2013 BMW Review – New BMW Active Hybrid 3

2013 BMW Review - New BMW Active Hybrid 3 front drive view
2013 BMW Review - New BMW Active Hybrid 3, this 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid three to the 328i could also be a logical leap, however it's imperfect because of one, important detail: The ActiveHybrid three gets BMW's exquisite straight six-cylinder versus the coarse turbo four within the 328i.
Are 2 additional cylinders value $15k? Well, no … and affirmative. If you are a true BMW enthusiast -- as during a trade name lover -- there is no substitute for the straight six. If your station in life or your eco-conscience demands the hybrid sobriquet, then the ActiveHybrid three are your choice. finish of story.
I've created no bones concerning my opinion of the four-cylinder 3-series (I hate it), and it took all of 3 seconds behind the wheel of the ActiveHybrid three to take me back to the fact what a true 3-series sounds like. Even with the electrical soft-start and initial motor input, the presence of BMW's inline six is felt instantly. this can be a automobile warrant the 3-series badge if for no reason aside from it's the correct engine at a lower place the hood.
While fuel economy is spectacular, things are not excellent with the ActiveHybrid mechanism. Of specific concern was a harsh upshift that perceived to occur between third and fourth or fifth and 6, betting on the throttle position. There was a stumble within the gear amendment that felt like clutch vibrate, therefore i am undecided if this can be a characteristic of the ActiveHybrid three or a difficulty with the eight-speed transmission in our specific tester. Given the smoothness of the remainder of the powertrain, I powerfully suspect it is the latter -- this can be otherwise an incredible hybrid.
Would I pay $61k and alter for a 3-series? Not an opportunity. however neither would I get a turbo four-cylinder 3-series for $40k (or $30k, for that matter). The sweet spot for this automobile is that the 335, however if you completely have to be compelled to have a hybrid, a minimum of you'll be able to rest assured your ActiveHybrid three comes with a worthy BMW powerplant beneath the hood.

2013 BMW Review - New BMW Active Hybrid 3 side view

New BMW Active Hybrid 3, For the eco-conscious enthusiast, this BMW ActiveHybrid three might be vital, except for everybody else it's in all probability simply a passing sedan with a tag that will not register on their measuring device.
Spending the premium tag for this hybrid that does not succeed a lot of improved fuel-economy numbers than the 328i is asking lots from the everyday client.
What's special concerning the ActiveHybrid three, though, is that it does not drive like your typical Toyota Prius. Instead, it's just like a 3-series with an electrical motor that takes on a “boost” operate throughout acceleration. That half took ME pleasantly abruptly.
The ActiveHybrid will operate strictly on electricity for up to forty six mph, and in “Eco Pro” mode the engine is transitioned whereas coasting at quickens to a hundred mph.
Still, it's solely returning twenty eight mpg combined.
I was happy to search out that this hybrid variant did not lose a lot of charm from the regular models. It does not fight objectionable styling cues, and even the lading space's depth is not hampered by the battery pack.
But it's reaching for Associate in Nursing audience that seemingly is not there: either you care concerning smart driving dynamics, otherwise you get a a lot of fuel-efficient model. Most will not pay this $61k for a lackluster delivery of each.
New BMW Active Hybrid 3, I even have seldom felt a lot of confused and angry once disbursement an evening during a automobile. Yes, it's nice. Yes, it's smart bones (it's Associate in Nursing I6 3-series once all). Yes, the inside is comfy. however it's such an apparent eco-status image that i can not take it -- or anyone WHO would own one -- seriously.
I will barely kind “ActiveHybrid 3” while not obtaining steamed up everywhere once more.
It's not simply that our car's sticker weekday north of $61,000; it's that, for the worth, you are not very doing something for the atmosphere. Sure, you may drive in Eco professional mode (or no matter it's called), which can be fine for cruising around a car parking zone. however it's downright pokey on the road and also the electrical motor/gas engine transition is not precisely silklike swish.
No, you'll likely switch it to the game driving mode once many minutes of saving the earth, quickly burning up the paltry fuel-economy benefits this automobile purportedly has over alternative 3-series offerings.
The frustrating factor is that you simply will tell there is a nice automobile unfree inside the ActiveHybrid three. It's referred to as the 335i, and it prices $10k less, returns a decent twenty six mpg (only 2 less combined than the ActiveHybrid three on paper and possibly higher after you take our ascertained economy into account) and is not burdened by a 400-pound hybrid system.

New BMW Active Hybrid 3: What a letdown: $61k for this 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid three is laughable. I merely did not fancy driving it. And what would disbursement $61,000 be all about? On the opposite hand, I suppose the majority would lease this and therefore get a far better value -- it's all concerning the monthly payments.

The hybrid system is intrusive because it cycles between gas, gas and electrical, and pure electrical. i believed it would be electric sander. I appreciate that it will run on pure electricity, that is great; however i do not appreciate having the ability to feel it cycle in and out. there is harshness to the current powertrain, a trip up, that is unacceptable. As recognized on top of, maybe it's Associate in Nursing anomaly to the current automobile.
I conjointly appreciate that it's BMW's six-cylinder. therefore why does not it feel a lot of powerful? i might have bet this was a four-cylinder, and lost the bet. longer fidgeting with the modes would facilitate my angle here i am positive.
The run-flat tires ruin this car's ride. a typical factor once it involves BMWs on behalf of me. On virtually the smoothest pavement the ride is harsh and slams over road imperfections, even in comfort mode. That it weighs four hundred pounds over a regular 3-series solely adds thereto in my book. BMW's run-flat program isn't smart -- keep in mind our long 5-series? That was a nightmare.

Overall, I'll pass.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid

Base Price: $50,195

As-Tested Price: $61,420

Drivetrain: three.0-liter turbocharged I6 hybrid; RWD, eight-speed automatic

Output: 335 H.P. @ five,800-6,000 rpm, 330 lb-ft @ one,200-5,000 rpm

Curb Weight: three,860 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 25/33/28 mpg

AW ascertained Fuel Economy: twenty five.3 mpg

2013 BMW Review - New BMW Active Hybrid 3 front side view

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