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2013 Looking Back – Concept Jaguar B99 by Bertone

2013 Looking Back - Concept  Jaguar B99 by Bertone front eagle view

2013 Looking Back - Concept Bertone Jaguar B99, Bertone Felis onca B99 construct
A historic complete in automotive. A historic signature in style. place the 2 along associated you get an explosive new construct automobile known as the Felis onca B99 that Bertone conferred at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.
The name B99 stands for B as in Bertone and ninety nine for the corporate close to a hundred year day of remembrance in 2012, one in every of the oldest style firms within the world. The construct comes Jaguar's classic vogue into the long run with refined Bertone class, exploring a desirable new type language with a "dynamic imbalance" between parallel lines and bound forms. The result's a compact, four-door sedan (4.5 m long, 1.35 m tall, 1.95 m wide, 2.8 m wheelbase) that matches dead into the D section. beginning with a classic three-volume design, Bertone designers have formed the taut, muscular body with daring however refined character, entirely made with hand-crafted aluminium panels in true Italian "coachbuilder" tradition. The distinctive temperament of the luxurious sports sedan is emphasised by the subtle minimal art outside and in, underlining truth nature of the British credibility wherever statement equals snobbery.
Bertone can gift not solely the luxurious sedan in Geneva however additionally a full GT2 race version, maintaining the exceptional "double soul" tradition of the Felis onca complete, adding high speed mechanics appendages and aggressive graphics for continuing success on the race track.
In terms of technological innovation, the B99 uses a pure hybrid power grid designed and developed by Bertone Energy (the newest Bertone division dedicated to renewable energy research), as well as a thermal engine for vary extension and 2 electrical motors which offer propulsion for the rear wheels. Bertone has been learning ecologically property powertrain systems for the past twenty years, with several examples as well as full-electric "extreme" construct automobiles just like the 1992 Blitz or 1994 Zer record car, that was the primary full-electric automobile to interrupt the three hundred km/h speed barrier within the world.
With the 2011 Bertone Felis onca B99 construct automobile, Bertone establishes a brand new record in its ninety nine year history because the solely Italian designer to possess created 5 completely different Jaguars. The previous models square measure the 1957 XK a hundred and fifty, made in an exceedingly edition of 4 copies, the 1966 Felis onca foot construct automobile, the 1967 Felis onca characin fish, and 1977 Felis onca cravat.
2013 Looking Back - Concept  Jaguar B99 by Bertone side show view
Start from the complete. this is often the construct that electro-acoustic transducer Robinson, Bertone complete & style Director, provides his style team for each project. As an outdoor style supply Bertone should do plenty of catching informed what in-house designers reckon granted: a deep information of what their complete was, is, and can be. therefore Robinsons' team began in late October 2010 with a pre-sketch analysis program called: "From Cats to Cars", exploring all the doable analogies returning from this spectacular feline from Central and South America. if truth be told ancient Aztecs and Mayans idolised this noble predator for its crafty techniques and sheer power, line it "Jaguar", which means "he WHO kills with one leap".
These huge cats will reach 160kgs and square measure terribly compact with powerful however short legs designed specifically for a silent, "stalk and ambush" approach to looking, concealed slowly through the bushes low to the bottom till their powerful pounce concludes the hunt. This concealing or silent approach to looking is extremely completely different from alternative massive feline species WHO run down their prey with long agile legs just like the Acinonyx jubatus. The Felis onca has associate outsized head with associate exceptionally powerful jaw capable of crushing skulls.
Today the trendy image of the Felis onca automobile manufacturer complete is that the ill-famed "leaper", a chrome image that poises the elegant animal in an exceedingly powerful jump forward with all the burden targeted on the rear hips protrusive the big cat forward with lightning quick speed. the large head is stretched able to grab the un-expecting prey. This icon has conditioned Felis onca automobile style for many years and continues to weigh powerfully on the general balance and proportions of Felis onca vehicles past, present, and future. in contrast to alternative high performance sports cars, Jaguars square measure designed for "wofting" or floating down the avenue in silent grace.
So each Felis onca should be swish and silent and lightning quick, however still a most elegant and noble automobile. The visual metaphors between the animal the corporate name represents, the logo, and also the milestone cars from the past square measure very necessary for our understanding of the Felis onca complete. associate recent Felis onca locution was: "Grace, Space, & Pace". Bertone analysis for the Felis onca B99 construct may well be summed up in: "Cunning Glamour with Race-Bred Innovation."
Dynamic Imbalance
The first factor that strikes the observer concerning the Bertone Felis onca B99 construct automobile isn't a high tail - low nose triangle like most up-to-date sport sedans. if truth be told the normal 3 volume design has headlights and taillights that square measure roughly identical height from the bottom. The beltline and also the rocker panel square measure dead parallel. Still, the cars' type language is just about horizontal. The muscles on the B99 square measure tight, sort of a runner seconds before the gun shot, or a Felis onca able to pounce. if truth be told the bodyside feels like it's bound forward. This distinction between "linear and leaping" is that the secret of "dynamic imbalance", the trend that suggests a doable Felis onca style language of the long run.
The face starts with the forward leaning Felis onca grille that currently appearance down on the road showing the "British confidence" Jaguars have invariably had. The angle of the grill is likened to a plaything, that naturally tends to angle forward so as to counterbalance the strain of the powerful payload on the point of be launched. This tension visually extends the hood, and once combined with the high position of the headlights, provides the B99 face a superior stance from any angle, hinting at classic Felis onca grilles from the past while not renouncing the up-to-dateness and also the glamour of its artistic movement luxury, conveyance a sense of motion and gracefulness.
Above the grille we've replaced the classic bound Felis onca . due to advanced technology, motion sensors anticipate the section of any object (or person) that comes shut and electrical motors can pull it down below the amount of the hood in an exceedingly fraction of a second (think airbag readying speed) before any harm is done to the pedestrian.
The body aspect of the automobile is characterised by a particularly long distance (2.8m) with a classic short front overhang and an extended rear one. the normal 3 volume greenhouse has been shortened (about seventy fifth of the wheelbase). and down, currently looks to be sunken down into the body, sort of a Felis onca stalking its prey, providing a particularly trendy glass-to-mass relationship. Another demonstration of "dynamic imbalance" that transmits each mystery and glamour. The Bertone Felis onca B99 construct has the visual center of gravity placed "on" the rear wheel, wherever the C pillar meets the body and wherever the powerful hip muscle launches the automobile forward towards the front grille. Rear read mirrors square measure artistic movement, ultra-thin chrome wings with small video cameras that protrude out from the beltline trim molding.
The extra wide stance seen from the prat is particularly necessary in an exceedingly automobile with such a lot arrange read taper. The powerful hips square measure poised and prepared to pounce, demonstrating the silent power the automobile exudes. The rear grille is extremely kind of like the front grille, with identical floating gloss black insert that carries the spherical Felis onca brand, however while not the chrome frame. identical high, horizontal taillights float out sideways from the rear grille, once more accentuating the exceptional dimension of the vehicle. The wide center piping may be a reminder that the hybrid vehicle features a thermal engine for extended vary capable of transferral the simplest of each worlds, low pollution with alarming performance. The active mechanics within the Bertone Felis onca B99 construct is visible within the rear spoiler that mechanically rises at high speeds for further downforce and reduced air turbulence. At lower speeds it merely disappears into the trunklid.
2013 Looking Back - Concept  Jaguar B99 by Bertone side view shoe
The pillar less doors open in opposing directions and provide an oversized, luxurious welcome for all WHO need to enter. The deep, dark brown interior is made in two-tone animal skin, one with an additional opaque, huge grain end and also the alternative with a pearl, semi-gloss, tiny grain end. This dark, luxurious close is offset with bright accents in each brushed aluminium and high gloss wood that generate a hidden richness throughout the inside.
Jaguars square measure usually terribly individualistic sports cars that privilege driver wants with a dynamic way. whereas alternative luxury sedans square measure rear traveler oriented  Jaguars square measure undoubtedly driver oriented , with a "you will return too" perspective for passengers. This hand crafted cockpit features a "built up" look exploitation prestigious materials where you look, bit or smell, taking perceived quality to higher levels. The quiet however responsive atmosphere transforms lovely forms into high performance controls before your terribly eyes at one bit. "Surprise and Delight" square measure a part of the Felis onca deoxyribonucleic acid.
Once sitting the primary element that strikes the attention is that the wide, horizontal board that has a sublime, wrap-over, grand feeling, with lacquered Ebony Macasar African wood fully framed in an exceedingly discreet brushed aluminium frame that carries the Felis onca signature within the center. The settled look adds layers of parts to formulate associate overall way that is associate extension of each the rich home and also the office. the dearth of visual noise may be a trendy means of redefining luxury, golf stroke pure, refined type and materials particularly the flashy hi-tech buttons that fill most luxury automobile interiors nowadays. per our "Cats-to-Cars" analysis, the terribly nature of the powerful Felis onca cat is predicated on its silent approach to looking, wherever "less is more", total silence avoids any sort of advanced warning till the lightning quick leap attack. therefore true trendy snobbery in an exceedingly Felis onca comes from the dearth of visual noise.
As mentioned higher than, another classic characteristic of recent Jaguars is that the "surprise and delight" feature that hides nearly everything solely to reveal the functions at finger-tip bit. This side permits the driving force the pleasure of demonstrating to each friends and business colleagues Jaguars' "hidden riches" and purity of plan. the big central movie screen is hidden behind the continual wood panel that stretches across the complete board therefore on maintain the purity of type and materials once not in use. identical is true for the ultra-slim horizontal air registers that square measure hidden deep within the shadows between the floating "wing" and also the main body of the connective tissue, covering the complete space from A pillar to A pillar, nearly overlooked.
The instruments square measure all found in four, classic aluminium cylinders that additionally float between the "wing" and also the connective tissue. every cylinder is full of a ceramic white trumpet formed analog dial with hidden numbers, reworking ancient 2nd dials into innovative tridimensional, backlit sculptures that as if by magic return to life once the beginning button is pushed. The gear shift lever may be a similar mechanism that has identical cylindrical trumpet form in ceramic white that comes up out of the middle console at barely of the finger. outwardly the mechanism is associate transmission gear shifter however internally serves a mouse command for the hidden movie system. once touched, the floating front arm rest on the middle console moves forward associated upward into an machine, making a visible bridge between the wide longitudinal tunnel and also the wide horizontal connective tissue.
The door panels square measure designed with associate innovative, wood insert with a sublime sculptural motif supported the "ripples on a lake". The floating arm rests found on all four door panels square measure identical as those found on the middle console. every arm rest has window carry switches and also the driver's door features a multi-function Drive mechanism that disappears once not in use. Rear passengers will cash in of the floating arm rest that continues up and over the highest of the rear center console. This fantastically elaborated piece of recent piece of furniture not solely acts as a multi-purpose arm rest however additionally slides bent hold 2 Champaign bottles in an exceedingly cold compartment.
Technology: clean power
"Performance through innovation" is one in every of Jaguars slogans, and nowadays quite ever powerful sports cars should realize new accountable ways that to supply each high performance and ecological property. The Bertone Felis onca B99 construct is supercharged by a standard, Extended vary Hybrid system that artistic movement utilizes twin one50kW (204 Cv) electrical engines connected to the inboard aspect of the rear shaft for propulsion and a light-weight 1.400 cm3 thermal engine manufacturing a hundred twenty five kW-170 Cv for vary extension, giving a combined power output of 425 kW or 570 Cv. The thermal engine charges the Lithium-ion batteries whereas driving allowing a theoretical vary of 700 kilometers of route driving between fill-ups with a greenhouse emission output of around thirty g Co2/km. The Bertone Felis onca B99 construct can even travel fully electrical mode providing zero emissions for 100kms.
2013 Looking Back - Concept  Jaguar B99 by Bertone front view show
Robert gladiator Stevenson's "Dr Jeckyll and My Hyde" novel helps U.S.A. all perceive however nice paradoxes will exist within the human soul. Felis onca has thrived on such a strong duality for many years, combining the subtleties of exclusive luxury cars dead suited to red carpet evenings and also the predator-like brute force of the total race cars dead suited to twenty four hour race track penalisation. For this reason Bertone has determined to remodel the elegant B99 luxury sedan into a GT race track monster.
The carryover parts of the initial sedan (front doors, greenhouse, hood and trunk) square measure terribly obvious however the two.5 meter wide body leaves little question, the race version is simply as wild as each Felis onca within the jungle, able to eat the competition alive. the general height automobile has been down 100mm compared to the road version, and has been given a mere 50mm ground clearance in conjunction with a superbly flat belly for mechanics potency. The Pirelli PZero race tires square measure 325/30/19. the enormous front spoiler pulls within the cooling air whereas the enormous rear extractor returns it. The aspect spoilers square measure full of big exhaust aspect pipes. The rear spoiler may be a ancient bi-level race spoiler. the inside has been fully empty and full of a security roll cage, a full race drivers seat and many minimalist instruments. The graphics square measure in bright fluorescent inexperienced in distinction with the silver body and also the carbon fiber mechanics parts.
In order to satisfy the tightened performance necessities on the track, the standard "pure" hybrid system within the B99 has been changed to incorporate 2 further Lucchi electrical engines for a simple machine drive layout manufacturing the equivalent of 725 kW, around 980Cv. currently the Felis onca athletics folk features a new member, the B99 GT.
Bertone designed Jaguars of the past
As the solely Italian designer to enclosed 5 Jaguars, over and higher than the 2 construct cars conferred this year at the Geneva automobile Show, Bertone features a long history of collaboration with the moralist British brand:
Jaguar XK a hundred and fifty - 1957: made in an exceedingly mini-series of 4 vehicles, this coupé was supported the XK a hundred and fifty and was galvanized by refined class. The bodyside was characterised by carven lines returning from the front fender, the greenhouse was shortened however was additionally Very light and ethereal, nearly a classic Bertone signature at the time.
Jaguar foot - 1966: designed as an on the spot request from Felis onca, the foot was supported the S sort platform and was conferred at the 1966 Geneva automobile Show. The four traveler, 2 door coupé was a really standard layout at the time and was understood with a coffee beltline, wide aspect glass and a creative Felis onca grille with four headlights.
Jaguar characin fish - 1967: supported the legendary E sort, the Felis onca characin fish was conferred at the 1967 London Motor Show. The clear proportions of the E sort light-emitting diode to what was thought-about a artistic movement style at the time, with long hood, a brief tail and muscled bodyside.
Jaguar cravat - 1977: supported the XJ-S platform with a V12 engine, the Felis onca cravat was conferred at the 1977 Geneva automobile Show. Typical 70s wedge formed style with onerous edges gave a preview to the trendy day five door coupés that became therefore standard some thirty years later.
2013 Looking Back - Concept  Jaguar B99 by Bertone back view car show

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