polar star may be a Volvo S60 that is been heavily changed by the corporate that handles their astonishingly intensive athletics operations, Polestar. each moving a part of the suspension has been upgraded, at the side of the brakes, and after all the engine. The brakes area unit carbon-ceramic Brembos and therefore the wheels area unit Polestar's own style. The polar star Blue paint job and therefore the wheel and tire package build it directly clear that this automobile is not a regular S60, however there area unit some, additional refined exterior detail changes that drive the purpose home. a brand new front lip and rear diffuser add enough of a boy-racer look to bring it in line with the German competitors.
The seats, shifter and handwheel have additionally been upgraded by -- you guessed it--Polestar. You get quite an bit additional bolstering with the polar star seats however they continue to be snug.

2013 Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver wheel view

In a word, great. i used to be lukewarm on Autoweek's semipermanent S60. It had enough power, however the brakes were barely up to exhausting street-driving and no-good on the track. Like associate previous Porsche, the nuts engine placement was invariably apparent. The transverse-mounted straight-six sitting previous the front shaft wreaked mayhem on turn-in and just about each alternative side of handling. But, the S60 was a cushty long-distance cruiser and it may hustle during a line.
Those unaccustomed polar star may learn a lot of of what they have to grasp concerning the corporate by driving a regular S60 associated an S60 polar star back to back. It's exhausting to imagine the number of suspension work required so as to almost eliminate the sense of mass imparted upon the front of associate S60 by that huge six. But, polar star has done it. Nice crisp turn-in, easy direction changes -- in moderately exhausting street driving, it looks like a totally totally different automobile. polar star claims to own been assisted  within the car's development by Volvo plant racer Henry Martyn Robert Dahlgren. That, and its claim of over one,000km
And better of all, the manually adjustable shocks enable the magic to be worked with a way of civility. Actually, that is not what is better of all. what is better of all is that the braking system. What a distinction quite thirteen inches of rotor makes. I ne'er got the possibility to heat them up, however stopping power is immensely improved.
Polestar remapped the package, additional a brand new turbo, intercooler and a huskier exhaust. The firm's PR guy says 350 HP and quite 368 lb-ft of force. i am guess he is filled with it. It actually looks like he is taking part in conservative with the numbers. With Polestar's launch management engaged, you are purported to hit sixty in four.8 seconds. It feels to a small degree quicker.
The only real medicine you are going to encounter is that the transmission. it is a torque-converter automatic. The 508 HP S60 idea you'll have seen Chris Harris hooning around a covered section of concrete was endowed the six-speed manual from the Euro-only S60 Diesel. No such luck here. polar star improved the box, however it's still to a small degree of a bummer.

2013 Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver side view

Sure. i suppose what i actually wish is that idea with the foot lever and therefore the 508 HP. the lowest line is that selecting between this factor associated an S4 would be a lawfully troublesome call. That the supply of a true six-speed manual for the Audi tips the scales solely slightly within the German sedan's favor speaks volumes concerning the standard of what polar star has shaped.
2014 Volvo S60 polar star
On Sale: U.S.A. availableness TBD (On sale completely in Australia currently for pilot production; entrance to alternative markets depends on success there)
Base Price: TBD

Drivetrain: three.0-liter turbocharged DOHC T6, 350 hp, 368 lb-ft, AWD, six-speed automatic drive

Curb Weight: three,712 lb

0-60 mph: four.9 sec

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Hwy/Combined): TBD

2013 Volvo Review-Volvo S60 Polestar driver back view

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