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2013 Bentley Review – Bentley Continental GT Speed

2013 Bentley Review - Bentley Continental GT Speed back view

2013 Bentley Review - Bentley Continental GT Speed interior view2013 Bentley Review - Bentley Continental GT Speed front view

2013 Bentley Review - Bentley Continental GT Speed, The Bentley Continental GT Speed is that the quickest production Bentley ever created, with a prime speed of 205 mph. how briskly was the second-fastest Bentley ever made? The 2009 Continental Supersports went 204. The 2007 Continental GT Speed went 202. thus we're cacophonous  hairs to some extent however the hairs area unit all on in no time heads. Granted, you are not possible to ever notice an area wherever you'll truly go that quick, however it's nice to grasp you'll and to be able to throw out the 205 figure and also the phrase “fastest ever” once you are talking regarding your automobile.
The first Bentley Speed appeared in 1923 because the Bentley three.0-liter “Speed Model.” That one used twin SU carburetors and better compression on its four-cylinder engine to achieve its performance goals. Ninety years later, the 2013 Speed uses changes to the Bosch ME17 engine management program to wring forty nine a lot of HP out of the twin-turbo W12, increasing boost zero.3 bar from one.65 within the normal W12 to one.95 within the Speed. Thus, HP goes from 567 to 616. force peaks at 590 avoirdupois unit foot on a broad highland from 2000 to 5000 rev. to create the foremost out of all that power Bentley stiffened the springs, bars and bushings and set it down on 275/35ZR21 Pirelli PZeros. There area unit even ex gratia carbon ceramic disc brakes to switch the quality iron discs.
Other variations distinguish it from the GT, together with ten-spoke 21-inch wheels, dark trim within the grille, thick animal skin seats and “Speed” script on the door sills.
Bentley Continental GT Speed prefer to drive?
The problem might not be driving it however finding an area to drive it to its full potential. we have a tendency to visited Federal Republic of Germany, wherever there area unit still stretches of motorway that do not however have speed limits on them and wherever the Germans truly listen after they drive. (However, noticeing a stretch of motorway with no speed limits and nobody thereon is obtaining progressively tough late and even after you do find one and place the throttle down you're progressively possible to be interrupted in an exceedingly terrific and dangerous approach by drivers WHO deliberately yield into your lane simply because they suppose you are going too quick. it is not just like the recent days wherever lane discipline was sacred. currently speed itself is changing into politicized.)
Nonetheless, once a straight shot displayed on the A8 southeast of city we have a tendency to floored it. the foremost spectacular issue regarding piloting the GT Speed is that large midriff of force within the W12 from 2000 to 5000 rev. tread the gas and it all jumps to attention, launching you and also the Bentley into area. The eight-speed ZF automatic employs block shifting to leap terribly quickly from eighth gear directly all the way down to no matter gear is suitable. thus we have a tendency to gave it a go, as W.O. may need aforementioned, however notwithstanding we have a tendency to did not get more than one hundred seventy mph before traffic appeared ahead and that we stalled. so we won't verify the 205 claim.
Off the road the Speed is additionally warrant its name, launching from zero to sixty in four.0 seconds formally, although Bentley execs can say it will do even faster. Power goes through awd with sixty p.c reaching to the rear wheels. The electronically controlled shocks, steering and throttle response is tweaked toward performance with the bit of a middle console button marked “Sport” that tightens everything up, creating everything from the steering to throttle a lot of responsive. The restraint shocks maintain constant ride height of ten millimetre less than the regular Continental GT.
We ne'er detected any tire slip throughout our drive however that might are the VW/Audi/Bentley awd system doing its job unobtrusively. However, on twisty, slender Alpine roads the Speed felt all of its 5115 pounds and nearly sixteen feet. it is a grandma tourer and not a sports automobile. It's created to feel even as comfy truckage in an exceedingly line because it is easing into a flip. however easing out of a flip it extremely shines, mistreatment all 616 horses with glee. The approach the Speed-specific rifled exhausts open up and roar is sweet, too.
Bentley Continental GT Speed, Do i would like it?
Of course you are doing. Unless you would like the Aston Martin crush, Maserati grandma Turismo, Ferrari FF or any variety of different selections out there to people who will not worry regarding the $217,725 sticker value. There area unit plenty of nice selections over here during this finish of the 2+2 market. Of them, the Bentley may be the foremost comfy for everyday driving combined with associate occasional throttle whomp. The others may be a lot of showy to drive. attempt all of them. you have got till the Speed's November arrival in showrooms to come to a decision.
2013 Bentley Continental GT Speed

On Sale: November

Price: $217,725

Drivetrain: Twin-turbo, 616-hp, 590-lb-ft W12; awd, eight-speed automatic w/ convertor

Curb Weight: 5115 pounds

0-60 mph: four.0 seconds, (mfg.)

Fuel Efficiency: thirteen city/20 hwy/15 combined

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