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2013 Ferrari perform – Ferrari Sergio Concept


2013 Ferrari perform - Ferrari Sergio Concept front view

2013 Ferrari perform - Ferrari Sergio Concept, Pininfarina is presenting a plan automotive that renews the spirit and values of the extraordinary achievements obtained beneath the leadership of Sergio Pininfarina, sticking out them into the longer term within the name of exclusivity, innovation and keenness. a plan automotive in line with the approach that has allowed Pininfarina to come up with a wealth of creations that became automotive legends: the power to mix passion, creativity, intelligence, technology and magnificence within the continuity of the brand's ordination. a mix of aesthetic balance and chic simplicity that last over time and create all Pininfarina models lasting and immune to changes in style and fashion.
The new Pininfarina idea automotive may solely be referred to as Sergio. it's associate exercise that Pininfarina set to undertake on a complete that quite the other has marked the history of Pininfarina: Ferrari. The name of Sergio Pininfarina is inextricably connected thereto union formed sixty years ago: the Sergio, therefore, also will celebrate the importance of Pininfarina's contribution to the history of Prancing Horse style. A tribute that was straightaway virtuously supported by Luca Montezemolo and Ferrari as an entire.
2013 Ferrari perform - Ferrari Sergio Concept front open roof view
The machine barchetta of the longer term
With the Sergio you enter the fascinating and exciting realm of the machine barchetta as a novel and extreme object. equity within the truest sense of the enjoyment of driving, the eagerness of these WHO read cars as associate uncomparable supply of pleasure, the pleasure of loving the importance of a happening automotive by Pininfarina.
The sports automotive theme is made into Pininfarina: the fruitful collaboration with Ferrari that began in 1952, has generated a number of the foremost in style sports cars of the postwar amount. Returning to the charm of the machine Ferrari, compact and really flashy, is furthermore, the proper base for bonding Pininfarina's past to the longer term. The Sergio's mechanicals area unit those of the 458 Spider, that remains unchanged in its distance and tracks. The formal interpretation, from that the dynamic, fluid and pure volumes spring, is completely free, within the best tradition of that Pininfarina style vision that has created such a large amount of Ferrari-based idea cars recognised over time as masterpieces, like the Mythos of 1989 and also the Rossa of 2000. This approach additionally reminds US of Pininfarina's Ferrari-based customised cars like the Testarossa Spider created for Giovanni Agnelli in 1987 or the Ferrari F360 Modena Barchetta in 2000 for Luca Montezemolo.
The result's a contemporary, organic read of the mid-rear-engined machine barchetta. The disposition to come back volumes and surface treatments during a imperceptible  means emerges with the Sergio, that evokes the spirit of Pininfarina's best achievements for Ferrari of the '60s and '70s. A radical object, distinctive and essential, that rejects the superfluous and is performance-oriented. a true out-of-doors automotive with an exact nod to sport cars, within the sense that a cupola isn't fitted to guard occupants, that 2 helmets area unit provided.
A realistic so quite attainable idea
The modern interpretation of a barchetta may be a alternative in line with one in every of the historical peculiarities of Pininfarina: mastery within the crafting of outstanding automotive bodies, capable of stirring emotions and turning into a future icon. The historical role of automotive body designers directed the look team towards analysis not on a brand new, hypothetic product for volume production, however on the creation of associate exceptional object capable of expressing the Pininfarina deoxyribonucleic acid imprint; its exclusivity and development on the premise of a production automotive, in fact, places the Sergio firmly within the tradition of the good Pininfarina one-offs specifically designed for "special" shoppers, that makes it a true automotive, not simply a show automotive.
2013 Ferrari perform - Ferrari Sergio Concept interior dashboard
The design theme
The Sergio is distinguished by a awfully straightforward and clear vogue, that becomes unforgettable the instant you examine it. Proportions pushed to the intense, a dynamic front volume penetrating into a rear that's projected forward, a sculpted, three-dimensional interpretation of the standard barchetta. The composition of the 2 body plenty through a longitudinal black insert becomes the design's guideline. 2 volumes that enwrap from outside to within the automotive, making a division/union line between back and front. Through the very fluid passage from one body to a different, a type that was homogenised in its accentuated muscularity was obtained.
The Sergio additionally expresses associate iconicity connected to '60s Ferraris proposing bulging and sensual wings impressed by those of sports cars and sport cars of that era, achieved by compacting all volume accessories the maximum amount as attainable. the intense lightness of the Sergio, that seems to float with the front up, may be a direct results of mechanics analysis. within the purest Pininfarina tradition, style isn't associate finish in itself, however integrates practicality and aesthetics. The front semi-floating development with the spoiler beneath the front, expresses aesthetic force and is at a similar time useful for the stabilisation of the mechanics load and also the heat exchange. The mechanics device ahead of the cockpit additionally creates a virtual windshield through the deviation of the air flow, protective the passengers from turbulence. The roll bar, designed as a wing surface, is dead tuned to the evolution of the flow returning from the front, adding an extra down force result. Finally, the rear nolder and also the extractor shut the look effectively and functionally. Still on the topic of aeromechanics, even the rear-view mirror takes on a fluid type that, given the flow of the front baffle, helps to divert air from the heads of the passengers.
To enhance the formal purity of the Pininfarina vogue criterion, all the technical elements of the Sergio (handles, fins, air intake holes) area unit focused in dark elements of the body, going the red painted elements free.
The side
The formal harmony of the prospect may be a sturdy feature of the Sergio, invigorating the common aesthetic divisor of the many Ferraris by Pininfarina. within the tradition of barchetta sports cars, the Sergio has no typical doors however 0.5 doors with vertical rotation gap for simple access and contemporarily safeguarding the utmost rigidity of the structure on the facet, as in sport cars. The fractional front read highlights the theme of the connections between floors and totally different trends providing a sense of processed continuity.
The front
On the front, the Sergio takes up and develops the Pininfarina's ancient integration of the headlights by sticking out it into the longer term during a single clear crosswise component, as within the Dino Berlinetta Speciale 1965. custom-made to the scale and technology of our own times, this component becomes associate distinctive mark, leading to very clean lines. specially, the cylindrical projectors during aluminium use diode technology and area unit embedded in a crystalline block of Plexiglas that diffuses lightweight.
The rear
The hind lights reinterpret the circular themes of Pininfarina-Ferrari history remodeling them into open useful parts whose forms contemporaneously offer the lighting operate and also the hot exhaust air starting up of the oil coolers.
The rear bonnet borrows the enduring spherical graphic holes of different historical Pininfarina achievements and also the same treatment is applied to the transom to facilitate cooling of the engine compartment and represents within the very best means absolutely the perfection and timeless existence inherent in Pininfarina deoxyribonucleic acid.
The interior
Since this can be a sensible automotive that might simply be created in restricted series, the Sergio opted for the mechanicals of a totally re-bodied Ferrari 458 spider, maintaining the first technology and its performance. For this reason, the interiors take all the useful elements of existing series (dashboard, seat structure, centre console and steering wheel). the inside is important and useful and develops as a natural extension of the external surfaces: the black exterior slips into the automotive and creates the tank wherever the quality technical parts area unit integrated. Even the engine bonnet descends within, wrapping around the rear a part of seats. The door panels integrate the functions of the handle and rest and area unit designed as floating parts break free the tank.
One innovative component consists of the floating, mechanics headrest connected to the roll bar instead of to the body of the seats, virtually turning into parts of the outside than the inside. Besides guaranteeing most purity of the lines, this answer additionally acts as head fairing within the rear.
In front of the door panel, 2 helmets area unit housed during a tiny recess of the channel. created to a selected style of Pininfarina additional together with Newmax, the Sergio helmets area unit individualized with the color of the automotive body.
Colour and trim
The upholstery is generally coated with lightweight grey antique-effect animal skin guaranteed to seats during a weaving technology textile with bronze details. These finishes match the first atomic number 22 color of the quality technical elements. The materials on the seats area unit complemented by the insertion of metal studs that recall the small print of the outside style theme.
The exterior crimson color, was impressed by the first red of the Dino Berlinetta Speciale, terribly intense and deep, developing a contemporary version as well as aluminiferous particles and a multi-layer depth result.
The rims represent a contrastive component compared to the remainder of the automotive. the fragile surface of the body is contrasted with technological forms supported the hunt for lightweight weight and performance. The gilded end is a lucid relevance the sport berlinettas of the Sixties and Seventies, although the treatment is up up to now and also the surfaces of the spokes area unit in hand-brushed aluminum.
Aerodynamic studies for a cushty light-weight sports automotive
Changes within the body with that the Pininfarina vogue Centre has remodeled the first automotive. A Ferrari 458 Spider, into a barchetta were supported by calculations and tests within the Grugliasco structure to optimise mechanics performance. specially, a completely new body was created, full carbon, saving concerning 100 percent in weight compared to the first body in aluminum, all to the good thing about acceleration and pick-up. Compared to the first automotive, 21" lightweight alloy one-stud wheels were enclosed, with a selected style, and a hub version derived from the 458 Challenge; new diode taillights, new specific headlamps inserted into the bumper; specific tiny doors, window-less and gap upward by forty five degrees; new dash top; changed seats, with new fastened head restraints, disconnected from the seat. The roof, windshield and rear bench seat were removed.
The aeromechanics have created it attainable to realize fascinating results, beginning with the creation of a virtual windshield. The elimination of the windshield would, in fact, involve a flow of air at increasing pressure because the car's speed will increase on the heads of the driving force and rider. The engineers and designers at Pininfarina have thus designed, designed associated tested an control surface placed during a recess on the front bonnet, that produces a double deflection of the air flow coming into the rider compartment. the primary deviation is from the wing itself, the second from the air that accelerates within the channel created between the control surface and also the corresponding form of the recess within the trunk. The result's that, because of the virtual windshield, the air passes higher than the heads of the driving force and also the rider, greatly increasing comfort. This mechanics result additionally contributes to extend the down force on the car's front shaft. The virtual windshield is effective at speeds as low as fifty km/h.
2013 Ferrari perform - Ferrari Sergio Concept back view
The loss of mechanics load on the front shaft, thanks to the elimination of the windshield, has been recovered from a wing inserted within the front bumper. the form and dimensions of the wing area unit calculated thus on provide the specified load at the varied speeds and, at a similar time, enable correct flow of air to the radiators of the cooling system, set centrally at the front.
To improve the protection of the occupants a roll-bar with a hard and fast spoiler will increase the down force on the rear shaft. the eye to detail goes to this point because the central rear-view mirror, whose type has been aerodynamically optimised to meet up with the air flow of the virtual windshield. The engine's air intake is channelled from the air inlets within the 2 sides. The air vents at the bottom of the roll-bar convey the cooling air to the oil coolers.
Overall, the Sergio offers real sports performance, with a shell of torsion stiffness that exceeds that of the first spider, because of the reduction within the size of the doors, and also the reduction of the full mass of concerning a hundred and fifty kilo compared to the spider. this permits smart handling and an extra improvement of acceleration, calculable at below three.4 seconds for 0-100 km/h, at the highest of its category.

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