2013 Cadillac Review – New SRX Premium Collection

2013 Cadillac Review - New SRX Premium Collection side view

2013 Cadillac Review - New SRX Premium Collection, this 2013 Cadillac SRX over i believed i might. that's to mention it drives higher than i believed it might in some respects.
The good: the outside is sort of nice. Too Cadillac-like? Some would possibly say therefore, however i prefer it.
The automotive rides spill Detroit's potholes, the steering feels smart, there is sophistication -- a pleasant feeling of management -- to the means it drives, or a minimum of the means it rides. the inside is tight. Some components look smart and therefore the style gets a thumbs up, however there area unit some low cost bits as well: for instance, the lid on the insufficient receptacle ahead of the gear selector is flimsy. smart area in there, though, and therefore the flat floor helps rear-seat passengers a bunch. As for CUE, i am obtaining accustomed it. Do i like it? I don't. however i am beginning to learn my away around it slightly and it functions well.
The not therefore hot: i used to be stunned at the HP figure -- beyond i believed. Yes, the automotive will feel to a small degree sluggish generally, on the other hand} again it is a serious gallant, part the worth for having AWD. The six-speed car transmission upshifts quickly yet, adding to the sluggish feeling. The payoff is, traction is terrific on slick roads.
I keep in mind once this version of the SRX was formed on a platform co-developed with Saab (remember Saab?) for its 9-4X, and loosely supported the things beneath the Chevrolet Equniox. The SRX AWD system is quite advanced and might split torsion aspect to aspect on the rear shaft, yet as front-to-rear. Acura's will that yet.
SRX Premium Collection: just like the appearance within and out, and that i love the strong-pulling V6 -- not like Wes, I felt it force onerous and revved higher and drum sander than I expected, and once pushed onerous would not upshift till it hit the higher finish of the rev vary. i believe it's a “learning” rule that gets sportier the tougher it's driven. Regardless, the SRX may be a blast to punch onerous and finally end up to hurry -- I found it lots fast. it isn't quite therefore fast to slow down; but, i might sort of a very little a lot of brake response rather than the comparatively uninteresting feel to the pedal. Chassis management is nice -- it's doable to come up with enough cornering G forces to form passengers have to be compelled to reach for the grab handles, all while not a lot of body roll. Cadillac has actually return an extended means, and therefore the sale numbers replicate that the market is responding.
Though i believe variety of things the CUE interface will area unit cute parlor tricks, till Cadillac's provider of this technique will incorporate a quicker processor, this technique are going to be hamstrung. bit controls have to be compelled to respond currently, otherwise it results in multiple touches, that results in too several inputs, which ends within the wrong results. i might take a number of easy redundant knobs till they'll get the bit response found out.
I conjointly detected lots a lot of road noise distributive the cabin than I expected in an exceedingly Cadillac -- at pike speed it may well be loud enough to hamper straightforward language with a rider within the front seat. that is not smart.
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SRX Premium Collection road test: The Saab bones on this 2013 Cadillac SRX Premium area unit still holding up very well these days. The Lexus RX 350 remains the king of the midsize luxury SUV mountain however compared to the current Caddy it is a uninteresting driver. Steering response is snappy and the way composed the SRX is around bends is real nice considering the four,400 pound curb weight. however as Bob points out higher than, the foot lever is on the spongelike aspect and therefore the brakes do not deliver the moment bite fitting of the sportier drive character.
This direct-injected V6 is powerful and that i ne'er wished a lot of power throughout my time behind the wheel. It gets going currently with smart throttle response and therefore the power throughout the rev vary is powerful. One issue i'll say is that the engine is not the smoothest sounding mill out there. It's on the grating aspect and lots of that noise seeps into the cabin.
In relation to fuel economy, it did not fare fine there. On my fill-up, I managed sixteen.7 mpg on mixed driving. Granted I did use car begin a number of times, however i might still expect fuel economy that was above within the teens. I wasn't mashing the throttle to induce faraway from each stoplight.
One issue that I will do while not and want Cadillac would move faraway from area unit the bit sense controls on the middle stack. they don't seem to be sensitive enough and would create adjusting the temps a pain. additionally, the gloss end on the management panels smudge up with finger prints simply. I ne'er thought there was something wrong with onerous buttons.
2013 Cadillac SRX Premium assortment

Base Price: $51,430

As-Tested Price: $53,520

Drivetrain: three.6-liter V6; AWD, six-speed automatic

Output: 308 horsepower @ six,800 rpm, a pair of65 lb-ft @ 2,400 rpm

Curb Weight: four,442 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 16/23/19 mpg

AW discovered Fuel Economy: fifteen.9 mpg

Options: Rear seat amusement system together with dual-screen Blu Ray player ($1,595); 20-inch polished wheels ($495)
2013 Cadillac Review - New SRX Premium Collection back view

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