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2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion – Review CC VR6

2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion - Review CC VR6 back view

2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion - Review CC VR6, These Volkswagen CCs begin at around $30,000, that is form of a deal in my opinion. however I desire $42,660 for this VR6 government model may be a very little steep.
Granted, it's the top-of-the-line CC, which incorporates the all-wheel drive, higher engine, larger wheels and every one the technical school you may invite.
The CC is VW's most imposingly titled automotive, miles higher than the boring Passat and Jetta. It virtually appears like the front was hooked up so stretched towards the rear. It provides the CC a quick look and also the rear seems to own some Mercedes-Benz inspiration besprent in.
The interior is high notch, and that i did not even notice there was a massage function! All the surfaces area unit either soft to the bit or sewed animal skin.
This CC gets the powerful VR6 motor creating 280 HP, with all-wheel drive. however the maximum amount as i prefer a lot of power, this automotive may simply get by with the turbocharged two.0-liter four-cylinder. Also, this solely gets a daily automatic; the more cost-effective models use VW's fun dual-clutch transmission.
2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion - Review CC VR6 interior view
For individuals trying into the Ford Taurus, Honda Accord or Nissan Maxima, this is often a decent work, with several additional bonuses.

Volkswagen Executive 4Motion : I had this automotive for the long weekend and drove it quite an bit. I liked it. and that i did not even comprehend it had a seat massager!

Looks area unit getting to be one in all the CC's main mercantilism points. it is a terribly fashionable sedan, particularly once a refresh that clean up the front and rear. From the brown paint to the aluminium wheels, everything works well and that i do not see it trying unoriginal or dated once a number of years of possession.
The interior, with its tan/black seats, straightforward dash and easy controls (except for the hidden massage button, apparently) felt tidy and purposeful. It's quiet in there, even at speed.
Be warned, though: there is not a full ton of area within the back. a number of of my passengers, all adults, complained concerning headroom. however if you fold the rear seats down it makes the already large trunk even a lot of large -- not that you are going to be transport construction instrumentation.
Power is adequate. Even in “Sport” mode (all it will is hold on to a gear for a further one,000 rpm, thus far as I will tell), you are not obtaining pushed into the rather nice seats. however it's no drawback reaching nonlegal speeds on the main road, and there is no force steer because of the all-wheel drive system.
Downsides? Audio property was crap. there is a neat very little media snuggery, within the glove box thus you place your aging and otherwise useless recent iPod in there and use it as a tough drive. however music accessed that approach plumbed abrasive and blown out. perhaps our connective was defective? Still, dangerous execution of a pleasant idea.
Oh, and it takes premium petrol. so combined twenty mpg goes to price you even a lot of within the long-term.
2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion - Review CC VR6 front side view
All that aforementioned, i actually enjoyed the CC -- in truth, i have been attempting to work out why, exactly, i prefer it the maximum amount as I do.
I think it's as a result of it feels lots like what I imagine massive German sedans of the Seventies and Eighties felt like -- tasteful, solid, clean, refined and while not a large stress on Active Seat-o-matic and whiz-bang options. Tech-like corner-illuminating headlights were enforced during a refined, purposeful approach.
If you've the suggests that to shop for a German sedan, however do not completely ought to have (or downright do not want) that Tristar or roundel or series of silver rings on your key fob, this is often a good possibility.

2013 Volkswagen CC VR6 government 4Motion

Base Price: $42,660

As-Tested Price: $42,660

Drivetrain: three.6-liter V6; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 280 HP @ half dozen,200 rpm, two65 lb-ft @ 2,750 rpm

Curb Weight: three,851 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 17/25/20 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: nineteen.6 mpg

Options: None

2013 Volkswagen Executive 4Motion - Review CC VR6 back side view

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