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2013 New Styling Fiat 500L

2013 New Styling Fiat 500L side view

2013 New Styling Fiat 500L, Precisely 5 years once the presentation of the order five hundred and fifty five years once the début of the historic five hundred, the order 500L debuted - once more in urban center - on four July 2012. it's the new chapter of the Italian icon that follows the Abarth and Cabrio versions.
The order 500L combines the enduring nature of the five hundred vogue with the practicality of Fiat's style. swollen on the idea of 'space efficiency', the new model defies the standard distinctions due to its MPV rider area, the texture of atiny low SUV on the road and levels of potency typical of a auto. By following this novel direction, the order 500L combines characteristics peculiar to completely different categories to supply a thought of distinctive and versatile initial automotive that's another to the standard saloons of the B and C segments.
After quite 800,000 cars are oversubscribed in one hundred ten countries worldwide, these days the five hundred has fully grown up to accommodate new experiences and desires over again. If the five hundred is that the super-compact automotive excellent for youngsters and therefore the town, the order 500L is that the initial automotive of the five hundred family able to contain the little pleasures and life's greatest emotions all together: youngsters, friends, journeys, music and community.
The order 500L is completely new within the means it expresses its styling individuality, communicates with the surface world and opens its doors to a brand new on-board expertise. The letter 'L' sums up the 3 dimensions embowered within the new order solution: massive, meant as practicality and space; lightweight, once 'lightness' means that easy technology and eco-friendliness; and Loft, a trend-setting surroundings wherever one will live life to the fullest.
    order 500L (2013)
2013 order 500L
The order 500L are often ordered in Italia and on the most important European markets ranging from July 2012. The industrial launch is regular in Italia with associate degree Open Day on the primary weekend in Oct, to then more and more expand to any or all the opposite markets. Altogether, throughout 2013 the order 500L can endure sale in additional than a hundred countries round the world, together with the u.  s..
Large: economical area
After 800,000 cars are oversubscribed in one hundred ten countries worldwide, these days the five hundred has fully grown up to accommodate new experiences and desires over again. If the five hundred is that the super-compact automotive excellent for youngsters and therefore the town, the order 500L is that the initial automotive of the five hundred family able to contain the little pleasures and life's greatest emotions all together: youngsters, friends, journeys, music and community.
There is a core topic in Fiat's history that links completely different moments and experiences, a route on that personalities emotional by a profound sensitivity and talent to interpret the car's evolution have given their contribution. associate degree current commitment in shaping product sharing a huge wealth of technical and style experiences, in particular aimed toward protective that particular "inventive aptitude" recognised together of the explanations for the success of Italian style worldwide, are often derived from Dante Giacosa to the new path order style has undertaken.
A succession of "records", real cornerstones of the order brand's identity, clearly emerge from the 600 Multipla of 1956 - with relevance that {the five hundred|the five hundred}L project is placed in dialectical terms as a result of the recovery of many "archetypal" parts beneath the aegis of its multifunctional use and its specific morphological root - to the 500 of 1957, the 127 of 1972, the Panda of 1980, the Uno of 1983 and therefore the Multipla of 1998 thus we will perceive the foremost radical and innovative automotive standardisation.
The order 500L is that the results of a path on that order designers had to tackle problems with technological practicableness, complete ways and studies that began to know before what relationship we are going to have with the automotive within the future. associate degree approach that tries to travel on the far side the form-function affiliation to focus attention on the user and his desires.
2013 New Styling Fiat 500L side view
500 Style: the icon of Italian vogue is growing
Besides being comfy and purposeful, the order 500L is cool. It expresses the style of Italian vogue with a particular look and interprets Fiat's distinctive ability to conceive and style cars that square measure innovative in substance and in type. Substance turns into the idea of "space-efficiency" that distinguishes all of the foremost innovative Fiats in history.
Just as the 600 Multipla was the forerunner of the idea of compact individuals carrier, the 500L is that the new order interpretation of the merely a lot of philosophy applied to the Multispace idea. The order 500L reformulates the class of compact cars for the trendy family in associate degree emotional vein by developing a number of the 500's rhetorical details in new forms.
The placeable options of the order 500L, marked by a body style that excludes edges and taut lines to favour "gentler" forms, refers to a "placid", non-aggressive object that conveys charm and foretells a a lot of harmonious layout for the urban landscape and surroundings.
When staring at the new 500L, we tend to notice that the enduring nature, specifically the force and temperament of the car's style, forms a true matrix of the whole project. Developed at intervals the context of the new order B phase platform, the order 500L is associate degree innovative automotive that addresses a a lot of distributed and broader client base which aims at setting higher standards in terms of obtainable on-board area and luxury. The result's a extremely purposeful automotive able to "converse" with the user and provide quality to understand over the years.
One of the order 500L's peculiarities pursued since the earliest packaging designing stages is larger interior volume, obtained by the meticulous compacting of the mechanical parts shared by designers and engineers alike. If the overall lines of the vehicle's design follows the "cab forward" principles, from that reduction of the body and bonnet section up front comes to the good thing about a lot of offered interior area - particularly at the peak of the region and roof - it's in particular the "empathetic" vocation of the 500L's style that exalts the vehicle biotechnology. The order 500L conjointly boasts an in depth read of the surface and therefore the greatest brightness of its class because it has the biggest roof of its phase - one.5 sq. metres of glass surface - and its windshield pillars are smartly divided and tapered to supply clear benefits in terms of active and passive safety moreover.
The Color & Material space of order cluster cars specifically dole out a study aimed toward classifying potential reference situations for the order 500L, conducted to provide acceptable formulations back to the sensory expertise. This analysis has allowed technologies and production processes like to more increase the standard level and worth of the physical, tactile and visual properties of the materials, single details and finishes to be applied, additionally to a large vary of body, roof and rim paintwork color choices.
Efficiency: the simplest quantitative relation between external dimensions and interior area in its phase
According to the most recent analysis, 4.1 metres is that the average length of cars oversubscribed in Europe. it's a typical size that enables you to travel and simply move around in traffic. what's the length of the order 500L? four metres and fifteen centimetres.
But its real competitive advantage is that with solely seven cm quite a order Punto, the order 500L simply accommodates 5 passengers two meters tall with their 5 suitcases, while not ever compromising rider area. do it to mention that the order 500L boasts the simplest rider volume index within the segment: with front and rear volumes combined, passengers have an area of three.17 cuboid metres offered.
The new model is leader in its class in terms of quantitative relation between external dimensions - 415 cm long, 178 cm wide, 166 cm high and 261 distance - and interior area understood each as rider compartment and automobile trunk, that boasts a capability of virtually four hundred litres, which implies having the ability to move up to 5 roller suitcases. With the loading Magic area system, the load platform may be adjusted on 3 levels separating fragile objects from significant ones, clean objects from dirty ones, large objects from little ones. The load compartment is additionally stuffed with pockets and hooks so as to move any object in total safety and tidiness.
Versatility: one,500 potential configurations to satisfy all desires
The order 500L is massive conjointly in terms of practicality, as incontestible by the one,500 configurations of interior area combined with the twenty two compartments of various sizes and therefore the dashboard, appropriately studied to cluster the control panel and main controls of the audio and IT devices into 2 distinct however adjacent zones. it's a completely inhabitable rider compartment, as some interior dimensions sizes demonstrate: as an example, the utmost dimension of the front half is 1456 metric linear unit (measured at the shoulders) whereas the peak, from seat to roof, is 1034 metric linear unit (in the rear half the measurements square measure 1387 metric linear unit and 993 metric linear unit, severally).
The numerous changes of the seats conjointly contribute to top-ranking on board comfort. they'll be adjusted on each axis exploitation eight completely different modes, ranging from that of the driving force that gives, as customary, a longitudinal configuration and reclining back whereas, on request, it are often electrically heated and adjusted each tall and at the body part level. The front rider seat, on the opposite hand, are often fitted with a folding table back. during this latter case, you'll be able to have a handy support surface each for common objects, like a purse or a portable computer, and for uncommon things. once the rear seats are sunburst down exploitation the Fold&Tumble operate, the client will get a flat loading surface for the whole length of the rider compartment (2.4 metres), during this means having the ability to create most use of the inside area.
The rear seat ensures identical skillfulness. it's a 60/40 split folding back that may be adjusted lengthwise and individually in twelve positions, with the third central cushion and rest offered as nonobligatory.
2013 New Styling Fiat 500L elegant light view
Light: unselfish technology
Using the automotive means that having the ability to think about its purposeful performance and realize in it all the fabric and immaterial parts which might create approaching it easier. The progressive acceleration of recent years has pushed technology to become a not-to-be-missed part, and a lot of and a lot of usually it depends on the functions offered by every kind of devices as a calming and indivisible part for our psycho-physical welfare.
So 'L' conjointly stands for lightweight meant as that 'lightness' feeling that improves and simplifies the standard of life, that innovation that's not associate degree finish in itself, however perpetually to man's profit. Besides, order has perpetually been a saying for innovative cars that provide refined technological solutions that square measure withal easy to use and satisfy each the concrete desires of everyday quality moreover because the growing social awareness toward the surroundings and safety. however 'lightness' is additionally a straightforward and immediate relationship with the network affiliation, navigation and documentary systems the order 500L offers, that use simplified "human-friendly" interfaces.
In short, the order 500L could be a generous automotive in terms of each contents and technology, simple to use and to get pleasure from. A simplicity that conceals a posh engineering method requiring hours and hours of style, tests and changes.
A "light" engine vary
Today the automotive should be "light" for the surroundings and conjointly for the notecase of its driver. For many years increasing sensitivity on the a part of shoppers toward the environmental aspects has been noticed . a brand new shopper has therefore been born, {one a lot of|another|an additional|a new|an extra|an added} eco-friendly and conjointly more conscious to prices. Respect for the surroundings is associate degree more and more necessary issue that this kind of client considers once buying a automotive. Economic accessibility has even as considerably become a demand that can't to be unheeded, each at the time of purchase and through everyday use.
Reduced fuel consumption and emissions is thus a necessary demand for the success of a automotive. For this reason, the order 500L at launch can propose 3 engines distinguished by their lower polluting emissions and dioxide levels, equivalent to a true economic profit for the client in his everyday use of the car: 2 gasolene - one hundred and five power unit zero.9 Turbo TwinAir and nine5 power unit one.4 l 16V Fire) engines and one turbodiesel engine, the eighty five power unit one.3 MultiJet two. every with completely different qualities, all exploited to the total together with the 5- or 6-speed manual gearboxes of the gasolene and diesel engines, respectively. Last however not least, all order 500L engines are meticulously originated, that needed over ten,000 hours of simulation on the benches, naturally additionally to the road tests.
Standing out amongst the engines is that the latest one hundred and five power unit TwinAir, the new generation of the multi-award-winning order two-cylinder engine distinguished by a sparkling temperament and low fuel consumption values due to its low displacement and inclusion of a high-efficiency turbocharger. above all, the order 500L TwinAir was upgraded to one hundred and five power unit with the manifold integrated within the head to higher cool the exhaust gas beneath power and to ensure that a part of the warmth of the burnt gas is recovered whereas the engine is warming up, that otherwise would be emitted into the atmosphere. during this means the thermal transient is reduced and will increase the time during which the engine runs at optimum temperature and fuel consumption and dioxide emissions square measure reduced, that total 112 grams per metric linear unit.
Furthermore, beginning next year the 500L are even 'lighter' as a result of the cleanest fuel offered today: gas. The Turbo TwinAir Natural Power engine can debut in 2013 on the model. It combines - in a very single engine - the cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness of the gas equipment with the Turbo TwinAir technology that ensures glorious fuel consumption, emissions and performance values
The reduction in fuel consumption and emissions involves the look and set-up of the whole vehicle. As established by the over 3000 hours of controls on the body and stomach dole out at the order cluster cars structure in Orbassano (Turin), one amongst Europe's largest: the ultimate result's a one hundred ten of zero.30.
2013 New Styling Fiat 500L wheel view
New 0.9 Turbo TwinAir - one hundred and five power unit
The new one hundred and five power unit zero.9 Turbo is that the most evolution of the TwinAir family of engines that mix the idea of retrenchment (reduction of displacement and weight) with refined engineering like supercharging through a turbocharger, the manifold integration within the plate and therefore the bran-new MultiAir two valve system. The second generation of MultiAir more optimises the engine's thermo-dynamic potency by modulating the quantity of exhaust gases recirculated within the combustion chamber (internal EGR) due to a bran-new style of the intake cam profile.
The manifold within the plate instead reduces the temperature of the exhaust gases (which square measure directly cooled by the engine cooling system). This includes a positive impact on fuel consumption as a result of the enrichments otherwise necessary to stay down the utmost temperatures of the combustion gases square measure reduced so as to preserve correct turbocharger operation.
The small gasolene engine with 2-cylinder design combined with a 6-speed manual shell develops one hundred and five power unit at five,500 rev with a most torsion of one hundred forty five Nm at simply two,000 rpm. the worth of the precise power is goodly - an honest a hundred and twenty HP/litre - a price such as the sportier engines.
As on the previous Turbo TwinAir applications, ECO mode is additionally offered for the new order 500L: during this condition the utmost torsion delivered is proscribed to a hundred and twenty Nm and therefore the power to ninety eight power unit, permitting the facility unit to operate within the operative vary which allows most potency and therefore minimum emissions.
The TwinAir engine could be a very little gem conjointly attributable to the great level of comfort it offers. The agreeable and characteristic quality of the two-cylinder engine has been optimised exploitation the equalization countershaft and twin mass regulator that minimise vibrations and shaking. specific attention was conjointly paid to up the soundproofing by finding out containment solutions to cut back the degree of noise perceived within the rider compartment and to enhance the articulation index.
The order 500L one hundred and five power unit zero.9 Turbo TwinAir is incredibly sensible in its performance (top speed of a hundred and eighty km/h and it accelerates from zero to a hundred km/h in only twelve.3 seconds) and it's at the highest of its category in fuel consumption and emissions within the homologation combined cycle at identical time (4.8 litres/100 kilometre and 112 g/km of CO2).
1.3 16V MultiJet two - eighty five power unit
A genuine reference on the low displacement internal-combustion engine scene, the 1.3 16V MultiJet two engine of the new order 500L has been refined to more improve its sensible performance and low fuel consumption. The adoption of atiny low refined variable pure mathematics turbocharger, that permits the engine to deliver the next torsion at low speeds, makes it potential to match a 5-speed manual shell with long ratios (downspeeding concept) that while not penalizing performance considerably contributes to curb fuel consumption.
The heart of the new order 500L with one.3 16V MultiJet two engine is while not a doubt the third generation Common Rail injection system that uses innovative injectors able to management the quantity of diesel injected into the combustion chamber with utmost exactitude with a very fast and versatile injection sequence due to the balanced hydraulic servo valve. With these injectors, currently ways centered on optimising the more and more advanced combustion are often achieved, like the Injection Rate Shaping (IRS) system that involves 2 consecutive injections thus close in time on generate a continual and modulated fuel provide into the cylinders. With this methodology the combustion method is improved, all to the good thing about quieter operation and particulate and pollutant (NOx) emissions.
The new order 500L with one.3 16V MultiJet two engine has conjointly been fitted out with variety of measures aimed toward reducing fuel consumption and emissions. These embrace the intelligent generator that recovers energy throughout the discharge stage and stores it within the battery, optimization of the engine cooling circuit with a brand new thermostat that reduces the prolusion time, the pump with variable displacement that adjusts the pressure level within the most acceptable means, reducing the facility absorbed by the pump. Naturally the Start&Stop system could be a should, whereas engine and transmission use low viscousness lubricator oil to minimise friction.
The 1.3 16V MultiJet two engine of the new order 500L develops eighty five power unit at three,500 rev with a most torsion of two hundred Nm at simply one,500 rpm. the utmost speed is one hundred sixty five km/h, with acceleration from zero to a hundred km/h in only fourteen.9 seconds. The new order 500L one.3 16V MultiJet two consumes simply four.2 litres/100 kilometre with one hundred ten g/km of dioxide emissions within the homologation combined cycle.
1.4 16V fireplace - ninety five power unit
Solid and reliable, the 1.4 16V of the hearth family is that the entry gasolene engine of the new order 500L. It delivers ninety five power unit at six,000 rev and reaches a most torsion of 127 Nm at four,500 rpm. Combined with a 6-speed manual shell, the engine includes a 4-cylinder in-line configuration with a double overhead rotating shaft system that directly controls the valves.
Thanks to the whole intake system with optimised fluid dynamics, the engine is distinguished by a very high meter potency throughout its operative vary that makes for outstanding performance levels and, at identical time, economical fuel consumption.
The new order 500L equipped with the one.4 16V fire truck reaches a prime speed of {170|one hundred seventy|a hundred associate degreed seventy} km/h with an acceleration from zero to a hundred km/h in twelve.8 seconds. Its fuel consumption within the homologation combined cycle is simply six.2 litres/100 kilometre with dioxide emissions staying at intervals one hundred forty five g/km.
UConnect: perpetually connected in total safety
The order 500L is that the initial automotive of the order cluster to be fitted out with a transmission device supported the new generation of UConnect, the new documentary platform developed by order cluster cars.
UConnect was designed with the aim of making a multifunction system able to manage all of the most media content on the automotive, like the radio, itinerant, Media Player, iPod or smartphone and within the close to future a navigation system. during this means the driving force will merely, quickly and safely access them hands-free whereas keeping his eye on the road.
The new device is predicated on a 5" color touchscreen, one amongst the biggest of the phase, that lets the driving force access all the most functions, from the analogue and digital radio (DAB) up to any or all the most transmission resources (Media Player, iPod, iPhone, smartphone) that may be connected by USB port and AUX-IN instrumentation.
The system conjointly includes a complicated Bluetooth interface to access further functions like telephone management or reading received SMS text messages via text-to-speech technology, the innovative Audio Streaming system that reproduces music files and net radio stations directly from your smartphone in streaming via Bluetooth on the UConnect device.
The new radio is predicated on the Windows Embedded Automotive software associate degreed has an advance programme with functions like the antecedently mentioned text-to-speech, voice recognition (in eleven languages) and audio controls on the handwheel so the driving force will access all of the most documentary contents while not taking his hands off the handwheel.
The UConnect system conjointly introduces the eco:Drive Live application for the primary time on a automotive. Developed by order cluster, it helps the driving force scale back fuel consumption and dioxide emissions by observation his driving vogue in real time and giving tips thus his driving is even a lot of eco-friendly.
The system can presently introduce new functions like the constitutional navigation system developed together with TomTom. Moreover, the system can let the client use an outsized range of apps on the on-board system via integration together with his smartphone beginning in 2013. during this means he will perpetually be in contact together with his friends on Facebook and Twitter or be updated on traffic, news and weather in real time.
The UConnect radio is meant to allow new software system functions to be enforced and updates to be put in throughout the whole life cycle of the vehicle so the system is usually up up to now and prepared for future evolutions.
eco:Drive LIVE, the evolution of a order invention
Light is also the simplicity of use of the on-board technology of the new automotive. associate degree example?
The latest eco:Drive LIVE, the most recent development of the eco-friendly application developed by order in 2009. eco:Drive LIVE analyses your driving vogue due to the information collected on the automotive and provides personal suggestions so as to cut back up to 16 PF of fuel consumption and dioxide emissions. One peculiarity of eco:Drive LIVE is that the risk to receive feedback regarding your form of driving in real time, therefore attaining immediate fuel consumption and emission enhancements. it's conjointly potential to save lots of the information of each journey on a compatible USB memory stick and smartphone to analyse your driving vogue on a laptop and receive tailored driving lessons.
The analysis of the particular driving information created potential by this software system demonstrates that constant and proper use of eco:Drive results in a savings of virtually three heaps of dioxide, 1,200 litres of gasolene and regarding monetary unit two,000 throughout the life cycle of a automotive.
This is an additional concrete example of Fiat's commitment to accountable and property quality, identical stance that has created it the complete that has recorded rock bottom level of CO2emissions by vehicles oversubscribed in Europe in 2011, with a median activity of 118.2 g/km (4.9 g/km but the 2010 average) for the fifth year running.
TomTom GO LIVE for the 500L, for driving with total peace of mind
To drive in town traffic with total peace of mind, the new 500L comes with, on request, the TomTom GO LIVE navigation system with dedicated customisation with the image of the order 500L on the beginning screen and within the icon on the route, additionally to signalling order network service points.
TomTom GO LIVE for the order 500L offers a secure driving expertise because it is constructed into the dashboard and provides the foremost precise traffic data updated in real time. The setup for this navigation system is found within the middle of the dashboard and permits the whole safe installation of the precise mounting, additionally to guaranteeing power to the navigation device while not external wiring.
TomTom GO LIVE for the order 500L includes a four.3" show with iPhone sort electrical phenomenon touchscreen; pre-uploaded and careful maps of forty five countries (Europe); and it offers the Live TomTom services that allow the client to receive traffic data in real time through HD Traffic, data on mounted and mobile speed detection systems (including the portals of the tutor system in Italia, in agreement with the legal restrictions in Europe, in France for example), TomTom native Search, weather forecasts, and fast GPS fix.
HD Traffic is that the most vital service that allows you to receive real time careful data on traffic with updates each 2 minutes. With this data you'll be able to set up your route with instant updates supported traffic conditions. Optimised routes impede fuel consumption, dioxide emissions and period.
TomTom GO LIVE for the order 500L are often purchased all told the subsequent countries: France, Italy, Germany, the UK, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, European country and therefore the European country. The LIVE services square measure offered freed from charge for one year and embrace roaming and traffic data within the conditions antecedently mentioned.
Social property functions developed solely for the order 500L, like Twitter, Trip adviser and Expedia, are offered in a very range of nations, together with Italia, Germany, Spain, the uk and therefore the European country. These services square measure enclosed within the LIVE package.
Easy within the town, quiet on the highway
Technology makes life straightforward on the 500L. Clean, safe and fun driving whereas being engulfed in final comfort is additionally straightforward. that's definitely the advantage of the new wide design which will be shared by the future generations of models which on the order 500L was mark to ensure prime of sophistication performance and luxury. as an example, the body includes a high level of torsional rigidity - 111,700 daNm/rad - that contributes to optimum management of the pure mathematics.
The new 500L could be a automotive that allows you to expertise quiet moments and travel well, conjointly attributable to the layout of its suspensions - MacPherson up front, torsion beam within the rear - that are updated to make sure management and luxury at prime levels. a lot of specifically, the front suspension with MacPherson design includes a new anti-roll bar with extraordinary rolling rigidity created with hollow technology that has enlarged performance and at identical time reduced weight. The front crossmember is additionally designed with high rigidity to realize larger acoustic comfort and to integrate a 3rd water level to enhance energy absorption capability within the case of collision.
One of the new innovations is adoption of a "split" variety of cushion mounting that transmits the hundreds to the body through 2 completely different routes and thus pick up filtering of the road vibrations, improved acoustics and higher potency of the cushion.
Lastly, the rear suspension includes a recently designed torsion shaft design with a high level of rolling rigidity. This feature lets U.S.A. save on the burden of associate degree anti-roll bar. Hydraulic bushes were conjointly adopted to enhance the car's level of comfort. Last however not least, the rear suspension of the order 500L was more lightened in weight by adopting single tube shock absorbers.
"Lightness" on the order 500L is additionally weighed in amount of silence. the necessity to show the inside into a muffled parlour stems from this. External noise doesn't feed in and therefore the motion of the automotive because it travels on the road is barely perceptible. to realize this result, numerous time was spent within the unreverberant  area and on the proving grounds in over ten,000 hours of tests to succeed in associate degree articulation index of seventy two, A level at the highest of its category.
Technological and protecting
To guarantee the protection of the passengers, the new 500L combines a body designed in keeping with the foremost trendy criteria with active and passive safety content that ensures its optimum performance, such a lot thus on be at the highest of its class.
Specifically, the new automotive includes a safety cell structure complete with double pillars before designed in line with current U.S. rules as way as crash tests and dimensional specifications of the materials used square measure involved.
The safety performance was designed by the designers and consultants of the order Safety Centre once examining all potential styles of impact: front and facet impacts, roll-over, pile-up and impacts with pedestrians. varied speeds at that impact could occur were conjointly taken into thought moreover as differing kinds of obstacles and differing kinds of occupants with greatly varied physical characteristics.
The new 500L's customary instrumentation includes front and window airbags - facet airbags and knee luggage square measure offered for the asking - front headlights with DRL (Daytime Running Lights) operate and fog lights with the self-adaptive cornering operate. The model conjointly comes customary with ABS with BAS (Brake Assist System) and therefore the refined ESC (Electronic Stability Control) that intervenes in conditions near the limit, once the car's stability is in danger, and helps the driving force management it.
The order 500L ESC is provided with many terribly helpful functions:
    ASR (Anti Slip Regulation) system, that optimises traction at any speed, with the assistance of the brakes and engine management, permitting the order 500L to cope simply on low-grip road beds.
    Hill Holder, the system that helps the driving force taking off uphill by keeping the brake fast for regarding two seconds, during this means creating taking off easier while not requiring the driving force to press the foot pedal or use the handbrake.
    MSR (Motor Schleppmoment Regelung): once there's a brisk gear modification in poor grip conditions, the MSR operate intervenes, restoring engine torsion and preventing the wheels from lockup and slippy.
    DST (Driving Steering Torque): the system improves each driving safety and handling performance. The active electronic steering carries out corrections mechanically and conjointly controls oversteer over surfaces with low grip all told driving conditions.
    ERM (Electronic change Mitigation) is that the operate that intervenes once a wheel leaves the road surface: in reality, whenever associate degree extreme dynamic movement is detected, the ERM helps to restabilise the vehicle and returns management of the automotive to the driving force.
Lastly, the bran-new "City Brake Control" system is warrant an in depth look. changing into offered once the launch, the innovative device is capable of recognising obstacles before of the automotive and of braking mechanically once the driving force fails to try and do thus to avoid flaming into them. looking on bound parameters (road surface conditions, dynamics and mechanical phenomenon of the vehicle, position of the obstacles and condition of the tyres, etc.), the intervention of the LSCM system will avoid impact fully ("Collision Avoidance") or minimise the implications of a potential impact ("Collision Mitigation").
The sophisticated device of the new 500L integrates 3 further functions: Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), Prefill and Brake Assist. The former, whereas respecting the driver's desires and going full management of the automotive in his/her hands, is triggered by emergency braking once fastidiously assessing the position and speed of the obstacles, the speed of the vehicle (below thirty km/h), lateral acceleration, the steering angle and pressure on the throttle and its variation. The "Prefill" operate instead prefills the braking system to produce a faster response each once Automatic Emergency Braking intervenes and within the case the driving force brakes. Brake Assist on the opposite hand recognises emergency things and alters the brake pedal's response to realize faster braking in emergency things.
In detail, the system works with a optical maser detector put in within the windshield, and it communicates with the ESC (Electronic Stability Control) system. supported identical principle as those utilized in uranology to live distances between satellites, the optical maser detector detects the presence of obstacles before of the vehicle once bound alignment conditions be present: the overlapping of the automotive and obstacle should be quite four-hundredth than the dimension of the vehicle, whereas the associate degreegle of impact should be but 30° and therefore the obstacle should have an adequate surface and reflective properties.
The goal of the town Brake system is to ensure most safety all told conditions of use, thus in bound conditions (unfastened seat belts, icy road, reversing), completely different triggering logics square measure activated.
Loft: personal size
A loft could be a up to date, wide, open and bright dimension. a bit like the new order 500L that has been notional and made within the same means as a gorgeous and purposeful style house. The client has the likelihood to individualise it with final freedom due to the wide alternative of color mixtures, dedicated solutions and class accessories.
Record-breaking brightness
The model has 360° glazing that improves the sense of command of the road. It conjointly makes parking manoeuvres easier and ensures the simplest visibility of the phase. due to the glazed A pillar within the front space, the 500L boasts half-hour a lot of front visibility than its competitors with the standard pillar
The rider compartment is stuffed with lightweight from the biggest glass roof of its class: an honest one.5 sq. metres. offered each within the mounted version which which might be electrically opened, the order 500L sun roof lets the passengers get pleasure from all of the brightness and sense of freedom that the massive glazed surface will guarantee.
333 color mixtures
Another peculiarity of the model is that the ease with that it's potential to customize it by combining the eleven body colors - a record for the phase - with the three roof colors (black, white and body colour) and three rim colors (white, black and aluminium). The result's nothing in need of 333 color mixtures. the possibility to settle on your favorite interior from the variability of color mixtures in keeping with the trim level makes it all even a lot of attention-grabbing. Upholstery includes: the black "Star" material with gray or red inserts, the "Tecnosilk" material offered in 3 shades (beige, red and grey) and therefore the precious Castiglio offered in 2 versions: mink or cream.
Range of accessories: over one hundred forty distinctive and exclusive product
Turning the order 500L into a particular and tailor-made object was the goal of the International team Mopar®, the cluster complete that handles the elements & Service business and client Care operations that has worked in shut contact with the Centro vertical order, recapturing the initial mood of the order five hundred.
The new order 500L Lineaccessori offers customers the possibility to eclectically individualise their automotive by selecting from quite one hundred forty distinctive and exclusive product in terms of fashion and flexibility. The order 500L is that the order cluster cars automotive with the foremost accessories offered.
Mopar initial of all developed a spread of badges and stickers with six graphic patterns of various colors to counterpoint the exteriors and create them distinctive. it'll even be potential to settle on from four completely different 17" diamond-finish alloy rims and 5 door mirror covers to individualise your order 500L. The a lot of hard-to-please customers also will have offered the chrome-plated set that features door mirrors, trim on the bonnet and therefore the rear range plate holder. Then it'll be potential for the sportier at bottom to feature the metallic element pedal unit and plate with order 500L brand on the kick plate.
Utility: innovation and practicality close to conjointly provide area to leisure, family and work. The versatile roof bars to put in on the roof square measure nice for leisure. they'll carry bikes, surfboards, skis and snowboards in total safety along with a spread of thermoses and cooler luggage. Peace of mind and safety for the family square measure secured by a full vary of kid seats, anti-theft systems, loading nets and rider compartment separation grilles for carrying animals, parking sensors and anti-theft wheel bolts. Then for work helpful accessories of a clever style are created, ranging from the steel garments hook, trolleys and special laptop luggage, to continue with accessories that create any journey, long or short because it is also, a pleasing and cozy experience: the baggage compartment organizer, the TomTom GO LIVE device created solely for the order 500L and therefore the iPod holder.
Finally, among the accessories there square measure the new automotive key covers in a very smart thirteen completely different colors.
2013 New Styling Fiat 500L front roof view
The Beats audio system includes:
 2 one hundred sixty five metric linear unit diameter mid-woofer speakers within the front doors;
 2 Ø thirty eight metric linear unit tweeters on the higher portion of the front doors;
 2 one hundred sixty five metric linear unit diameter full-range speakers within the rear doors;
    a one hundred sixty five metric linear unit diameter subwoofer in reflex enclose the baggage compartment, that guarantees dynamic and powerful basses whereas increasing the listening expertise over a large vary of music genres, from hip hop to soul;
 associate degree electronic equipment with DSP and eight channels that integrates a complicated deed algorithmic rule developed by Beats, able to recreate the whole spectrum that associate degree creative person experiences throughout his studio recordings.

2013 New Styling Fiat 500L back side view

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