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2013 New Toyota Review – Toyota Avalon

2013 New Toyota Review - Toyota Avalon front view with big bike

2013 New Toyota Review - Toyota Avalon, the Toyota Avalon will several things essentially well, in such a seamless manner that one will not even notice.
Earlier this year I drove the Avalon to city, 265 miles on I-15. It's really a awfully light-feeling car: the body feels rather skinny, whereas the steering and throttle response are built to impart some delicacy. Compare this to the Chevrolet Aepyceros melampus, that is slightly mushier: the Avalon is a lot of precise however lacks the heft of its yank rival. It's wonderful what each cars can do with around three hundred horsepower: acceleration in each is brisk, and astonishingly thus. One will conceivably blow a complete quarter-mile within the Avalon. need to introduce your children to stargazing? Pin the throttle and tell your children to appear forward because the nose heaves upwards by a few foot. Look, there is Gemini, right the horizon.
2013 New Toyota Review - Toyota Avalon interior dashboard
The interior is snug, and also the seats ar adjunct for city traffic. With the switches, buttons, and things for your finger to caress, Toyota has tried to stride the divide between zany new-tech and smart old style buttons: whereas there ar few actual buttons as such, the touch-capacitive controls respond quickly enough. a similar goes for the comparatively low-res touchscreen. One cool feature is that the fan speed slider that may be a neat trick, and that i would like Toyota had done a similar with the temperature controls.
There's nice|an excellent|a good} quote from a great thinker -- OK, “Futurama” -- that says, “when you are doing things right, folks will not take care you've got done something in the slightest degree.” That looks to be Toyota's M.O. for the foremost half, one thing it has been doing for the past thirty years. The Avalon might not inspire such mad lust because it did with Davey, however it actually fulfills the mission of doing things right.
2013 New Toyota Review - Toyota Avalon side view
2013 Toyota Avalon XLE Premium
Base Price: $33,990
As-Tested Price: $34,289
Drivetrain: three.5-liter V6; FWD, six-speed automatic
Output: 285 HP @ half-dozen,200 rpm, 248 lb-ft @ four,700 rpm
Curb Weight: three,461 lb
Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 21/31/25 mpg
AW determined Fuel Economy: thirty.2 mpg
Options: Glass breakage detector ($299)
2013 New Toyota Review - Toyota Avalon back view on street

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