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2013 Audi Review - New Audi S5 Prestige coupe, the S5 machine was equipped with a four.2-liter V8 that had a pleasant rumble to that and delivered 354 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torsion. For 2013, the A5 and S5 received a gentle makeover with a brand new front facia, updated grille with angular  higher corners and diode accent front lights. i will be able to admit that the latter will provide the A5/S5 a slick and nearly sinister check up on night.
However, for the S5 machine there was a giant modification beneath the hood with a three.0-liter supercharged V6 swapped in situ of the V8. The result's 333 horsepower, that is down twenty one horsepower compared to the V8, however torsion stays constant at 325 lb-ft. It's price noting that peak torsion within the supercharged V6 is achieved lower within the rev band at two,900 rate compared to V8 that created it at three,500 rpm. per Audi, once equipped with the six-speed manual casing, 0-60 mph happens in four.9 seconds for each engines.
Of course, the move to the smaller, blown engine is finished within the name of fuel economy. The V8 had Associate in Nursing independent agency fuel economy rating of fourteen mpg within the town and twenty two mpg on the main road, whereas the V6 gets seventeen mpg within the town and twenty six mpg on the main road cycle.
For those that miss the high-revving V8, you'll still get onto, however you will have to throw down a little extra money for it within the RS5. therein application, it's upgraded considerably to churn out 450 horsepower at eight,250 rpm. I thirstily foresee to driving that before long.
Getting back to the present 2013 Audi S5 machine check automobile, I actually have to mention the V6 is ok. We've had many expertise with this drivetrain around these components once we enjoyed a year with our long-run Audi S4. At no time did I hear anyone complain regarding it lacking power within the S4 and it is the same with this S5. It's potent enough with this workhorse engine that conjointly sees duty in a very variety of alternative Audi vehicles as well as the A8. The powerband is wide and throttle response is absolutely smart for simple rev matching, particularly once you have the Audi Drive choose system set to Dynamic.
As I've aforementioned regarding the shifter in our long-run S4 and within the A5 machine we tend to had in here before this S5, the shifter on this six-speed manual is fluid and simple to row through, however throws area unit longer than i'd like. i am positive there is Associate in Nursing aftermarket short shifter out there that might address that grievance. The foot lever is lightweight and take-up is within the middle of the pedal stroke, that is wherever i favor it.
The mechanical device mechanism is weighty, responsive, and offers tight feedback in Dynamic. That system, along side the suspension, will Associate in Nursing exceptional job of keeping the three,800-plus-pound machine well controlled and provides high grip levels once you toss it through corners. A machine that tips the scales at three,858 pounds is not specifically lightweight, however the S5 feels lightweight on its feet to create the curb weight listed on the description sheet nearly appear to be an error.
In the cabin, not abundant has modified besides a revised gauge cluster. Not that abundant required to be done to the inside within the 1st place. In typical Audi fashion, materials area unit top quality and also the layout for controls is intuitive with the MMI controller, that is my favorite movie controller among luxury carmakers. The front bucket seats area unit comfy, provide the correct quantity of facet support and would be nice for long-distance runs.
Even while not the V8, the S5 machine remains my favorite smaller luxury machine. However, i am positive that may modification once I finally get a crack at the RS5.
New Audi S5 Prestige coupe Coorp: i have been debating the new nose on the Audi lineup for the past few months and that i cannot very decide if i favor it or not. i favor that the corporate goes back to the one grille, although you'll tell there is a bumper in there. after I 1st examined the automobile within the parking zone I did not suppose the new, skinny diode lights looked right the automobile. however I saw it later beneath street lights and it looked pretty mean.
Other than that, it rang a bell in my memory of our long-run S4 sedan. It makes power at any rate, it is easy to steer within the parking zone, however it companies up at speed and in comfort mode, and it's a comparatively soft ride. Taking tight corners whereas on the accelerator is once this automobile very shows up. you'll feel the skin tires biting within the corners.
The seating position was still a trifle weird on behalf of me. The foot lever goes in deep, too deep. you simply have to be compelled to push the pedal an in., and also the clutch goes down 2 feet. obtaining the seat to an honest distance is tough: Most of the time I felt like my right leg was incommodious up. I went with the raincoat Morrison solution: don't fret regarding pushing the clutch altogether the manner. It very solely must move simple fraction of the space to alter freely, it's simply a little displeasing till you get accustomed it. The shifter is thick and chunky, however there is a very little a lot of play in it than i favor. At full hysteria a shift may be incomprehensible . an extra note, I hit the gas on the main road in sixth, it had been fast enough that i believed it had been fourth, and that i tried to modify up.
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New Audi S5 Prestige coupe Executive: This 2013 Audi S5 status machine is seriously smile-inducing, beginning with the aural delight of fast through the rev vary, gear by gear, till your nerves or the native police say enough is enough. Love the sounds emanating from out back, and reverberant  off something solid close. That whole audio track is accentuated by however the S5 shifter and clutch add bicycle-built-for-two to swap from gear to gear with such Germanic exactness, whereas the boosted V6 pours on the ability. Add within the insane grip of all-wheel drive at your fingertips and it's arduous to search out something that does not cause you to whoop with joy.
Though the seats area unit heavily bolstered and supply nice support, I trust Jake that Audi encompasses a disconnect going between clutch travel and accelerator and wheel position. Yes, you'll merely dip solely simple fraction of the manner into the clutch, however there is one thing in my years of clutching that says that is wrong. and i am undecided a automobile ought to encourage that sort of dangerous habit anyway.
With that aside, for somebody searching this automobile versus that, the $64000 call would possibly return {down to|right down to|all the manner down to} this: 2 doors (S5) or four (S4)? Either way, you cannot fail.

Base Price: $51,795

As-Tested Price: $66,570

Drivetrain: three.0-liter supercharged V6; AWD, six-speed manual

Output: 333 horsepower @ five,500 rpm, 325 lb-ft @ two,900 rpm

Curb Weight: three,858 lb

Fuel Economy (EPA City/Highway/Combined): 17/26/20 mpg

AW ascertained Fuel Economy: seventeen.7 mpg

Options: S5 status model as well as Audi accommodative lightweight, Audi facet assist, Audi advanced key, Bang & Olufsen electronic equipment, Audi MMI navigation and package ($6,650); driver assist package includes Audi accommodative controller, Audi drive choose controls, Audi dynamic steering ($3,250); nappa animal skin upholstery ($1,250); quattro with sports differential ($1,250); Estoril blue crystal impact exterior paint ($1,075); 19-inch five-segment spoke wheels, summer tires ($800); carbon atlas inlays ($500
2013 Audi Review - New Audi S5 Prestige coupe back view

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