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2013 Audi Review – Audi Q5 improves on street

2013 Audi Review - Audi Q5 improves on street front view

2013 Audi Review - Audi Q5 improves on street, Audi clearly believes it's onto a decent issue with the Q5, having resisted the urge to form any important visual changes to the facelifted model that goes on sale within the us in Sep.
Most of its efforts square measure directed to a lower place the midsize SUV's acquainted steel-and-aluminum body. There square measure some delicate exterior styling changes that facilitate set the 2013-model-year Q5 apart, as well as a six-corner, single-frame grille with a redesigned plastic insert, edgier bumpers, altered light-weight graphics and a revised vary of wheel styles.
The changes created to the inside square measure even less noticeable. it's an aesthetic new wheel, altered trim applications, associate updated MMI (multimedia interface) system and a load of latest Internet-based services, however nothing that alters its intrinsic character in any good way.
2013 Audi Review - Audi Q5 improves on street engine view
The most important changes square measure below the hood, as well as a brand new supercharged three.0-liter, 272-hp, 295-lb-ft V6, commutation the naturally aspirated three.2-liter, 270-hp, 243-lb-ft V6. conjointly new is that the Q5 hybrid, which mixes the carryover turbocharged a pair of.0-liter four-cylinder engine with an electrical motor for a complete output of 245 power unit and 354 lb-ft of torsion.
The hybrid is also capable of operational in electrical mode for distances of up to 2 miles, with energy equipped by a one.3-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery.
Also planned, however unlikely to succeed in the U.S. market till summer 2013, is that the Q5 three.0 TDI with a turbocharged three.0-liter, 245-hp, 427-lb-ft V6 common-rail diesel motor capable of shoving the Q5 to sixty mph in but half dozen.5 seconds.
Audi can introduce a brand new turbocharged a pair of.0-liter four-cylinder engine with 222 power unit in Europe, however within the us, the Q5 base model continues with identical turbo a pair of.0-liter, 211-hp, 258-lb-ft four-cylinder. All Q5 models run a typical eight-speed automatic gear case, as against the older six-speed unit of the model before the facelift. there is conjointly associate mechanical device mechanism in situ of the older hydraulic setup.
On initial acquaintance, the Q5 3.0 TFSI running the new three.0-liter V6 seems to be the choose of the lineup. whereas official evaluation details square measure however to be discovered, it possible can sell for near the $43,000 of its precursor.
The new V6 powerplant, already seen within the A4, will a commendable job of transportation the bottom Q5's sizeable four,079-pound curb weight. Off-the-line acceleration and in-gear performance square measure encouragingly strong—it's no rocket ship, however neither will it feel wanting in any means.
Dynamically, the Q5 feels a lot of accommodating than ever. it's intercalary straightness to the steering, a a lot of settled ride and, due to customary four-wheeled drive, tenacious grip and spectacular levels of traction regardless of the climate.
The facelifted Q5 is way from being reworked, however it brings variety of timely enhancements over its three-year-old precursor that facilitate to form it a a lot of attractive everyday proposition. Another clear positive is build quality, that continues to outshine the SUV competition on variety of fronts.
2013 Audi Q5 a pair of.0 TFSI
ON SALE: currently
BASE PRICE: $37,500 (est)
DRIVETRAIN: a pair of.0-liter, 211-hp, 258-lb-ft turbocharged I4; AWD, eight-speed automatic
CURB WEIGHT: four,079 avoirdupois unit (est)
0-60 MPH: seven.0 sec (est)
FUEL ECONOMY (EPA): twenty three mpg (est)

2013 Audi Review - Audi Q5 improves on street interior dashboard view

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