2013 Cadillac peerformance – Cadillac XTS lineup

2013 Cadillac peerformance - Cadillac XTS lineup front view

2013 Cadillac XTS

ON SALE: Gregorian calendar month

BASE PRICE: $44,995

DRIVETRAIN: three.6-liter, 304-hp, 264-lb-ft V6; FWD, six-speed automatic

CURB WEIGHT: four,006 avoirdupois unit (FWD)

0-60 MPH: half-dozen.7 sec (est)

FUEL ECONOMY (EPA): twenty one mpg (est)

2013 Cadillac peerformance - Cadillac XTS lineup, While Cadillac's recent focus appears to own been on beating Europe's status makers round the Nürburgring's Nordschleife with high-horsepower rear-wheel-drive cars, the company's new model lineup reception has dwindled to a grand total of two—the CTS and also the SRX.
Now, a lot of to dealers' relief, Cadillac brings back a convenient life-size front- or all-wheel-drive sedan with the new XTS, beyond any doubt satisfying ancient Cadillac shoppers World Health Organization might need questioned what all that high-speed covering nonsense was regarding.
Customers longing for typical Cadillac values are going to be alleviated. in conjunction with gobs of rider house and baggage house (18 cuboidal feet of it), the new XTS showcases Cadillac's suite of safety and convenience technologies. Among them may be a seat that vibrates to alert the driving force of potential hazards associated a versatile telematics interface known as Cadillac User expertise (CUE) that uses electrical phenomenon instead of contact shift in its touch-screen show for the primary time in an automotive application.
2013 Cadillac peerformance - Cadillac XTS lineup interior dashboard
To be created accessible in either Premium or noble metal trim levels, the XTS has styling that, whereas still au fait by the company's “art and science” style language, is perceptibly subtler and fewer high-strung than a number of its stablemates. the inside, above all, has a sublime simplicity that integrates advanced switches and displays during a means that quite convincingly blends modernism and tradition.
Powertrains for front- and all-wheel-drive XTS models are going to be a three.6-liter direct-injection V6 hooked to a six-speed automatic. “We're not presupposed to tease journalists speculatively regarding future engine upgrades,” aforesaid a Cadillac engineer we tend to questioned.
For the role the XTS can play—fielding a additional ancient Caddy and commutation the DTs, a minimum of temporarily—the power and refinement is a vital leap forward. and also the subtle electronic instrumentation and telematics interface goes hand in hand with the assertive trend to underline Cadillac's singular approach to luxury.
The powertrain combination is graduated to produce smart initial response, that the automotive moves off well as you step the gas. it's equally muscular around city, with enough torsion to carry its own in aggressive urban traffic. the constraints of the three.6 become additional evident in mountainous environments, wherever the requirement to rev all the thanks to half-dozen,800 rate to realize most horse-power, makes passing a rigorously thought-about affair.
It's not that 304 H.P. is insufficient. It's simply that 2 tons may be a ton of automotive for associate engine that size to intimidate. within the urban and open-road environments this model can largely inhabit, we're certain drivers are going to be content with what the engine will deliver.
They'll appreciate the alleged HiPer strut front suspension, with a dual-path prime mounting that apparently separates spring and damper hundreds to the body to cut back torsion steer whereas it improves ride and steering. The steering-assist system, astonishingly, is hydraulic, with General Motors' Magnasteer variable weight, and it's a welcome modification from the rash of all-electric mechanisms.
2013 Cadillac peerformance - Cadillac XTS lineup side view
The automotive steers nicely, if alittle remotely, with no vital wheel fight or different interference from the driveline. The chassis has rear air springs and Cadillac's magnetic-ride variable-damping shock system to broaden the information measure and make each a snug ride and tautly controlled ride motions once required.
But Cadillac's priorities here area unit additional with Main Street than the Nordschleife, and our temporary drive route prompt that the XTS is rarely about to be a sports automotive, nor even a hard-edged sport sedan. Response to the controls and feedback from the chassis wane because the speed will increase. Still, the drive loop confirmed that the automotive works as good as all told things, and also the Haldex all-wheel-drive system tried clear in use.
As is customary within the luxury realm, the XTS features a hands of safety systems: low-speed seeing with automotive vehicle brake, high-speed collision warning, lane-keeping and different warnings that arrive via vibrations (left, right or combined, reckoning on wherever the danger lies) within the driver's cushion bolsters. This seat-of-the-pants alert system was ab initio displeasing, however we tend to presently got wont to it.
Overall, the XTS sure enough can play a much-needed role within the company's product portfolio, business to the Cadillac shopper longing for a standard giant, luxury car. nonetheless its tidy packaging and intelligent style smartly understates the car's size, whereas the employment of the direct-injection V6 can moderate fuel consumption.
In addition, for those not well disposed to Cadillac's recent art body styling, the XTS strikes a additional conservative cause. And its rating configuration—ranging from $45,000 to $59,000—provides a tempting various to the considerably costlier Audi A8, BMW 7-series and Lexus LS models that share its 200-inch length. Cadillac's dealers can beyond any doubt be happy to own it.
2013 Cadillac peerformance - Cadillac XTS lineup back view

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